Marussia F1 Team presented their 2013 race car

Today, before the first day of testing in Jerez, Spain, Team Marussia F1 Team presented their 2013 race car

MR02 is a comprehensive evolution of the machine in 2012, which proved to be the most successful three-year package of participating teams in the championship, which was a stand as a result of the gradual development during the last half of last season. Some elements of the new chassis has undergone a design change to position the important new developments aimed at further improving the speed. In addition MR02 is the first car created entirely with the philosophy of CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) and augmented tests in the wind tunnel. Although the development team for 2012 were prepared in this way, MR01 was originally created using only technology CFD.

The most fundamental change is made in the heart of the car — it was caused by the requirement to put the system KERS, which was a novelty in the package of this season. This led to the fact that the designers had to work more than usual, as they sought to integrate the system, and at the same time reduce the overall weight of the chassis, supporting stiffness and completing the necessary requirements of crash tests of the International Automobile Federation. The team is pleased to note that all of these claims failed, including through close partnership between the engineering department Marussia F1 Team and first class support provided by Williams Advanced Engineering in respect of the application of KERS.

The team also continues to enjoy the benefits of effective cooperation with its partners, Cosworth and Xtrac. Experienced engineers Cosworth continue to work tirelessly to improve the reliability, performance, handling and fuel consumption of the engine within the strict parameters defined by the technical regulations in Formula 1. MR02 race car this season will be the engine of the company Cosworth CA2013K. Partner of the team, which is developing a transmission system company Xtrac, introduces changes to the design of the gearbox in 2012, paying particular attention to increasing the rigidity of the suspension.

Technical partnership with McLaren Applied Technologies continues to provide a team of some of the tools that allow Marussia F1 Team to design and develop a more competitive race car, in particular through the use of wind tunnel and simulator. A new form of tires from Pirelli P Zero for 2013 has become a significant factor in the design that made the team with the utmost care to approach the process of its full-scale simulations to evaluate in the wind tunnel.

Another area of emphasis in terms of aerodynamic development MR02 is to achieve high cooling capacity, and thus improve air exit through the rear of the car. This is particularly noticeable in the new design solutions pontoon and a more aggressive exhaust system with the Coanda effect, which, as the team expects to be the main area of development in 2013, like many in the pit lane, the team will receive a message about the basic aerodynamic performance to the final day of tests to as can have more time to verify the data obtained in the tunnel.

Such was the nature of the progressive program development team in 2012, especially in areas such as the front and rear suspension. Certain elements of the mechanical design MR01 were transferred to the MR02, to maximize focus on other important aspects, particularly on KERS.

The team is now embarking on the first day of tests this year, planning to hold four-day program at the circuit in Jerez. Max Chilton will test for the first time the speed of the new car, performing a program that starts this morning.

John Booth, Team Marussia F1 Team

"We are embarking on the first day of testing before the season started in 2013 with a very positive attitude about our cars — MR02 — and what lies ahead of this important section of the development team Marussia F1 Team. We had some changes over the winter, but the one area which allowed us to achieve progress — our stability — helped develop a racing car in 2013 under the guidance of our technical director Pat Symonds. Incremental steps taken by us in the last half of last season, give us the confidence not only in the ability to fight for 10th place in the constructors' championship but we also got confirmation that we have chosen the right direction as a whole, which was the basis for the development of the machine that we now derive at the track in Jerez.

We are confident in MR02, which is the fruit of the converted elements of last year's package, combined with the integration of the new system KERS. In 2012, we have repeatedly emphasized that despite the impressive progress we have made in other areas, KERS — but rather the lack of this system — has become a crucial factor determining our position in relation to the nearest competitors. Until now, KERS was a strategic omission in our package, we sought to include more emphasis on aerodynamics, so when we were able to implement the system in the car, we had a very strong base, and the integration of this system was quite smooth. Our team of engineers over the winter to improve our capabilities and prepares for the introduction of KERS, so we can start working this week to this effect and use this short test to optimize the car for the race in Melbourne.

This is only the beginning of our development program before the season, but the team is very optimistic about what awaits us ahead. So this morning we are looking forward to see the debut of MR02 on the track. "

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