Military experts — about permutations in the General Staff and the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation

Military experts - about permutations in the General Staff and the Ministry of Defense of the Russian FederationNew Chief of the General Staff on November 9th was Valery Gerasimov, former head of the Central Military District. On the same day the decree of the President newcomer Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu appointed deputies. First deputy — the last commander of the Western Military District, Arkady Bahini. Another new deputy Shoigu — Oleg Ostapenko — until then led the troops of air and space defense.

Military experts Comment out for "Heathcliff" reshuffle the General Staff and the Ministry of Defence. They agree that the reforms initiated by the former Minister Anatoly Serdyukov will be adjusted. A sprawl — in assessing how dramatically it will be manufactured.

Viktor Litovkin, executive editor of "independent military review"

Let's start with the fact that Prof. Valery Gerasimov and cooked very general. He commanded the Metropolitan of Leningrad and military surroundings, he was Deputy Chief of Staff, traveled all the way from cadet to colonel general. It will look decent in this post. As assigned now. Arkady Bakhina — Experience Command surroundings. Oleg Ostapenko generally came from the military space forces. They currently receive high priority, together with the strategic missile forces mission. In short, it experienced generals, and they will support Sergei Shoigu at the time of its formation in the post of Minister of Defence.

Military experts - about permutations in the General Staff and the Ministry of Defense of the Russian FederationI think that this team will continue the reforms begun by Anatoly Serdyukov, but with adjustments, certainly. So very many absurdities and errors were've done. They need to fix. If you remember, Vladimir Putin, in one of the articles in the pre-election program "Russian newspaper" stated that the adjustment reforms will be. What specifically — I do not want to guess. But the more problematic issues — is the reform of military education: there were many blunders made, came to the misunderstanding of the meaning of education. Command and control system can be adjusted. Although you have to admit it — one of the great rewards Serdyukov, the fundamental cause. The idea of creation of the Central Command Fri justified itself, such as unified command centers and work with the information necessary to create and around.

In my opinion, Serdyukov had a very successful reform, but not without sin and error. Speak out because, in general, the correct direction was chosen. We just live this stupid system where merit — it rewards the president and prime minister, and error — deficiencies minister. But it's not serious. Errors must be corrected, and for services collectively responsible and Serdyukov, and ex — now — the head of the General Staff Nikolai Makarov. Premier Medvedev, however, said that he claims to Serdyukov, the Defence Reform is not. But the military professionals they are, there are many absurdities.

Alexander Konovalov, president of the Institute of Strategic Studies

Let's start with the fact that Serdyukov's resignation and departure from the Moscow region governor Sergei Shoigu to the Ministry of Defence — fully Surprise action. They were not expecting anyone, including specific members of this action. It is comparable to the discovery of some kind of hidden komplota and immediate isolation of its vertices. Why reshuffle took place in fact — it is very difficult to judge, and has already voiced judgment on me, more like speculation.

Military experts - about permutations in the General Staff and the Ministry of Defense of the Russian FederationPurpose Gerasimov given its sparkling education and career seems natural to me. In general, two of the 3 of these top managers — few of our generals with real combat experience. This applies to the Chechen war, and other conflicts.

Continue the reform in the form in which it was under Serdyukov, they will not. To give just one event: a couple of days back Putin has returned Shoigu in a general's rank, highlighting the fact that it belongs to the company of the military. A prof military would never have done and will do many of the steps, which ventured Serdyukov — a lot of corporate interest was infringed. What will happen instead of this, it is hard to say. Normally, when you change the concept of global reform, on a while chaos erupts. Shoigu also a good manager, but with a more hands tied.

Overall, still too early to read how his vision of reform is identical or not identical with the eye of the departed defense minister.

The main award Serdyukov that he performed what no one before him could not. He was able to hold a full-time organizational restructuring. He performed the transition to a three-to four-link command and control system, the reform of military education. With the implementation of each of these reforms allowed enough a lot of mistakes. But in general, I appreciate his work with the plus sign.

Pavel Felgenhauer, an independent military analyst and analyst

Military experts - about permutations in the General Staff and the Ministry of Defense of the Russian FederationOf course, that with the reshuffle reforms Anatoly Serdyukov has come to an end. Military reform will be rolled back and turned. After a sharp leap forward will certainly be a step backwards — we in fact a period of stability and stabilization of the whole. Gerasimov — very right military, tanker. With all this it is purely Russian military, with the Russian military biography. The main task of departments, of course, will be re. In other words, what the army was engaged in Reddish since the second world war.

Of course, that policy change. Instruct the General Staff in fact also forms the defense order — another sign of the return of the army in the USSR. After all, when Russian Union was so.

I wish to emphasize that the purpose of Gerasimova — only the first step. Massive reshuffle will occur first in the headquarters of the General Staff, and later in the field. After all, every new appointee of this magnitude leads his own people, friends. Will change everything, right up to the secretaries. The flow changes will be such that for all the generals will not follow.

Swing reforms Anatoly Serdyukov was very exciting and harsh. But it [reform], of course, came to a standstill, was criticized, and find a way out —
a return to the past. What else could it bring, so back fighting ability will be an urgent need to increment period of military conscription back till 2 years. Without this army of people not prepared enough. Contract to dial 2017 will be difficult, almost impossible. Army will have to compete in this market work with the Interior Ministry and the FSB. And if competitiveness is won will not have to return, and two years of mandatory service.

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