Mausoleum — the system suppression of consciousness


"In the morning, at eleven o'clock, January 23, 1924 I put together the first meeting of experts on the subject of the device to the grave of Vladimir Lenin, which was decided to be buried in Red Square near the Kremlin wall, and build a mausoleum over the grave." VD Bonch-.

January 27, during the official funeral procedures at exactly 16.00 Telegraph Agency of the Soviet Union, said: "Stand comrades Lenin lowered into the grave!"

Ziggurat (MFC-rat, ziggurat)In architecture, ancient Mesopotamian cult tiered tower. Ziggurats were 3-7 tiers in the form of truncated pyramids or parallelepipeds of sun-dried bricks, connecting stairs and gentle climbs — ramps (Dictionary of architectural terms).

A.I.Abrikosov — the unquestioned authority in the field of anatomy — considered the struggle for the preservation of the body useless, because it appeared pigmentation, and began the process of drying fabrics. He said then that modern science has no methods of preservation of the human body for a long time.

March 21, 1924, after negotiations with certain B. Zbarsky founder and head of the Cheka-OGPU F. Dzerzhinsky was decided to proceed with the embalming. Why did decide to embalm the body of "Lenin"? The official story: a stream of letters and telegrams to perpetuate the memory of the leader, a request to leave the body of Lenin incorruptible, saving it for the ages. (However, such letters were found in the archives.'s Letters offered only to perpetuate the memory of Lenin in the grand buildings, monuments.)


Sarcophagus is taken for the project known modernist architect K.S.Melnikov clearly dedicated to all the details of design. B.I.Zbarsky to a direct question, who first had the idea to immortalize the body of the leader, always answered evasively: "spontaneously".

Recipe for embalming professor Zbarskiy "invented" in three days, although the same North Koreans, with much more advanced technology, working on the conservation of Kim Il Sung, more than a year. That is a recipe Zbarskiy again someone apparently prompted. A recipe that is not floated away from the circle of his professor Vorobiev, who helped Zbarskiy, and also will not mind having learned the secret — pretty soon "accidentally" died in surgery.

Schusev explained himself (in the "Building the newspaper» № 11 dated January 21, 1940)
he was instructed to exactly reproduce the form of the second (wooden) Mausoleum in stone: In five years, the image of the mausoleum has become famous all over the world. Therefore, the government decided not to change the architecture of the mausoleum — I was assigned to exactly reproduce it in stone. That is, in other words, who actually "designed", is shrouded in mystery.

"If the individual periods are accompanied by disintegration, and the withering away of parts of the body, just as the general periods of nations connected with the death of the individual parts of the" national body. "
…organic bodily immortality of the individual is possible only at the expense of the people as a whole. "
Paul Kammerer (German: Paul Kammerer; August 17, 1880, Vienna, Austria — September 23, 1926, Puchberg am Schneeberg) — Austrian biologist occultist.

Krupskaya (wife Blanca Ulyanov) when she was shown the mummy after a parade once let slip that "Vladimir Ilyich lifelike." His face was flushed, even as he lay in front of crowds of protesters.

Ziggurat — It was a ritual architectural structure, tapered upwards like a multi-pyramid — the same that is on the Red Square. However, the ziggurat — this is not a pyramid, as it always is at the top of a small temple.

— Is a "cursed items", "collector" magic, psychic energy, which, according to sorcerers, envelops Teraphim layers formed by special rites and ceremonies. These manipulations are called "creation teraphim," because — "make" household gods impossible.


By analogy with the manufacture of household gods in other religions (voodoo and some religions of the Near East) within the embalmed head (or in the mouth instead of a remote cord) was most likely placed the golden plate, probably diamond-shaped, with magical ritual signs. It was all enclosed power teraphim, allowing its owner to interact with any metal, which in some way have been drafted certain signs or images of teraphim: a metal located in contact with him as a person will be flowed host teraphim on pain of death forcing his subjects to wear around your neck, "diamonds", the king of Babylon to some extent able to control their owners.

It is easy to see that the hands of a mummy in a ziggurat in Red Square, folded in the form of wise. Despite the fact that the mummy regularly rinsed in baths with different solutions and change clothes, hands Blanca every time "accidentally" put in the same position. However, the "chance" this is explainable in terms of interaction with the subtle energies. According to the doctrine — an open left hand receives energy from the outside, while the right is clenched into a fist — closes in the body and converts it. The photograph, which we quoted above, it is quite evident.


Mausoleum with the cut edge


Mausoleum profile coincides with the scheme of the simplest TV antenna — such early and stood on the roof, and the house were at everyone. Similar antennas are still standing on the radio and telemachtah. The principle of their pyramidal simple: those stair loops amplify the signal, each successive loop adds the radiation power. Naturally, the ziggurat is not transmitting radio waves as the antenna. But physicists showed that radio waves, sound waves and waves in fluids have much in common. They have one base — wave. Therefore, the principles of all wave devices are the same, whether the sound waves or light waves of a certain
unknown radiation, which is today known as the energy-convenience.

Please note: the ceiling "mausoleum" is also a step as the outer pyramid. This circuit in the circuit operating on the enhancement type transformer. Modern instruments shows that the interior angles of delaying the information energy from outer space, and its external emit. That is the tomb ceiling absorbs the energy of the upper most superstructure — emits (there are several dozen short-outside corner edges). What kind of energy is it? See for yourself:


Still there is a "mausoleum" and the other corner. In fact it is not even the corner, and three angles: two internal, retractors energy like a bowl, and the third — external. It divides the cavity in half, going outside is like a thorn. This is more than the original architectural detail, the detail is asymmetric — it is the only one triple angle. And it is aimed at marching to the "mausoleum" crowd.

Such strange triple angles are called today psychotronic devices. The principle is simple: the internal angle (for example, a corner room) draws a hypothetical energy information, the external angle (ie the angle of the table) — emits.

The walls are lined with granite, which incorporates a quartz. Quartz crystals are used in any digital device and are called quartz crystals. Represent a plate with a dusting of silver platforms, which are welded conclusions. Quartz has the properties of the coil and capacitor. Upon application of a voltage, its geometrical dimensions change plate when removing the voltage, it restores the shape, wherein the terminals potential difference. The crystal is used as a particularly stable component to generate a clock signal processors.

How does the mausoleum?

To operate this device requires energy. It is taken from the land or the point of intersection of grid lines Hartman, or from an external source — people. This energy is modulated by a corpse in a mausoleum, making alien to us with the information and radiated from the slots at the top.

In the early 20-ies of the last century, Paul Kremer issued a number of publications in which such a purely abstract terms at the moment thing as "genes" (about the DNA did not know then) brought a whole theory about how the impact of genes on a particular population of hypothetical radiation , wrests from the dead or dying tissue.

By and large it was
theory of how to screw up the gene pool of the whole people
, forcing the people some of the time to stand in front of a specially treated corpse or relaying the "radiation" of the corpse to the whole country. At first glance, the pure theory: some "genes", some "rays", although magicians such a procedure was well known in the days of the Pharaohs and ruled by the laws of the asymptotic magic.

Under these laws the look and feel of the pharaoh in some supernatural way relayed to his subjects: Pharaoh was sick — sick and the people that were doing some kind of freak Pharaoh and mutant — mutations and deformities in children began to appear all over Egypt.
Then people forgot that magic, to be exact — people actively helped her to forget. But time passes and people understand how the system works DNA — understood in terms of molecular biologists.

And then goes on another few decades and there is a science as wave genetics, open phenomena such as DNA solitons — that is super-weak, but extremely resistant acoustic and electromagnetic fields generated by the genetic apparatus of the cell. With the help of these fields cells communicate with each other and with the outside world, including turning off or even rearranging certain regions of chromosomes. It is a scientific fact, no fiction. It remains only to compare the DNA of the existence of solitons and the fact of visiting the ziggurat of the mummy tens of millions of people, the vast majority — Russian.

What to do?

When the pagan emperors of ancient Rome riots tired of Jews, they used a very concrete magical methodology. In 132 AD, after the suppression of the rebellion on the next order of the Emperor Hadrian, together with the temple of Jerusalem was razed to the ground, then the area around the city plowed plow around. After that, the entire designated area of the pagan priests had purify the impure forces from the area.

Finally, in solemn form was laid pagan temples, and the city was renamed Aelia Capitolina,. The Romans knew what to do, so we might as well use their tradition. Mausoleum to raze to the ground, uproot from Red Square all components of the so-called "revolutionary necropolis" and removed from the towers of the Kremlin satanic star. After that leveled the land around the site and to the cleansing ritual for exorcism and removal of deceased donor impurities.


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