Michalevic promises to guarantee Lukashenko

Presidential contender Mikhalevich said that he considered it necessary to give guarantees of the current president, is not intended to Belarus' joining the EU, and the return of old characters will leave the government to Parliament.

In an interview with Interfax-West, when asked about the first decree if he is elected president, Mikhalevich said: "The first decree will be on the legal status of the previous president. Necessary to resolve its status, provide appropriate safeguards. Next set of decrees will cover the economy. Without economic growth we will not have a chance to realize all the rest tenets of the program. "

The current government has done much to ensure that Belarus was held as an independent state

"I think a lot of achievements in power, but you need a lot of change to the Belarusian model was stable, — said Mikhalevich. — I'm not afraid naveshvannya labels. If someone in the opposition believes that all politicians are obliged to shout about the" criminal regime "I am a politician who says, that todayshnyaya power has done much to ensure that Belarus was held as an independent state. "

Responding to questions about the economic program Michalevic said that "it is necessary to quickly join the WTO. Am convinced that it is realistic. Second — Belarus be predictable state. Investors — Companies from Russia, Europe, Asia — need to know that is there are no problems with customs, the economic realities are predictable … Lot for the development of today's business is done and power. For example, the introduction of dvanatstsatsiadsotkavaga income tax. I am convinced that in the long term, this measure will lead to a serious increase zbiraemastsi taxes. But this is not enough. Belarus is doing everything in order to ascend in rank Doing business, but very little to actually increase the welfare of the people. "

I do not have a hostile attitude towards today's state symbols

Among others, Ales Mikhalevich was asked — "you return the old state symbols? '." I think the president should not do such things — said Mikhalevich. — Let Parliament decide after discussion with the public. I do not have a hostile attitude towards today's state symbols. Under them won many Belarusian athletes. "

"For me, joining the EU — not a goal — said Mikhalevich on the issue of foreign policy. — To date, the EU has not yet had time to digest Poland, Czech Republic. Romania and Bulgaria when huge problems in the economy of Latvia, Greece, Portugal it is very difficult to talk about the expansion of the EU. Those politicians who actually influence the policy of the EU, are afraid of what you want to expand the declarations. "

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