Materialization of thoughts

"Our thought is material," — we often hear, not too pondering this phrase. And maybe we should take seriously to this assertion? Perhaps the strength of our desires, the firm intention not "cave in a changing world" really can seriously affect your life?

Olga, an architect by profession, a passion for everything that relates to the field of professional activity. And especially interested her always creativity Gaudi. Get to Spain to see the works of the famous architect, she had no chance: a rented apartment, a child of school age, daily needs — it takes all of her salary. Modest earnings of her husband — the manager of a small design company — do not give up hope for a trip abroad. And then she began to dream — as children usually dream: "That would have sent her husband on a business trip to Spain! And I would be allowed to go with him! "

"Bent" world for themselves

You will not believe this, but just six months the impossible happened: the husband, before never went anywhere, suddenly sent on business negotiations in Barcelona, with the per diem was that it allowed to go and Ole!

How best to verify this? Of course, looking at people who have achieved success in life.

Barack Obama. A little-known senator from Illinois became the first black U.S. president, called to save the nation from the global crisis. Just fantastic!

Bill Gates. Avowed favorite of fortune, who started the business together with a friend

"From scratch" and later became the richest and most successful person in the world. Without much luck no cost, you say!

Madonna. One of the most popular women in the world, the best-selling singer, trendsetter, a real favorite of fortune. Kabbalistic teachings and enjoys yoga. Certainly not just because!

What they all have in common? Just luck? By accident, they were able to become the person become? Not so prosaic. Behind every success, apparent from so light and dazzling, is a dream. Miraculously she pushes people up — to fame, money, to everyone's admiration. And the ability to destroy them. Hence, it is material? Maybe, but not so simple … Much depends on the course of our thoughts.

Cold death

For those who question the materiality of thought and feeling quite tell the real story that happened in America with the common man at the railway station. Was pre-holiday. Manual workers let go early, and the unwritten traditions are properly before leaving home drunk. Nick Sitsman after heavy libation was accidentally locked in the car, colleagues refrigerator.

Poor guy knocked on the door a long time, shouted, but in vain. At the train station was empty. All employees happy and satisfied, and went home to celebrate. Nick was with a pocket knife, and freezing, he carved on the wall of dying address to his family: "There is so cold that I tapeworm. I have hands do not obey. It would be nice to sleep. These are my last words. " Only the next day found the frozen body of an accident.

This death for humanity would have remained unnoticed: how much for the cause of drunk people in the world freezes over! If it were not for one thing. The fact that it was in the car that night, the fridge did not work! Inside the refrigerator was a positive temperature. Here it is, the absolute proof that thought is material. The power of thought, because of the absolute certainty that he is destined to die of cold, poor Nick literally froze his body. When forensic autopsy was pronounced dead due to hypothermia.

I cherished the gate

And here is the story of Steven Spielberg has exactly the opposite vector of development. In the thirty-six years, he became the most successful directors of world cinema. By this age, he took four of the ten most acclaimed films of all time, including "ET" — one of the highest grossing films in the world. How he was able to achieve such success, even as a young man? This is a very interesting story.

Twelve or thirteen teenager Spielberg knew that would be a film director or producer. His whole life changed when he was 17 years old toured the studio "Universal." Tour is not to be visited film sets, where the actual unfolding of the film, so Spielberg, knowing the purpose of his life, he decided to act. He tried to secretly infiltrate the set, to take part in the filming of this movie. Attempt ended with a meeting with the editor studio "Universal", with which the young man spoke for an hour and interested Spielberg ideas about how to make a movie.

For most people the whole story on this, and would have ended. However, Spielberg was different from most people. Having inner strength and self-control, knowing what he wants, he made the necessary conclusions from his first visit to the studio and changed strategy. The next day, Spielberg wore ceremonial dress, took his father's briefcase, which was just a sandwich and a couple of chocolates, and proceeded to the building of the studio with an air as if he were — part of the "high society." Steve began to pace back and forth past the guard at the gate of the studio. Then he found an abandoned shooting trailer, attached to the door of which a sign: "Steven Spielberg — director". So he spent all summer, languishing at the borders of the world in which so wanted to get into, by the director, writer and editor, drawing conclusions from each conversation, observing and developing all the more acute perception of their feelings and all that is connected with the cinema.

Finally, at the age of twenty years, after he has become familiar and became his in this elite coterie, Spielberg showed experts studio "Universal" a short film he shot himself, and he was offered a seven-year contract to take the television series. He realized his dream into reality.

Our thoughts materialize, our fate depends on our thoughts — a fact proven repeatedly by life itself. And you, if you reminisce, to think about the dream, as feared, worried, should be able to find confirmation of this in my life … Try it.

Good luck — this is the start

Many are convinced that pure luck when something desirable coming down on its own, without any action on our part, do not exist.
In particular, the psychological training of people teach that everything is determined by your state. Ambient's a very responsive to the internal state of the neighbor. Losers are attracted to losers, lucky to lucky. Breathing, posture, plastic, posture, facial expressions, gestures, intonation, vocabulary, hair, clothes … recognize "his" very, very simple. If you can not control his inner spirit, resource crowd around you or in life is not to create. Consequently, and luck will not.

Doing something, advise realists. Look for the cause to which you give yourself entirely, and then wait for luck. And again, do not look at luck as to the finish, as the result, for which the rest. Luck — it is an opportunity, a chance, start. If luck — go for it! Equally important is the correct setting. "I was lucky in all cases" — a way to pressure sores, not luck! Hammer it into your head that you are successful only through hard work. Fate favorable to persistent. Come again and again, try again and again. Good luck or bad luck — this is what fell on your head after you for a long time shaking the tree.

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