Lukashenko: Belarus as a donor safety

"Modern Technology Impact on mass consciousness sometimes have a devastating effect than the use of traditional weapons," — said Alexander Lukashenko.

President of Belarus said that the contemporary threats and challenges dictate the need for new tools and mechanisms to deal with them, Interfax reports.

"Complex processes are due to the emergence of new centers of power, competition for access to natural resources, rapid technological evolution, increasing the importance of the information field and the aggravation of global problems. This causes a new emphases."

According to the President, the mechanisms operating in the country are in need of improvement. "Primarily need to give their work a pre-emptive in nature. "" And for fans to speculate about imaginary kanyunkturnasts state decisions I want to emphasize that this work was initiated in December last year, and the relevant scientific studies conducted over the past three years. So there is no direct connection with the current political situation is not and can not be ", — said Lukashenko.

Lukashenko also said that the state of the current global and regional security architecture, legal instruments to ensure it "does not inspire optimism." Moreover, a new sound has recently received environmental, human and information threats.

"Modern Technology Impact on mass consciousness sometimes have a devastating effect than the use of traditional weapons," — said the head of state.

Alexander Lukashenko also noted the worsening of the security problems in the political sphere. "Primarily This is expressed in creeping degradation of existing systems and in this field. In the use of the international arena strategies, methods and techniques that are aimed at creating various obstacles to sustainable development of other states. This, incidentally, is directly related and our country"- Said the president of Belarus.

"We can not forget the sound of political concepts. It should show the world public transparency and predictability of our policy, the reliability of Belarus as a responsible partner and donor safety," — said Lukashenko.

Following the meeting on the issue "Approval of the amended national security," Alexander Lukashenko gave instructions for two weeks to finalize the document with the views of the members of the Security Council and to submit to it for approval, the press service of the head of state.


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