Milinkevich collecting signatures for Gregory Kastusiou

Activists initiative groups continue to collect signatures for the presidential nomination. Today, one of the street pickets was the leader of the movement "For Freedom" movement Alyaksandr Milinkevich.

In the underground passage between the area Kolas in Minsk and Komorowski market lined up several pickets. The largest (four collectors of signatures) — for the current head of the country. Speak reluctantly and only after verification of documents:

Reporter"How often do your picket here worth it?"


Reporter"How is the petition? Or willingly subscribe? "

Mrs."Yes, people are willing to subscribe, especially the senior citizens."

Girl"For our President Alexander Lukashenko."

Reporter"How many have signed today?"


Mrs."We have this information to the CEC pass."

Reporter"This is the secret?"

Mrs."Why secret? It is no secret, but we give those numbers to those people who … "

Gatherer of signatures for Lukashenko does not want to get into the lens.

Znavets Paul gives thanks for the written signature.

Passers-by are interested in the program Alexei Mihaleicha.

The queue for the signature of Gregory Kastusiou.

Milinkevich about picket Gregory Kastusyou.

Girl"Subscribe willing to reality."

Mrs."Gladly signed by people."

Anna Shaputska with a picket in support of the co-founders of the BCD Vital Rymasheuski, Located next to Lukashenka's, does not share his optimism kankurntav:

"All the time watching this picket sign for where Alexander Lukashenko — the latter almost nobody comes, empty picket. Radkova I think this is a lie that the pickets for Lukashenko collected over a million signatures. This is a big, big lie for which it will have to Radzkou to answer. "

One person collecting signatures as for policy and Alexei Mikhalevich (white-red-white flag) for the candidate of parity BNF Gregory Kastusiou. For the deputy head of the United Civil Party Yaroslav Romanchuk campaigning subscribe former deputy of the Supreme Soviet of the 13th convocation Paul Znavets.

— What success, Paul?

— Normally. More than two and a half thousand signatures — my personal record. In general, more than one hundred thousand we have.

— What is your reaction to the candidate for the people, what is interesting?

— Good response, positive. Only one drawback — unmarried. And so, young people, especially girls up to 30 years, only for Romanchuk.

Passers-by in the meantime approached, interested candidates, talked with the picketers and signed:

Reporter"There are several pickets presidential candidates. You signed up for one or several? "

Mrs."For one thing — Gregory Kastusiou. After all, you want freedom, I want a better life, if not us, our children. "

Youth"Do not subscribe because I have 17 years. But, if voted, only for Yaroslav Romanchuk. After all, I am a future economist, I read his program and I think that it is impossible to come up with the best. "

Mrs."It is necessary to sign up for the People's Front, as the country needs a change."

Support Gregory Kastusiou in collecting signatures for him came the picket party last presidential campaign Milinkevich, who explained his position as follows:

"This is not my first picket. I traveled around the country, in Brest, on Sunday I'll go in the Vitebsk region, then in Grodno. "

Reporter"Or know you people?"

"I think that awareness has increased, although it was so good. People remember wondering why I was not on that list. "


Milinkevich"I'm preparing for free elections and am confident that we can achieve them. And in this election is very important that there are other candidates that there is an alternative for people. I believe that everything happens properly and Belarus remain independent, although it is a very difficult time. "


Elections 2010

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