Military-patriotic education

Military-patriotic educationWe have become accustomed to prazdnichkom accompany our lives. And if earlier we were convinced that our country prazdnichkom lot, but now they became just very much. Ordinary (traditional) prazdnichkom every Russian knows and is willing to find Congratulations on March 8 or a happy Easter in the Internet or in the pages of magazines everyday prints. But in the near future in Russia is not always exactly relate to military prazdnichkom.

Since only one March prazdnichkom related professions force sufficient amount. For example, on March 12, all employees of the Service will celebrate its own punishment Prof. prazdnichek. A week later — on March 19 will come prazdnichek out of submariners, and at the end of the month — March 27 Our homeland will celebrate the day of Interior Ministry troops. Any of these prazdnichkom worthy of special attention, since each person has connected a certain period of his life to the service in that or in any other force unit — a real pride of our country.

Unfortunately, it is necessary to see that the promotion of the military prazdnichkom in our country is, shall we say, lame. Children are inculcated from early years of enthusiasm for Western Halloween or Valentine's day or, as here, for example, information on the same day or the MIA and the role played by the internal forces of our country now and always played with difficulty can be found in materials for the young generation. It is necessary to see that even the lessons of military life safety prazdnichkom paid little attention. What kind of patriotic upbringing of the younger generation can be read as of 10 pupils, at best, 5-6 call a day when our country Lofty celebrating the victory over Nazi Germany.

Our children will find out about the heroic steps of development of the Russian Federation with the games that are being developed by Western programmers. In these "shooters" melts Russian soldiers often fought side by side with the soldiers of the Wehrmacht, as opposed to his "heroic" soldiers of the armies of the United States and England. Modern boys from time to time just did not know that now their own fathers celebrate Professor Military prazdnichek. It is necessary to sulk on the younger generation, that we are led to this perception of reality.

It is time to carry out a radical reform of the military-patriotic education, promote the prestige of military service from a young age to learn to read the family, fatherland and the people who stood and stands on the protection of borders Russia. Let these words and contains sufficient percentage of pathos, but now continue to look at how youthful generation loses its moral compass, is simply impossible.

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