Lukashenko is cunning: he here, in Russia, all drawn!


Vitebsk Region

"The Russians are hoping for rapid changes in Belarus"

Vitebsk region bordered by the Russian Pskov yes Smolensk. In Gorodoksky Liozna areas and people for decades maintain relations with the near abroad — for example, bringing in of Russian goods on the local fair or yourself go to work in the Russian Federation.

Eugene, a resident of the village Marchenko Gorodetsky District, said that the deterioration of political relations between Alexander Lukashenko and the Kremlin enthusiastically discussing eastern neighbors — ordinary inhabitants of Russia.

"I just came from Russia son, drove the whole Russia, no one understands what happened, what he started vilify Russia. Each also has adapted and say, 'What is he, really sdurel, your this? .. "People in Russia are not indifferent, and we have — even burst!"

In the border regions, people enjoy the proximity of the two countries and the lack of visa regime, continues to talk Elena, a resident of the village Ezerische:

"We have the same abroad and the cemetery — where my parents are buried. And I have a Russian mother and father — Belarusian. Here we go to the cemetery. And in shops

Here's where to go to study in our village? All in Peter!

to each other. I myself travel to Russia to the store, buy the butter, flour, there are cheaper, canned goods cheaper. And they have to buy feed, cheese, vodka our love to take — they say that they have all the vodka "Singe". And yet you have no idea how many of our people went to Peter! Here's where to go to study in our village? All in Peter! Even in Vitebsk does not move so much, how much there! "

The fact that the region may be a real border with all the locals still do not think seriously, says Elena:

"Of course, when life gets rough! But somehow it's necessary to think not of the dust from the heat to do everything, I even think it's good — that relations with Lukashenka papsavalisya. Not we have with Russia, and it is with him. And people say different. Someone who is propaganda

We have to develop their own independence and have their own priorities.

stuffed, said: "This is a bad Russian, she presses on us." And someone says, "In vain quarrels only with all!" I believe that we must develop their own independence and have their own priorities. "

In Vitebsk activist Sergei Parsyukevich father come from Liozna district. Here, on the edge of the Smolensk region, it is often the case — is coming to visit relatives. The last such meeting was held last weekend, and talking about politics were also says Sergey:

"There's people watching Russian TV shows and all news sources know first. And" The Godfather "looked too! So fear of what Lukashenko had quarreled with Putin or Medvedev, people do not have. Contrary — it is perceived positively. Indeed, if earlier treatment supported Russia, now this support seems to decrease. So hope just that — for a change in the country. "


Bellicose rhetoric of the Kremlin and Lukashenko does not spoil the life of neighbors

Many residents of the Belarusian-Russian border zone Mogilev argue that the militant rhetoric of the Kremlin and Lukashenko to them in life is not affected. They are most concerned about what life will be like after the presidential election.

Five areas of Mogilev region bordering Russia. There are over one hundred and fifty thousand people. The well-being of many people associated with commercial travel to a neighboring country. So go and resident Michael Khotimsk area:

"People Discuss these questions, but between them there is no conflict. There are only a lack of understanding of leadership. They do not understand Moscow. They never say that Moscow is not run by Putin and Medvedev, and the oligarchs."

The question: "Who rules in Minsk?" Sir Michael did not answer. Put the phone down.

A resident of Gorki district Galina has relatives in the neighboring Smolensk region. Those are afraid, said Galina, changes in Belarus:

"They do not believe that Belarus could become a completely independent country. More will be friends with Europe than with Russia. Till the end they can not afford it to provide. There they show our leader with a bad hand, but for some reason he likes them . They say that we will support it. "

A resident of the district Klimovichi blame for all the troubles and the Russians do not believe the promises of Lukashenka:

Elections will be held — and will rise again

"The gas rises in price. Indeed, through Russia, he becomes more expensive. And we atsyaplyaemsya gas. Prices are rising.'s Right, before the election Lukashenko prices are not rising. And the elections will be held — and will rise again."

In Krychau's media war between Lukashenko and the Kremlin does not prevent the removal of hundreds of tons of ferrous scrap from Belarus. In criminal reports it has a special place, says journalist Sergei Krichevsky Uneven:

"There are some people who collected and sent to Russia under the cover of night. There are even reports in the moments when the truck escorted by policemen. Then they are caught by KGB and some other special services. "

Not long ago, two residents of the district Krichevsky even tried to sell some of the demolished bridge over the river Sog …

Gomel Oblast

"Lukashenko — a cunning, he pulls all of Russia!"

The residents of Gomel and Bryansk region of Russia is fraught not only production, but also of private bonds. The feud between the Kremlin and Minsk has affected more than just the production relations and the least — household and private.

68-year-old Michael Tselyashonak the past two decades he lived in Zhlobin, supplied with oxygen local hospitals. Came here to retire, and now plans to move to Klintsovskaya area where he was born.

While the "extras" jerk, he quietly went to relatives:

"I was alone in Belarus, and relatives all live at home, in Bryansk. Relations do not break, everything was fine. As few as they say, there was no obstacle. Nobody interferes with anyone — driving, please."

Mr. Tselyashonak not quite understand why the hostility instituted at the "top":

"I do not understand whyWhat you need was all do it, start this war? We, ordinary people live well — and there is such

It's ugly on both sides — from the Russian and Belarusian.

confusion. It's ugly on both sides — from the Russian and Belarusian. So do not be! "

A young resident of Gomel Mrs. Jeanne study in the Russian city of Orel. While the Belarusian and Russian leaders for a long time blaming each other, some of Jean discrimination to his Russian universities do not feel:

"I'm in Orel on social educator. Just my girlfriend there, she advised, and I wanted to come back. Soon finish. Attitude is good, attentive teachers, students and classmates. Nothing affects us all good."

In the neighboring district center of Gomel oblast Russian Zlynka many also can not understand their leaders.

Speaks Russian woman, Mrs. Olga:

"And that — we were friends from the beginning. And suddenly I do not know what's going on!"

Russian Nikolai with the same Zlynka complains about current relations between Moscow and Minsk:

"Next two states — and this
get up! So with the gas formed, then with dairy products. Know and sugar. How can this be?

It is not good coming our leaders — sow enmity.

This is not a brother. Well, we live in friendship. Our children live in Belarus, studied there. My children, for example, finished University Scorina in Gomel. Or 54 kilometers here or to go somewhere far away, in fact even to Bryansk more than two hundred. It is not good coming our leaders — are sowing hatred. "

Emotional zlynkavskaya woman Mrs. Nina broke a calm assessment of neighbor — and expressed his vision of the deterioration of relations between Moscow and Minsk:

"Loans pulls your Lukashenko with our Russian! Belarus even less for Moscow, and loans — pulls. And how should we live? Neither the apartments we do not, no salaries, no job. Spit on Russia — all in Belarus. Lukashenko is cunning, he here, in Russia, all pull! ".

The picture shows the regional center Zlynka.

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