Lvivianka found in American dead son



Tatiana Feduh from the New Village, seeing the photo in the local newspaper boy magnet, Jonathan, was dumbfounded: yes it is an exact copy of her Sasha! In the heart of a long-standing thorn pierced again: in 1993, in the hospital the woman was told that her second twin — Bob — has died.


56-year-old Tatiana lives like everyone in the village: the house, the farm, gardens. With her husband are raising four children. Although the heirs should have been five. — All that was going on in the hospital, still haunts me, though it's been 19 years — sigh Tatiana.

— I gave birth on a drip September 2, 1993. When the first twin Sasha, the doctor somehow demanded to call the anesthesiologist and shouted that she had a second baby hold her head in her hands. I remember thinking: why should I anesthesiologist, when everything is going well? However anesthesia I did, and the last I heard — the words the doctor: "Do with it what you will, it is ready!"

When a new mother woke up, she was told that the children are alive, but the status of their heavy. But was allowed to see the boys.
— The boys were lying behind the glass, I even cried with worry — recalls a woman. — The second time I saw kids on the following day, in the evening. And closer to the night said that about 18.30 Bob died. And I'm just at that time saw him alive! The doctor took me into the hallway to convince her that next to Sasha I saw another boy.

I gave him an injection and I fell asleep. Next was a long trial. But questions have not diminished. The police told Tatiana that her child being tested, and one and a half hours after his alleged death. The results of these analyzes were the case. But the criminal case because for some reason and not stirred. Leaders in the basement of the hospital conducted an "explanatory" conversations with her husband, Edward Tatiana, but he had not understood what he wanted.

The funeral of gypsy

After seven days of grief-stricken father was given a tiny little body, and from a completely different hospital morgue. Why — no one has explained. Tatiana has been all this time with Sasha in the hospital, even at the funeral it was not. So the dead Vasya she never saw him. But later, the neighbors told me that the late father-in-law was surprised, saying, Tanya said she gave birth to twins, and we buried some gypsy — smuglenkogo, it is not like us.

Fight the maternity hospital on the couple had neither the power nor the capacity. Tatiana and her husband come to terms with their grief and began to live on. Still in the family except for a newborn Sasha grew up three more children. A measured Feduhov provincial life turned upside down note in the usual local newspaper. It was in January 2005. In the very brief text, it was reported that an American boy Jonathan Friedman from Arizona who has psychic powers, got into the Guinness Book of Records.

He — a child-magnet can hold a few seconds on his face once seven spoons! And next — photos. — Mom, look, our Sasha in the newspaper! — Gleefully shouted the house down daughter Olga, waving a newspaper. The record holder Jonathan and really looked like Sasha as two drops of water. Tatiana first wondered how her son was in the newspaper and why his face spoons? And then grabbed the heart, but this is the same Bob! Her Bob, who allegedly died in the hospital! Even Olga saw the resemblance. And then the husband Edward confirmed: Yes, it seems a lot of people, but not that much. But what about Bob was in America?

Midwives deliver babies, live in the U.S.

Tatiana first thing rushed to the Editor rayonki. Those reacted to her story very carefully and immediately got in touch with colleagues in regional television, the ones — went to the police. Next joined the prosecutor's office. Investigators have recognized: in this story is really a lot of questions and inconsistencies, but only took 11 years. Where to look for the participants in those events? The prosecutors Tatiana promised to do exhume buried the baby and DNA test. But later changed their minds: they say, from the calf was nothing left, and with financing tight …

And despite the fact that the interesting fact emerged: the midwife, who took birth at Tatiana, has long moved to the United States. And in that same rayonke remembered another "touch to the portrait."
— In 2005, to come to our office student asked clippings about Jonathan and said he was going to America for training and try to find the family of the boy — told us Miroslav Malahivsky, editor of the newspaper.

— Found, but the parents categorically refused to talk. And, as it turned out later, once the family moved to another city. Alas, more about them no one knows anything. And the student was living in the States, and with him there is no connection. The newly married couple do decide: it is necessary to find the truth, come what may. So they hired a lawyer.
— I'm not going to pick up his son from the people who raised him — says Tatiana.
— In addition, he is a grown man. I just want to know the truth. To live in the dark for so many years — the enemy does not want.


We tried to talk with the leaders of the Lviv regional perinatal center, which gave birth to Tatiana Feduh in 1993. We have confirmed that the hospital employs physicians who worked in that period. But as soon as they started talking about Tatiana and her twins, doctors replaced if. One of them, who introduced Alexander YAROSLAVOVICH, went on the offensive:

— I do not have and will not answer your stupid questions! Another doctor said honestly that simply does not want to take off from work, so that all the talk — only with permission of administration. The prosecutor's office in Lviv region, too terse. All that was found: the decision about the exhumation pending.

Counsel's comments

"We suspect trafficking" — petitioned the Prosecutor's Office to conduct the exhumation of the dead child and DNA analysis. We suspect that there has been a kidnapping of a newborn and illegal export it abroad. That is, human trafficking, — says Yuri Zoshy, head of the law firm, which undertook to help the family Feduh.
— Nothing to say we can not. If the examination confirms that the child is buried Tatiana, we will deliver in the final point of the story. If the DNA of the child and the mother do not match, we will seek permission to take a biomaterial for DNA analysis at the American boy. And if it is confirmed that Jonathan — this is Bob, we require that the family Feduh offset the damages. But again, all this takes time and irrefutable evidence.

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