Military movies 2011

War Movies of 2011

In recent years, Russian cinematography once again turned to the military theme. Began to appear an unlimited number of military dramas, soap operas military, historical movies. 2011 year was also quite fruitful for the creation of Russian cinematograph films war theme. A distinctive feature of the war movies will be what their actions are reconstructed actually occurring events of the war, ammunition, tools, methods and organization of the fight. In most cases, the center of the composition is that of the movie image of head battle, combining wide panoramic pictures with big plans for the main characters of the movie. The battle movies are among their most overhead in any motion picture, because involved or made military equipment, the destruction of scenery, huge costumed extras, complex computer effects. What are the trends of the genre movies deserve to be seen Russian audience?

One such film is movie "Smersh". It tells about one of the numerous military counterintelligence operations under the title "Smersh", which ran from 1944 to 1947. Movie close to the reality recreates the deadly confrontation between the Russian counter-intelligence and Western intelligence agencies, which lasted after the defeat of Nazi troops. In the center of attention — a feat Russian spy, who was for a long time under the heading of privacy. To him every day and every hour had to risk their lives to work in the criteria when the betrayal of best friends and the failure of the military operations were non-personal events continue to extract sensitive information to their own country, even after being accused of treason.

Another film which worth a look, is military series "Operation "Gorgon." In this television series describes the preparation of a large-scale Belorussian strategic offensive operation in 1943 under the title "Bagration" and the difficulties that have been associated with the implementation of this military operation. A week before the start of the operation the military command, it is clear that the Germans mined all the approaches to the town, including roads, forests, bridges. Around the town there were whole minefields. Absolutely was mined, and the city itself. Russian military realize that in the end this could kill peaceful inhabitants. The command takes the decision to call an experienced spy Fyodor Kravchenko, a former circus performer, was once speaking with power numbers. Kravchenko gets the job, according to which it should be scouting for 3 days to master card mining entitled "Gorgon." The failure of this mission means the death of peaceful inhabitants, and the loss of large Russian fighter.

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