Massive power outage in the western U.S.

Six million people in the southwestern United States can not escape from the sweltering heat and get to work: the impact of the accident, which caused a massive power outage in San Diego, as well as many other towns of California, Arizona and Mexico, has not yet been resolved , reports Associated Press.

Earlier it was reported that about 16 hours Thursday without light was one of the largest cities in California, San Diego, home to over two million people. The second largest city in the state was paralyzed, it stopped going to public transportation, air conditioning broke down, without which survive the heat, typical of California at this time of year, is incredibly difficult. At the moment, about 150 000 people sought emergency services U.S. to "do something" to save them from "being in the oven."

On Thursday night, San Diego looked like a mining town, where he started a spontaneous strike, people wore helmets with lights, many lit their way with torches. However, power was allocated only police and doctors who work in high alert. Two nuclear power plant near the city put out of action, but the authorities claim that the security of the residents of San Diego are not threatened.

Later it became known that the effects of the disaster in U.S. power grids have been much worse than previously thought. Following the San Diego remained without electricity, many of California, Arizona and Mexico. At the moment, resumed work only 9 of the 115 substations Power Company San Diego Gas & Electric Co (SDGE), which provides electricity to most of the south-west of America. The company says that in the elimination of the accident may last the whole Friday. Police border areas with Mexico has increased patrols to prevent looting and pillaging.

SDGE representatives stated that the cause of a blackout is a partial failure of equipment at a power substation in southeastern Arizona. However, the energy loss to say why the outages were so extensive. The version of terrorist sabotage employees SDGE not considered.

At this point, power is partially restored in Yuma in southwestern Arizona, and California's Orange County. The last major blackout occurred in the U.S. in 2003. Then left without electricity for more than 50 million people in the Midwest and the South-East of the country. In 2001, as a result of a major accident in power for more than 3 million California residents of the state for six days were forced to walk and could not take advantage of ATM's, refrigerators and air conditioners.

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