Lukashenko held a press conference for selected journalists

The Belarusian leader Alexander Lukashenko on June 17 held a press conference for central and regional Belarusian mass media. Live broadcast of the conference began at 12:00 on the First Channel of the Belarusian Radio and lasted until 17:15.

Lukashenko has met with journalists in the regions when it arrives. It is necessary to introduce the practice of communicating with journalists. Central journalists, they say, he is seen as the regionals do not have this capability. Who wants to, let him go — we will not be limited.

Brest, "Dawn on the Bug River." How are the Belarusian-Ukrainian relations? Can Ukraine to join the Customs Union?

Lukashenko said that Ukraine is not homogeneous. There is a struggle — when President Obama was in Poland, there were invited Yanukovych. Ukraine is seeking a zone of free trade and the WTO. It is unlikely that Ukraine will meet in the Customs Union. But anything can happen. God forbid, there came to Ukraine.

With Ukraine, we have a very good relationship. This is the closest country to us. We live like brothers. In Crimea there are no problems, there is our resort.

About the OSCE office

Interfax, Yuri Shamshur"Or do you want to IMF loans? Or is not considered a return of the OSCE Office in Belarus? "

"Wait — we'll see. And so we carry out the recommendations. If they want to guarantee the president — I'll give them. If the government guarantees.

We can directly with the OSCE. Office functions performed, the elections were held. We thanked for their help. And they said, let's save money and send them on to other projects.

If we talk about the office — if they want it badly, and Lithuania, too — we look. Can we agree on one representative, if they have to. But why the whole clearing cover?

Minister Martynov confirms that the office fulfilled its function. We can communicate with the OSCE, with Vienna directly, without intermediaries. "

Lukashenko said that in principle there is no work office.

"Economic Newspaper" asks about the thesis directive number 4 on the elimination of competition and monopoly.

Lukashenko is surprised that there is such a newspaper. Then he says that the competition committee will not solve all problems, as occurred in Russia. But with such a panic as we have now, the competition committee will not solve anything. Lukashenko asks if, once the anti-monopoly committee secretary of commerce. He says that in the plans — in4th quarter of 2012.

About the "Narodnaya Volya" and "Nasha Niva"

"Narodnaya Volya" and climbs into trouble, it provokes the authorities. Its role is to make a provocation for us to respond to this and to the West raised the violence on their behalf. And, probably, "Nasha Niva". There are articles to which I pay attention.

"Small (Nikolai Lukashenko) Reaches of an arm injury, crack. Was in trauma. "

"There is no need to remove the money from the Belarusian banks. If you take them out of there, there is a crisis. Increased robbery, eaten away money under the pillow. Another panic want to give birth? The peak in July and August, we will answer all questions. "

"Parents do not have to suffer, sending children to school."

"To all the kids were the same."

"We are raising prices as the dollar rose. Do we really need to tie to the dollar? Regarding the pricing should not go in spurts, but quietly. If I had to raise the price of even 3%, I would not tell you. Index file, and then we'll see. I even forbade move on housing. "

About political prisoners

In Poland, a special situation. It claims to be the center of Europe. And Obama's visit, it is a springboard. We were criticized. They have their own position, and the other even than in the EU and Germany. Nevertheless, in recent times, we have a lot of neat impulses to normalize our relations. Not normal if such a relationship. We did not and do not collect prytsyasnyali oppressed Poles. As for leadership, it is not our fault, this situation has developed. But do not put unprofitable humiliating conditions. Hey, you release political prisoners.

I say, we have no political prisoners. All processes were visible. Here you are with Kyle stormed the Government House and that's responsibility. We have only 2 or 3 people Sannikov, Statkevich Us and convicted. What are 180 political prisoners, as I said one German. They will free. And you would be released in France, if the court had condemned. Why did you push me to alter the judiciary. I can pardon a man, but he has to turn to. Will this treatment, I will consider. When the situation is ripe, we are not bloodthirsty. We do a load of the prison did not keep. They do not want us there in the prison. That they zvyagali and had problems in prison. But they are no longer needed. One of them came to the silent ones in the square. Let him say why he hid under a blanket in the hospital? Where have you been?

Do not think that Lukashenka keeps them they he competitors. They did not raise the question of the legitimacy of the presidential campaign. They're in the phone book copied people. Violated the law, said. Yes, we are not going to keep them in the prison. Too is a great honor for them. These proposals will be considered the president. Tired plyavuzganne individual personalities are traveling abroad.

"We have a normal relationship at the top. Especially with the Lithuanians. But they are in the EU. And many of the decisions taken in Brussels, and they tied the common position. But how can they all supported us, especially the Lithuanians. "

"I want to Minsk was a family backstage."

"And in the parliament? If you pass, then we will not get in the way. When he came to the election we have a lot of fun to invent part of the formation of the parliament. "

"We will upgrade the Business Council."

"It is not true that the private owner — is the enemy of Lukashenko."

"Salaries and stipends will vary on how much we will have money in the budget. But for the sake of consumption I will not do it. Budget is in surplus. We get more funds than planned. Somewhere to slow down and bounce the people to be supported. Slow down so as not to fall into a dive with this inflation. The point of my honor, to stand. I'm scared and do not want to talk about some things. We'll get about $ 10 billion. I can already see these germs. "

"Some people do not just pork neck, but Liverko can not buy. We will pay more to them. "

On fuel

"In the fuel is not bothering me," Stop Petrol ". This price is not too profitable for the oil refinery, but you can live. You may have to slow down the modernization of plants. After all, I will choose the well-being of the people. "

"If we lower the price, then we will feed our neighbors. And evrazvyazavtsav. We will have to line up the price. I do not advocate reducing costs in this situation. You can not sharply raise prices. "

"You do not want to be in Russia and in the EU, and this independence is expensive. Without me, there can join. So I even put up with bullying themselves. You want us to live on their land. "

"They tell me you want to Smolensk gas prices. Then join in Russia. But I said that we would pay $ 250 per thousand cubic meters of gas. Do you want to go the other way, then without me. "

About the action at border crossings

About promotions at border crossings just do not want to talk. They are overworked and padstavilisya. We have 75 cents, while in Poland and the Baltic States $ 2. It is advantageous to carry there. And the Lithuanians and Poles is even more damage. And they have fuel at the pump is nobody bought. And they began to fight against speculators.

While we were talking quietly, and the next action will be considered as an attack against the people and the country.

About the campaign Stop Fuel and "Revolution through social networks"

The details of the "Stop Petrol" or read about the actions of silence.

I am the Minister of the Interior said that the action was there for? I say one more such action, and you are without shoulder straps.

"We are after the terrorist attack on the subway decided, let's define the place and everything is everything. But if you block a political Independence Avenue and create mash, these things must stop. If you want to speak, I will hear you and the National byabliyateki at Bangalore. On the shares over the internet. And who are these people? Look at tests, "Come to the area and become a hero!" In whom it is intended? To people who have not been friends with brains. And come the leaders who have harnessed this weight and will lead to some kind of assault. They call of the heart come there? No. The state will intervene and regulate the situation.

That's raskachvaetstsa country. And to such calls come people are those who formed the terrorist attack on the subway. "

"They say, and you're there prytsyasnyaetse Russian media. So they say, "Look." Put me to the FAQ on the table, which the Russian media in Belarus is not working? What our channels in Russia so work, as Russian here. So I do not want to speak, so not to have even more hysteria.

Even if they are not allocated EurAsEC survive. We need these 3 billion to create a National Bank airbag. If there is more than $ 10 billion, we are not afraid of these disasters. "

"After the devaluation of that we normally have lived and will live now. But we need to be a little careful. That's not going to swing one's arms more. "

"The devaluation of the heavy thing. But it is good for the export-oriented economy. Why do I say that we have no crisis? The crisis — this is when businesses are closing and people are thrown into the vulitsu.U we do not have. "

"We pay for gas, then medications and third return loans. Something we sell and we will return these loans. We did it successfully, and we will do. For nothing I will not give up the enterprise. I do not want to, me and the kids threw sticks, that I'm sold. I did not water-election cut that selling, opening for five years and then I'll hope for the private trader.

Within a few months, even without the credits, we can handle the situation. "

"Do not idolize a private trader and make it sacred cows."

"I'm a person is not isolated from society. I am a very active person. Dating a cashier "Priorbank". Or are people money? He said the money are small, but our workers immediately buy. For what? I know it is possible to instantly sell at5500-6000 rubles. For I know the situation.

Who interfered with his work? I broke up supervisors. "

"There are objective reasons. And if you say that someone is to blame, we need to understand. I know them for years. They have children. I am here in this chaos, you can add more power crisis. I will not go for it. "

"Go and live quietly. For the Belarusian ruble and we will put you and feed you. "

About gas and oil

I can only say how omitted. The time will come, I say. What a merry life, I went to Venezuela. Via Odessa-Brody swing. We pushed Russia out of the pipe.

Who is to blame?

"The chairman of the National Bank, the Prime Minister, as one senior citizen," National Bank resign. " And he adstavlyavsya, he was nice? Where to dismiss them. Tell me the names of those who tomorrow will be the chairman of the National Bank and the Prime Minister. Consider that this is a rhetorical question. "

"All right, all my fault. Blame me. I can live with that, I'm not used to it. Metro blew, Lukashenko is to blame. So there was this panic. "

"We can scrape together $ 5 billion. Could I risk the money? This is a strategic reserve in case of war. I ordered the National Bank to a currency not throw. "

Comment the first chairman of the National Bank of Belarus Stanislav Bogdankevich:


"Not everything was. There were special boxes made in the days of the Soviet Union. After the government Kebich, before any of the presidency, gave us a special vault in Machulishchy at the former military base. We have it reconstructed.

But Lukashenko, in fact, never once was in the store. Chatterbox, what it take.

Foreign exchange reserves at the beginning of the sovereignty of Belarus and really was not. Our country, like other independent republics of the former Soviet Union, the Central Bank of the USSR gave nothing.

But we are gradually introduced as the national currency, began to accumulate foreign exchange reserves. Was the development of the country and raise money. That's how it was in reality. "


About the crisis and currency

"When we start a frantic pace to raise salaries, just nudge inflation. During the month, in the absence of agitation and violence will come to that height where they should be. There is no ground for the hype. "

"I put on the table a few letters honored retirees that they are not washed down with pork neck. As if there are no other pig organs. "

"Only a fool would go the way that was Russia and other countries".

"In exchangers until exchange. Until July 1, the state in this game will not play. "

"Why do I say that we have no crisis? Crisis — this is when businesses are closing and people are thrown into the street. We do not have."

Economist Sergei Chaly with this approach does not agree:

"This is, of course, a play on words. Like a joke:" Our patient Neither dead. Just the temperature dropped to a home. "Can a very long time to invent different and say," There is no crisis, as the crisis I call something else. "

And here the question is not what the president calls the crisis. It is important that what is called the crisis in economic theory. "

Roan says that in Belarus there are many signs of a full-scale crisis

"This, of course, a full-blown crisis. Because companies can, and do not close, and involuntary unemployment is already there. Threat of bankruptcies of private importers — clear. Here what parameter or Zaden …

Moreover, I would say that we have the last decade, the last 11 years — is, in the world's standards, one can, from the most severe crises. And it has only just begun. "

"Not only are people to blame but ourselves."

"Today, sugar is, but you have raised the price. The demand has pushed the price. And then, I still hold that price. "

"Today, the dollar is printed day and night, and you still get into this trap."

"Money is like silence. Therefore, the most important thing to say, calm down. I told you in Lida. You did not listen. "

"No one can say when it will happen. Who do you say that prices will rise tomorrow. Bestalkovasts government. This week said that fuel prices will rise. Half a ton in the garage every gasoline. Not everyone is pleased decrease in gasoline prices.

They say, let's make 10,000 per dollar. This is said by those who have currency. But this is another surge in prices that people do not break down and start chaos. We pushed me to it. "

"Even the 5000 ruble is overvalued for our country. Demand for the currency remains speculative. Necessary 1-2 billion drop in the market. I'm not ready to throw them out of the reserves. "

"Out of the crisis, we have to go with the smaller imports."

"What decision can I take if there is no analysis. Where we spent the money? We have received about 20 billion currency. It is only then that account. And the fact that the population vvyazlo-exported? To begin to address the currency issue, we have to find out. For the six months we will see a picture and then you can click on any pedal. "

"Excuse me will slaughter. Need to calm down and calmly go through these times. Many of your colleagues have already papisvayuts abroad, it is not a crisis in Belarus. This is not a crisis. We had a panic and excitement. "

Alexander Sasnou

Comment by the former Minister Alexander Sosnová:

"It's not panic and excitement, but a real crisis. And he arose not today, but for a long time. And the authorities did nothing to stop the consequences. "

"They walked and walked stumbled. All are asking questions. 60 people went, they know how, let's go talk to the people. Asked who is to blame? Why does not cut off the head of a hitherto guilty? There is a fault. But you can not sprinkle ashes on her head. "

On nuclear power plant

But building a nuclear power plant. Price $ 7 billion. 2000000000-social infrastructure. Credits will be given. But people do not. I appointed director general, I svetse around looking for him. And so have a lot of specialists! We steal them, lured from other countries.

"Moan in the newspapers that the economy is not the same, and we do not change, they are people who know nothing of the economy.

What reforms? We're told it's privatization, to sell the company. I do not mind. You can sell, but more expensive. It's not my thing.

No one in my pocket other people's money is not found.

"Do you know who is sharpening his teeth on our businesses, and especially the" Belaruskali ". We say privatize it and others. I was crawling on plyastunsku here to be upgraded. They're the best in Europe. Under the reforms, the government understand the pick up and give private traders.

Such privatization is not needed. One of the most valuable in our "Belaruskali". We are even prepared to privatize it. Conditions spelled out. 30000000000 I named a price. On the table, and 25% of yours.

So take it easy. Today, a lot of sounds of violence, especially in the so-called independent media. "

"When they say, let's change the structure of the economy, I say:" You have to change it, but you need to find a trillion dollars. "

"The construction industry rose from the ruins and ashes."

About Agriculture

Past 5-7 years in agriculture we threw $ 45 billion. We built agricultural towns.

It is necessary that in the agro was hot water to a milkmaid in the evening to the man lay down in bed erased.

But eating is what. Not enough money? A few months and we come out of this situation.

We close our borders and we will buy only what we need to import.

Comment economist Michael Zaleski:

"Joined" perfect "North model. And I as a fan of taekwondo believe that this model is viable. When everyone in the country will throw their weight by an average of 12 kg, we will live. What are there. "

If the Czech Republic lent us, we got about three million garbage and I spun around the world, people could not feed.

On the example of agriculture, we have spent a lot of money and got carried away including through the issuance.

Vasily Leonov, "Only ignorant people can tell that our technique best"

Vasily Leonov

"What is there to comment? Who buys it? I did not so long ago in Russia had practical experience of contacts Belarusian agricultural machinery and imported. It is incomparable. Only the ignorant, illiterate person can tell that our technology is the best. This is either a lie or a mistake.

Engineering — this is an extremely capital-intensive industry. And the world is a tremendous competition. And the whole world brand updates, funds, equipment and technology in mechanical engineering is very fast: every 4-5 years, there are new machines, new machines. And that poverty, which are our Heavy Machinery … Of course, I must say the people who work there, thank you very much: they are suffering more and come up with something on your lap. But it can never be compared, unfortunately, very unfortunately, that produced "for misty hill."

By the way, this "sales representative in Germany" organized co-production of combine harvesters, but on the basis of technology and in cooperation with the German side. And the president represented a promising model. But representatives of the former Minister and quickly put … . "

About the Belarusian economic model

Nowhere is our model collapsed and will not collapse. A thorn in the eye for some this model. From this model, many have copied a lot. We will not retreat one iota from this model. No need to go out and marriage official language, that we should be tightening its belt. None of the situation to tighten their belts. We will go our own way. We were not easy because of objective and subjective reasons.

Along the perimeter are clicked his teeth and that we will not soon zvalilisya.Getaga.

We got such an economy. Many say that it is necessary restructuring and reform. And what does it mean? What do we mean by reform? And through you, I want to ask this question to all egghead.

Who will give me a trillion dollars to change the structure of the economy? And how many years it takes?

Lev Margolin Economist: "If the president does not know what the restructuring and reform of the economy, I explain to him.

Lev Margolin

The economy must function only effective workplaces. And ineffective — should be eliminated. And all that is supported from the state budget (I do not mean to agriculture as a separate topic here), should be sent to float freely. Survive — so survive. Will not survive — so do not survive.

A state that money is better spent on something to support the social workers and the businesses, if they remain without work. That's it. No higher mathematics is not here. "

On the panic posed journalists about the Internet

Other methods of trying to destabilize Belarus and through the basket this
-Internet. It approved the approach in other countries.

Lukashenko: Advised not to hold the press conference, because the situation is complex and may be different issues. I propose to discuss the most pressing issues. I want to hear different opinions on the processes in the country. Let's be honest and unbiased. In the panic that occurred, a large proportion of journalists who do not think those journalists who are present here. The excitement in the consumer markets created with the participation of the media.

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