Military PR

Military PR

Every year the Russian Defense Ministry is beginning to play a very amusing game with recruits, which is called the call. And manning the army contractors not only help out the situation. The question arises: why in the member states of NATO does not appear similar problems with the completion of the armies? Maybe the secret is to test and promote the positive development of the armed forces?

If the Russian military command is not military style popularized in teen fashion is not allowed to wear the insignia of various military units, then, for example, in America, the situation is quite different. There can be worn all — chevrons, shape, stripes — and the Americans do it with pleasure. Acts of the Russian lawmakers look very surprising, especially when you consider dressing up Russian soldier in military uniforms from Yudashkin for verbovaniya of the same young people. This action cost the Ministry of 100,000,000 rubles, but it's not too far away all the funds that have to be isolated from the municipal budget, as the betrothed amount — this is only the fee for the famous fashion designer sketches. And it could go the way of the Yankees: allow the wearing military-style of young people. As the saying goes, affordable and angry propaganda.

Another difference that exists between the Russian and American propaganda, is that in America operates under the name programm Cell Phone Recycling, the essence of which is that the South American people to put their offer of old mobile phones, even if they are not the charger or BATTERY in special envelopes, and then throw them in the mail without forwarding. All of these envelopes to be sent to the upcoming special center. And the assets acquired from the processing of these phones are being spent on the purchase of phone cards for U.S. soldier serving in hot spots of the world. For example, in 2004, so Makarov were collected over 1 million dollars for the American soldier, stationed in Afghanistan and Iraq.

So why Russian, exactly like many post-Soviet armed forces, not to organize similar programs from? After all, is not necessarily collect the phones, you can come up with something else. But this programm is allowed to have a civilian population to participate in the life of the armed forces, the prestige of which is not far away at the highest level.

Other work carried out with the families of military personnel. In the U.S. there are many organizations that are made up of members of the families of military personnel. The main objective of these organizations is to make life more comfortable fighter. In addition, in the army there are a number of programs aimed at informing families about where to go with close friends.

In Russia, there is also an organization that is composed of relatives of military personnel — the Committee of Soldiers' Mothers. It was assumed that he would work together with the army, but it turned out that things have turned out confrontation. Of course, fully understood that the ancestors are going through, where is their son, and that with him. But then in order to calm them down a little, you need something quite insignificantly distribute leaflets describing the brightest part, from time to time to send messages about the success of a fighter, record and send parents to drive with an oath, after all, just give the phone number of a particular commander. The main thing is that the ancestors are convinced that their child is in the area of access.

In the American press often enough to talk in detail about how to remove from office the American officers and for what reasons. Often, the reason lies in the fact that he is a bad favorite and does not meet the standard morale of the U.S. armed forces. Naturally, fire, and for more severe offenses, but in any case points to the discrepancy between standards. So Makar, South American army shows that it has formed an accurate model of the real war, held tight control over its implementation. In the CIS, usually indicative and noisy fired embezzlers, while alcoholics or sadists release from service by quietly. So Makar, create memories that can be fired from the army only in this case, if stolen and longed to share, and more — heresy.

It's no secret that in the United States, many young people go into the army, so as a real chance to get an education. The country has a program for you according to which every citizen of South American, which served in the Army, receives certain benefits to enroll in higher education. With all of this, even the Pentagon intends to pay reservists for their education.

NATO countries also carried out many activities that are focused on raising the prestige of military service. It is not only propaganda impact on the population, and benefits for military personnel that make it special problems to return to civilian life after military service.

The existing discrepancy in the Russian army housing in European countries is not difficult to solve. For example, in Germany, the military issued a preferential mortgage that just cover the salary of which is produced even ordinary soldiers. There is also the option of the rental home fighter. Russian officers about a similar except that only can dream, and about the soldiers and read nothing. In addition to providing various real benefits and the real support of intense action and advocacy. So, namely, the armed forces of England have their own pages in Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. In addition, designed to raise the prestige of the army and the magazine The British Army.

Looking through the web and magazines of the armed forces of the participating countries of the North Atlantic alliance, you can behold the huge number of recognizable people, who do not hide the fact that he had voluntarily passed military service. If you apply for a similar examples to the Russian stars, then there may arise some difficulties, because remember who from the middle of favorite young artists passed military service is not likely. Moreover, the majority of Russian actors who screens so believable portrayed the military, in real life, do not even think to serve because we are convinced that the army they do nothing.

In the British Armed Forces, other than the propaganda of the service, and vigorously promotes its technological achievements. To this end, a joint with a Formula 1 campaign. And even if many fans of the sport are not thinking about the race car, then on the service in the army for sure.

Many countries in the world have their own schools and cadet corps. For example, in France. In Russia, there is also a large military school, which consists of specialized classes and specifically Suvorov schools. But the problem lies in the fact that a large part of the population of their existence did not even think out, so as the life of these institutions has been very quietly and inconspicuously.

It is another dimension — the South American paramilitary classes and schools. There is constantly held open competition between students. More spectacular of all is the competition to appeal to the instrument. As for the Russian Federation, the martial art similar show only soldiers of the Presidential Regiment, and then only for the festivities in the Alexander Garden. With all of this to get to a similar event for the ordinary person is simply unrealistic.

In the Russian capital, there is one military school, which is called the Kremlin. Is the title of this educational institution was due to the fact that the release of the cadets was held on Red Square.

In the U.S., there is a popular Military Academy at West Point, trained in what is very, very
prestigious, festive ceremony reception Cadets are always thoroughly covered in the media disk imaging.

In England, to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the Cadet Corps arrived to congratulate the Prince Charles, passing with all this and congratulations from the Queen. So Makar, the management of the country vigorously promote the prestige of military service in the middle of the young generation.

In Russia, neither of press coverage, no attention and respect of characters from the government, these schools do not receive. And one of the few who vigorously promoted the prestige of military service among young people, is Vladimir Putin. But his good intentions were thwarted the reforms. If a couple of years back the Russian military could behold in civilian activities, such as rock festivals, the current time anywhere, apart from the Victory Parade in the day, they are not "lit up". Western military at this time are heavily involved in civilian activities. In addition, the worldwide spread glossy military magazine under the title Soldiers. In Russia, there are also several similar publications, but they are known to a very small audience.

To increase the military service in the middle of a civilian population, and to demonstrate the combat readiness of the army and the formation of a positive case for the military campaign led by the South American military government, and the U.S. extensively used computer games. The enthusiasm for the games military government began to show as early as the 1970s, when for the first time has been played a scenario of conflict between the Warsaw Pact countries and NATO member. In addition, at the present time there is a huge amount of games, "Delta Force", "The combined forces," "American army, "" Ghosts, "" Second Life. " Well, in general it should be noted that the U.S. military — it's more a legend, in other words it is not that they are so famous. It is understood that the entire military history of very diluted parables and legends. Catchy, despite the fact that the whole world knows this perfectly well, the Yankees as before can assure everyone that they have only the new and modern super-weapon, and serve in the army only super-soldier. As the South American "defense" produces another novelty about it once it becomes clear the general public thanks to Hollywood. If you read about the Russian war films, namely modern, they cause more laughter than a desire to serve in the army. Suffice it to recall the television series "Soldiers" or "DMB".

According to the views of Major-General Yuri Usynina of supplies, and Russian propaganda zabugornye military service is very very different. And it's not only the money in different capacities. The point is, what is the shape in this propaganda. For example, if the main motive in Russia — is the protection of the country, in the western states — huge real good. But at the same time, if a Russian propaganda more generally, in the west — all spelled correctly, from the real benefits and ending with security measures that must be followed.

According to the views of the military, you need to lure the civilian population as well as army — A great education, and can not exist in isolation. As for the style of the Russian army, almost all depends on the person and on the education he received. And if in homage to the times of Russian military was very great, then at this point, to the chagrin of bolshennomu even read about it is not necessary. Must keep in mind that style consists of small parts, and therefore the military themselves have to think about their own positive way.

But it is not all that bad. Despite the huge number of misses in the promotion of Russian military service, there are some prospects. Namely, it is about the military-patriotic upbringing of the young generation. First, it is carried out in schools on the lessons of life safety, within a few main areas: education on the military traditions of the Army (Watch memory patronage over the graves, tours, meetings with veterans, exhibitions, contests, military and patriotic themes), conducting military sports games ( "Eaglet", "Summer Lightning", relay races, month-long mass sports and recreational activities), as the embodiment of communication between the school and the military staff. In addition, at such lessons guys get new knowledge, form abilities and skills applied military nature.

Officers conduct interviews with students on career guidance, in big cities sometimes Games held between students of military-applied sports. As for the cadet school, apart from the above-mentioned activities, there are also conducted field practical exercises. In addition, military units are held every year Those Days open house.

In addition to schools, military-patriotic education of young people engaged in numerous public and organizations: DOSAAF, growth, clubs and groups, "Russia", "Vympel", "Militia", "Dobrynia," "The Guard," "The Flame", "Young Marine".

They are engaged in carrying out various competitions, the main aim of which is to promote a healthy lifestyle, moral and ethical values and a positive view of the army. In addition, these contests are focused on the formation of the properties that are needed in the military and in various critical situations, updating of knowledge about the history of the Russian army, the acquisition of knowledge and skills in basic life safety, general physical training and basic military service. Usually, in such events are participating children 14-17 years of age.

To develop in the children of family values and patriotic emotions as contests military dynasties. Catchy example — the republican contest of military dynasties, which held in the Chuvash Republic. According to the rules of the event, it can participate those families in which more than 3 people were on military service in the Russian or Russian army. The main objectives of the competition — the military-patriotic propaganda and cultural-moral potential dynasties, support the continuity of generations, the preservation of military traditions. The best materials and information about the favorites placed in the print media as the republic itself, and in the Russian newspapers and magazines — the publication of an international association of "Veterans of the Motherland", also in the journal "patriot."

To promote the service in the Navy conducted training camps recruiting young people, namely, on board the ship, "Okay." In collections are participating young people to be the call, as participants of military-patriotic clubs. Participants must be appropriate to the service of the Navy and to show progress in special education.

For the same purpose has been created and the "Admirals Club" in Moscow, the main aim of which is to form a patriotic consciousness of young people, a sense of civilian and military duty, combining scientific, intellectual and practical potential of the club members for the development of the Navy. In addition, club members help of social protection and support for veterans of the fleet.

In addition, the military government uniform came to the realization that in the promotion of military service and the army of the positive kind of great importance TV. For example, not so long ago, there was an army reality show titled "special task". Despite the fact that the project went very controversial, and it has a lot of positives. For the show was custom built "military unit", and the tests were conducted at a military training ground. With all of this the participants were living in a real military criteria. Naturally, there were some flaws and inconsistencies true charter, and it would be unnecessary to seek advice and assistance to military professionals, but on th
e other hand, a true demonstration of military equipment, which is in service with the Russian army, interested young people.

In addition, begin to appear and marketing videos, which show only the very best that there is in the military, and talk about the benefits that will receive those who come to serve: a measured earnings, decent food and a roof over his head …

A good example of what should be the military-patriotic education, and how exactly it should be done, can serve as Kazakhstan. The government has a huge intrigued by this, which confirms the document, namely, the state of patriotic education applets civilian population. In addition to conducting basic safety lessons in school education, certain events take place in universities. So, that is, every year during the month before the days of Victory held a month of military-patriotic and military-media works, which are carried out in the frames of the lessons of courage, countless interviews, contests, posters, abstracts and papers, meeting with cadets and veterans. Military-patriotic education carried out on several fronts: to promote internal and external policies of the country (propaganda achievements of the country, the development of culture, science, economics, and traditions of the people, foster a sense of pride.)

In addition, the country conducted and military field training for members of the military-patriotic clubs, during which children have the opportunity to thoroughly acquainted with the life of a fighter, a soldier's experience of food, to take part in the concerts. Charges continue for a week. Babes live on an army routine, from early ups, drill, firing and tactical training, different classes and study of the statute. After these events the kids just dismantle and assemble a tool for fine pass all standards, excellent shot. Noteworthy that most of the guys set up for military service in the army on a contract basis.

So Makarov, it's safe to talk about the fact that the problem of increasing the prestige of military service and the formation of a positive kind of army — is a severe case. And to solve the problems that exist in this area, without verbovaniya the public, will not work.

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