Lukashenko: Belarus to the wholesale privatization will not go

Alexander Lukashenko assured that Belarus will cope with the crisis in the economy. "We covered the second wave of the crisis. First of all — because of the rise in energy prices," — said the head of state in Astana on Wednesday, speaking at the Eurasian National University named after Gumilev.

"Maybe with the issue too far, but still important — a jump in energy prices," — said Lukashenko, referring to the financial crisis.

On the exchange rate, he said: "The one course that is established, so be it … somewhere yesterday identified it at 5,000 to the dollar, albeit devalued. Nothing. Main thing — how to dispose of it."

Lukashenko denies opinions that Belarus go to mass privatization to solve their economic problems: "In our opinion, privatization should not wear a landslide character."

The country's leadership "is not against private property … but we are for private property, that man creates himself," Interfax quoted Lukashenko.

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