Magadan record covered with snow!

The second day in the southern part of the Magadan region does not stop bad weather, the cause of which was deep cyclone, coming from the southwest. Rain in the first half of Monday was replaced by wet snow that sticks to the wires and tree branches. In this case, there was a strong wind gusting to 22-27 m / s and blizzards, daytime temperatures barely reached +2 °. Two days in the regional centers of 35 mm of rain fell, and the best part — in the form of snow. Drifts in the city yesterday morning as 21 cm of snow today, a little ass, and their height is reduced to 18 cm According to several weather stations in the southern half of the area of snow cover exceeds 30 cm greatest height it reached in card — 39 cm! Winter storm early this year marked the northern coast of the Sea of Okhotsk. According to the long-term average, above the maximum snow cover in Magadan in September was 17 cm

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