Military contractors will not go through military service

Military contractors will not go through military service

The Russian Defense Ministry is preparing a draft amendment to the rules of recruitment into the Russian armed forces. According to these rules, to contract service will be able to do those recruits who have not passed military service. In accordance with the latest scheme, the first to fail pass with people who have a rare and sought-after specialty in the armed forces, including graduates of technical universities.

As said, the chief of the Head of the Personnel Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation Viktor Goremykin at the initial stage the new rules will not apply to all recruits. This scheme will be tested in the spices with the rare profession. With all of this, applicants should meet all the requirements for health and fitness.

Goremykin explained that it may be graduates of aircraft, missile and space and engineering faculties, as respective specialized colleges. If any graduate legally should serve on an appeal, and his specialty is required to contract service, it will be considered for the contract.

After determining to contract service serviceman should be pass three-month course in military training. If in the learning process reveals that contractor for the upcoming service is not appropriate (for example, does not possess the necessary abilities or as systematically violate discipline), the agreement on contract service will be terminated with it. The last contractor will dosluzhivat already on the call.

Those who successfully pass combined arms training will focus on training in military occupational specialty. Education period is 3-5 months. And only after that contract was a position he chose in the beginning. It is planned to make in Russia 66 pt, which will host the selection of future contract. However, these items will not be associated with the military.
Goremykin noted that the difference will be in the status and the money, and in the criteria for the service. If the currency allowances inductee is 2 thousand rubles per month, the contractor — from 21 to 35 thousand rubles. In connection with this contract for service will select the best.

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