Michael Bashura fined 17.5 million

Today in the Soviet District Court Minsk ended the trial of an activist of the campaign "Tell the Truth" Michael Bashura. The court found him guilty and punished by a fine 17500000 rubles.

In a brief final statement Bashura Michael said he did not need to convince anyone, because all the facts of the case are well laid out on the eve of his lawyer Tamara Sidorenko. He reiterated that he did not consider himself guilty, and asked him to justify. Bashura stressed that he was wrong and that as a result of his actions was nobody no harm. Michael also read two of his poems in Belarusian, one of which has already been written in prison.

Recall Michael Bashura was under detained since August 6.

18 October prosecutor Galina Kornev required for Michael Bashura 6 months in jail for repeated fraud statement of earnings. According to the prosecutor, wine activist in court was fully established, but the fact that he pleaded not guilty and says inadvertent errors in computation, Galina Kornev considered "an attempt to avoid responsibility." "It is incredible that the salary of 87 thousand per month 686,000 people have and that it was a mistake and not a deliberate misrepresentation, "- said the prosecutor.

Lawyer Tamara Sidorenko asked the court to acquit Michael Bashura because he believes that his guilt was not proven.

Michael Bashura and Tamara Sidorenko outside the court immediately after the liberation.

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