Managing people on the planet Earth

September 6, 2012 21:44

Managing people on the planet Earth

Managing people on the planet Earth

In the foreseeable process management framework humanity were laid in the days of ancient Egypt caste of priests. Managing people and hold them in subjection was accomplished by issuing a dosage of knowledge at different levels of society and hiding their entirety.
At the present level of development of the society management methods have changed little. The most complete this management system set out in the Concept of Public Security provided by non-governmental institutions of additional education "Institute Conceptual Analytics" in the form of crowd-"elite" model of society.

"World Government" (or global predictor, named conceptual analysts) to form two virtual pyramid. One — a structure of society, the other — the knowledge provided by each of these entities.

At the top of the pyramid of knowledge, which has an inverted form (tip down) — all the fullness that exists in the people of knowledge and methodology of new knowledge. Middle — fragmentary, partial knowledge, which are petsialisty. And at the bottom of the pyramid — pieces of knowledge for people of specific operations. If you are a mechanic, you know your gripe with the file and everything.

This approach ensures the formation of another pyramid — a pyramid structure of society (which has a view point up). Who knew more than others, has on more than the upper levels. And who knew less — in the lower. As a result, society was divided into three parts (with respect to knowledge).

Managing people on the planet Earth

At the top of the pyramid — the priesthood ("World Government")

It has the complete knowledge of the famous (FACTS) and the methodology of obtaining new knowledge. As in ancient Egypt, "World Government" supposedly has 22 hierophants (top clan families financial world): Guy de Rothschild, Montefere Oppenheimer, Rockefeller, Goldschmidt Blyayhrode, Mendel, Wallenberg, Warburg, Sassoon, Morgan, Dupont, Stern, Heine, Croup, Mellon, Cohen, Flip, Ford, Schultz, Roos and Evelyn de Rothschild.

These names are displayed almost no media or as the richest (in the magazine "Forbes") or as heads of any country. They are always in the shade.

Corporate financial clans families

At the disposal of "World Government" a hereditary clan Financial Corporation supranationalism families: Sachs, Deutsche, Leba, Kuna, Cannes, container, Weiner, Meyer, Straus, Sulpi, Baruch, Limeny, Lazarus, Peynely, Scythians, Fisher, Warburg, Mordohi, Boyer Shiffsy, Abraham, Kalman, Goldman Broazery, Lazarus, Balushteyny, Guggenheim, Seligman, Kaufman, Harriman, Dreyfus Morgentou, Weinberg Blyumentali and so on (all 358 of clan families).

Managing people on the planet Earth
Direct management by supranational transnational unified leadership of the planet — the conferences millionaires (executive committee), the latter holding the: Coordinating Board of Jewish Organizations (located in Washington, DC — USA) and the Consultative Council of Jewish Organizations (located in New York — USA). They all run the so-called "system" that includes:
1). "World Zionist Organization" (GUS) (founded in 1897., The supreme body — the World Zionist Congress (FAC), which elects the World Zionist Council (BCC), the executive committee of the BCC is located in New York, and branch — in Jerusalem);
2). The Jewish Agency for Israel (EACD — JAFI) (founded in 1929., Branches exist in all countries of the world, the Board operates under EACD BCO);
3). The World Jewish Congress (WJC) (founded in 1936., Operates in 67 countries worldwide).

Managing people on the planet Earth

The management of "elite"

The following is management "elite". It includes: the various parties, the Zionist organizations, religious organizations, lodges, all kinds of movements, multinational banks (of the largest TNB — 250), foundations (Rockefeller, Soros, Thatcher Dzhoydzha "World Laboratory", "Foundation initiatives" "Center for Applied Research", after 1991 — the Gorbachev Foundation and others), transnational corporations (TNCs only about 800 in the world: General Motors (USA), Ford Motors (USA), Exxon (USA), Royal Dutch Shell (UK) , General Electric (USA), BP (UK), IBM (USA), Siemens (Germany), Dipon de Nemours (USA) and others), international organizations and unions (UN, UNESCO, GATT, the EBRD, OSCE, IMF, NATO, ILO, etc.)
The management of "elite" does not have full knowledge. Priests gave her knowledge (FACTS) in part is concerned, as a whole, did not give the complete knowledge. As a result of the "elite" does not see the integrity and does not know who and what shapes integrity. At the same time priests supported the "elite" sense of superiority over other people. They said that they were "chosen", they are "the most intelligent," "most gifted", that they are entitled to a "special" place in society. This allowed the priests to manage unstructured "elite", and giving them the dosage of knowledge made it possible to keep them in line. In order to manage the company is stable and that the "elite" have guessed how to manage it, "World Government" from time to time to update it. Using any appropriate case slogans ("orange" revolution, revolution "Rose", "Tulip" revolution, etc.), it pushed the "crowd" for revolutions, coups and massacres. And after that, as the old "elite" is destroyed, put a new prepared in advance. This is only the "elite" she thinks to himself that it is — the "top" of society, and in actual fact it is no different from the "crowd", which is at the bottom, at the bottom.


"Crowd" the priests were given even less knowledge than the "elite". This knowledge should provide quality work "crowd" for the benefit of the "elite" and "priests"

The existing education system still provides the crowd-"elitist" model society "frame." In secondary schools form a "kaleidoscopic idiocy" — prepare "crowd." Coley was born to a lathe, then whether turner! "Every cricket stick to his last!" And in the "specials. schools' children whisper, "You gifted", "you clever", "you go to an" elite school "- prepare the" elite. " So today implemented the principle of "divide and rule"

Notable is the fact that in 1952 in the "Economic Problems of Socialism in the USSR", IV Stalin wrote that real socialism productivity must increase so that the working day can be reduced to 5-6 hours, and free time people could use for a well-rounded education. Broad education necessary because it alone can break the chains that man chained for life to their profession in the existing union labor.

Thus, the priests formed the two crowds. A crowd — the "crowd", another group — the "elite." Only one of the crowds — lured, the preferred (and terribly afraid of the "fall" down). And another group — the poor, the disadvantaged, which brought up the desire to break "up" society, to live well, hearty and yet, as they thought, nothing special and not doing.

Various political parties fighting for power, their leaders tend to take place in the "elite", to rise above the "crowd" in the State Duma, the government, the other major commercial companies, etc. Get "a piece." They do not realize that all of them — Tolpar and doomed to another "cut off", despite the current "fat" in this piece.

"Management" and "confrontation" closely related

When you look at the life of society (hundreds of years or more), you can see that there are ways to influence society, intelligent use of which allows you to manage his life and death. It's about priorities (level of significance) confrontation between the two different systems.

Conceptual Analysis in the Concept of Public Safety provide us six priorities. Level number (priority) reflects the power, the importance of each of the weapons. 4, 5, and 6 priorities — material weapons, and 1, 2 and 3 — this is information warfare.

One country may be conquered by another force of arms. If now in Novosibirsk on crossroads put patrols "Fritz" in helmets with machine guns, then everyone will understand that they live in an occupied country, but also the current state of Russian occupation. That's how people perceive everyday consciousness the concept of "occupation." With the help of machines, tanks and aircraft being "hot" war.

Management priorities

Military priority number 6. Once "ancient extremists" realized how quickly conquered the country on six priority, so you can quickly get an answer. In this case, it is possible to die himself. In addition it was found that the slaves in the conquered country perform poorly without the "enthusiasm." Therefore, the "extremists antiquity" were to improve ways of aggression, without changing its objectives: the capture of resources of other countries.

So was "invented" five priority: guns silent genocide. Genocide means, affecting not only the living, but also future generations. They destroy genetically based exploration and development potential of the descendants of the cultural heritage of their ancestors. They include: nuclear blackmail — the threat of use of alcohol, tobacco and other drug genocide, nutritional supplements, all environmental pollutants, some medications, genetic engineering and biotechnology.

Then he invented the Weapon 4 priorities — economic. It gives more consistent results over time. With the "needle" the leader can "get off", and of "binge" — "exit". Can die from an overdose.

Then the aggressor must tinker with the new leader. And then gave a loan to the "leader" today, and to pay for that debt will be the children and grandchildren of the "leader" resources of his country, his people. And there was no bloodshed! All quite "cultural." Therefore, this aggression was called "cultural cooperation".

With the "needle" can be broken, but it is impossible to pay the debt, since the monetary system "ancient extremists" is designed so that it is not "you pick." The basis of it is usurious lending rate. Applied to whole countries and peoples worldwide global Zionist-Nazi mob, the monetary system, in principle, does not allow to get out of bondage.

Priority 3 — ideological. That the people did not understand what to do with a 6, 5 and 4 priorities "ancient extremists" pose different ideology. With them is a handling of people's consciousness of their schooling. In ancient times the "extremists" appropriated the people's faith to God for their interests — such a tool became religion. Then came the "secular ideology" as well as "the absence of ideology" — it is also an ideology. All of this, each of us feels the. How? Like this: "all need to repent for the sins of their ancestors, or Russia will not save … pray and repent …", "money makes money", "the wine in small quantities is very useful", "marijuana is not a drug," "who smokes Marlboro, the cowboy ", etc. etc.

And finally, the top priorities

Priority 2 — chronological, historical nature of the information. Who owns this information, he can see from the position of one of the priority orientation process directed the "common course of things," the tendency of a given process.

Managing people on the planet Earth
Hence the violent attempts to distort history even the next few years (World War II: its heroes and anti-heroes, the winners and present herewith).
These priorities can be used either separately or in combination with each other. Obviously, only have information on the priorities 1 and 2, you can see and make the right decisions, and to give advice to others, or to call for anything.

Now you can see at what priority "works" or that politician, party, movement. This suggests that we can expect some kind of "leader" and his party, whether that party to win, if she wants to reach only the power (6 priority) or "economic", "reform (4 priority) or "spiritual renewal" (3 priority). The answer is obvious. Anyone who owns a higher priority, sooner or later, always triumph over those who "works" only on lower priorities.

Using 1, 2 and 3 priorities "world government" a so-called "information war." Information war — a war in order to seize raw materials, energy, human resources outside the control of "world government" countries. It is conducted with such an impact on people's minds in the field of ideology, religion, politics, history, philosophy, science, and when the people of the country are victims of aggression deliberately introduced such false ideas about what is going on in the community, in the lives of people who are free to allow the aggressor manipulated by both the Government and the people of this country and to capture resources, almost without meeting any resistance, ie without an armed invasion.

Information wars are fought between multiple centers of human civilization for centuries, only occasionally going into "hot war." Over the last 3.5 kyr information aggression against the peoples of the earth carry rabid heirs of ancient Egyptian priests, imagined themselves masters of the world — a secret 'world government'

Aggression is carried out by a "cultural cooperation" through the control the "elite" of the country are victims of aggression, which to the best of his understanding of thought (maybe even sincerely) that runs on its own people, and to the extent of misunderstanding the general course of things is, in fact, a puppet in the hands of the aggressor, executing its plans.

Instrument of aggression ("army") are so-called "agents of influence" that massively introduced in the country belongs to. Agent of influence — is not just a spy. His mandate is much broader. Through it (sometimes these people do not know until the end of the depth of their roles and responsibilities assigned to them by their supreme authority) is an indirect control of the heads of state and their environment, officers of all levels, economic, political and social processes. Impact occurs, both directly and through close and distant relatives, friends, acquaintances, etc.

As a result of the aggression of the people of the victim:

-destroyed holistic perception of the world, of all that is going on around (including in public life), the connection with nature, and is forming a fragmentary, partial, kaleidoscopic mind, easily manipulated from the outside, through the subconscious;

-crumbling historical identity, the real history of the people is replaced by false myths, coherent historical process breaks into pieces, which are opposed to each other;

-relationship with God. Nature is replaced by faith in idealistic or materialistic "scriptures" that face each other and are age-old, uncompromising struggle — "Divide and rule";

-normal human needs for food, clothing, housing, etc. (Ie, due to demographic needs) replaced the need for money, which is imposed specifically manifested in immoderate unnatural needs irrepressible follow fashion and brought a passion for profit (degradation-parasitic needs), thus providing the population dependent on those who own financial the system;
— are implanted base instincts that undermine the physical, mental health and destroying the gene pool of the nation.

Generally speaking, the people imposed an alien concept living arrangement, which leads to the degradation and destruction.

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