Metalworks in pleasure

When it comes to working with the hardware, it can not do without the right equipment. Whether you need a small machine for their own garage or professional devices for mass production — not to be out-of-pocket, it is best to seek professional help.
Russian company "Ducon" for more than 20 years of happy customers the quality of products and level of service to its extensive network of branches across the country. Among the wide range of the company can be found and proven classic models of machine tools, and more recently the development of the machine tool industry. All that is represented by this firm, necessarily being tested for safety and conform to the parameters directly on the job.
Of the entire range of products separately can be recommended for metal lathe designed for machining of various metals and alloys. These machines are indispensable in virtually any form of production, and for any type of seriality. On a lathe can be easily and accurately handle any axial or flange detail. Most of the companies in the directory "Ducon 'machines are designed for complex turning and have the most advanced CNC system, which allows to easily perform operations of any complexity.
Still not be amiss to call attention to the proposed model guillotine. In general, metal shears are designed to cut the metal, as in the transverse and longitudinal directions. Modern scissors mostly have a very rigid structure and provide high precision machined surface. Selected from the list of products the company "Ducon" guillotines will be used as a mass production and processing small quantities of workpieces.
It should also be noted that the company "Ducon" never leave the buyer alone with the difficult choice of equipment. Employees of the company will not only help with the setup and installation of primary acquired the machine, but will always be ready to provide services for setting up, maintenance and troubleshooting during operation. Trusting the experts of the company, you get a reliable product and quality service throughout the life cycle of the equipment.

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