Loggers cut down from the PRC in the Amur region of nearly 300 rare trees

Chinese loggers cut down in the Amur region, about 300 Red Tree, a criminal case, according to the regional Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Employees department of economic security and fighting corruption and colleagues MOMVD Russia "Bureysky" audited one of the sites in Arharinskom area where logging operations were conducted.

"In the area Urilskogo district forestry inspectors found Chinese citizens — employees of a logging organization. As far as foreign documentation, they only had the right to cut down the birch and aspen. However, as a result of their work was ruined 277" Red Book ": limes, the Amur velvet ash "- said in a statement.

Chinese workers, as noted in the report, ordered a few scattered trees vandalized — they used them to build the economic structures.

For the master forest land prosecuted article "Illegal felling of forest plantations."

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