Lukashenko archaic cycle: from the Congress — before the Congress

Alexander Lukashenko signed a decree to convene the IV All-Belarusian People's Assembly on December 6-7 in Minsk. A kind of "People's Khural" organized to, as explained in the document, "the constitutional right of citizens to participate in the discussion of political and social life."

Meanwhile, the celebration has long been a pre-election platform for Lukashenko, as is traditionally done exactly to the presidential election. In addition, the delegates to the meeting carefully filtered, and to the hall were untested entities — is virtually impossible.

Belarusian People's Assembly is more reminiscent of Soviet party conventions, especially the distinctive unity of opinion in the audience. Even the trappings are the same: crowded presidium, predefined range of speakers, reveransy to the supreme leader and applause and a standing ovation. Says political scientist Vadim Treasurers, such an anachronism in the post-preserved only in Belarus:

Vadim Treasurers

"Why all of this is preserved in Belarus? Since Belarus is clearly the most Soviet of all post-Soviet republics. And above all, in the form of government. Lukashenko took over all, what could aspects of Soviet-style. And this People's Assembly, which must approve the five-year period (also a word of of the time), — another proof. Traditionally, the event is held before the election, and aims to show the allegedly greater popular support Lukashenko's. elected as delegates to this meeting — we know. But this is not some kind of platform for discussion and not a place for any real decision-making. Moreover, in any case, these decisions are not legally binding. This area plyaskannya hands, nothing more. For tumultuous applause, and to testify that we have a good president Lukashenko. "

On the website of the President of Belarus confirmed: for discussion IV All-Belarusian People's Assembly will be submitted questions about the results of the implementation of the program of socio-economic development for 2006-2010, as well as provisions of a similar program at the 2011-2015-th.

Number of participants — 2500: each region is given on 350 delegates, Minsk — 400. "Best of the Best" will be elected at the municipal and district assemblies of delegates. November 10, Lukashenko personally approve the estimates of preparation and holding of the meeting, but even before the balance will be lined, the Council of Ministers and the Office of Presidential Affairs prescribed to commit financial and logistical support of the event. The organizing committee meeting chaired by the Prime Minister Sergei Sidorsky and the head of the presidential administration Vladimir Mackay. The development of the draft program of socio-economic development has been a working group headed by the deputy head of the presidential administration Leonid Anfimova and Deputy Prime Minister Andrei Kobyakov.

Analysts say that Alexander Lukashenko will have to significantly adjust the statements made in the course of the same meeting in March 2006. So, four years ago, he boasted that the Belarusian model has proven Worldwide to be effective, because to do without foreign loans:

Even the 300 million who Monetary Fund gave me the very first year of my presidency, not knowing what I'll be a man, a dictator — not a dictator, brought and gave — here's the double standards — on the collapse ekanomikie …

"Today we have practically no debt. When we have $ 15 billion in debt for the year then we can give this money. Even the 300 million who Monetary Fund gave me the very first year of my presidency, not knowing what I'll be a man , the dictator — not a dictator, brought and gave — here's the double standards — on the collapse of the economy. Like, privatization and all the rest, as they are prescribed. I said no, this policy will not hold. Well, Prakapovich ordered, do not touch these money. Suppose they are, but do not touch, as we would not be difficult. And we have a dollar, not a penny of this money was used. Why do we have now to take someone else, when we have our own that we must first learn? From this we get a profit, the main thing in this process — the profit. "

However, experience has shown that "Belarus miracle" largely ensured parazytavannem on Russia, which is cheap energy resources worth billions of dollars subsidizing unprofitable economy of Belarus. And when Moscow closed the financial floodgates and significantly narrowed its market for Belarusian products, had began to sing other songs. After the failure in the regular Russian loan Minsk went with an outstretched hand, a few years abrosshy loans to the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank, China and Venezuela. Total napazychana more than 23 billion dollars, which is not comparable to the amount of debt Lukashenko voiced four years ago.

Recall that the previous Belarusian People's Assembly, which took place three weeks before the presidential election in 2006, has become a "starting point" for one of the opposition candidates — Alexander Kozulina. March 2, 2006 the former rector of the Baku State University was trying to get to the opening of the event, but was beaten by guards and arrested. On the same day, police dispersed the action, which the opponents of the government were trying to "reach out" to the participants. March 25, during the celebration of Freedom Day, Kozulin was detained by the "totality of merit" and accused of organizing an unsanctioned rally.

This time its intention to participate in the All-Belarusian People's Assembly is the leader of the "Tell the Truth", a potential presidential candidate Vladimir Nyaklyaeu.


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