Mexico set in case of the apocalypse: a knife against zombies and alcohol



The appearance in the sale of kits to meet the end of the world may appear to some stupid joke. However, based on the fact that it includes similar kits made in different countries, it is possible to conclude that the representatives of the different nations of life and death. On what are stocking up in anticipation of the apocalypse Mexicans, according to Digital Journal.

Residents of Mexico, appear to relate to the coming end of the world is far less serious than the Russians. Earlier it was reported that in Tomsk began selling kits for survivors of the apocalypse. This set (which was already removed from sale) resembled rather a soldier's rations: it was attended preserves, buckwheat, and a large piece of soap with a rope attached to it. Apparently, the latter proposed to leave at a time when people will realize that after the end of the world, he will be forced to eat what he was fed in the military, journalists joke.

In this regard, the Mexicans look much more cheerful and optimistic than our countrymen. They are post-apocalyptic world is rather fun computer game, not a dull barracks. So, popular in Latin America set called "Just in case" (Just in case), includes, among other things, a "simple knife" who are ordered to defend from zombies, chocolate chip cookies and a bottle of anise liqueur, which is made on the Yucatan Peninsula.

It is believed that this drink consumed more ancient Maya themselves (whose calendar predicts the end of the world to us December 21). Manufacturers set state that it may not be the most necessary thing for survival. However, with her "brave new world", which will appear before you after the apocalypse will look much more inviting place than it might seem sober, joke manufacturers. Also included "just in case" includes notepads memories matches for a fire and liter bottle of water.

"End of the world must meet head-on. We should not be afraid of him. Think of a sudden it was the apocalypse will give you a chance to finally change your life for the better. Just imagine: no more work and utility bills. Who knows, maybe post-apocalyptic world seems you better than before, "- said producers set.

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