Military-technical cooperation between Russia and Belarus is gaining momentum

Military-technical cooperation between Russia and Belarus is gaining momentum

In the near future, all starts to get a huge relevance cooperation in the military-technical sphere between Russia and Belarus. Development cooperation was likely due to the fact that both countries have similar prepyadstviya in the development of weapons and military equipment.

Among the main factors that contributes to the intensification of military-technical cooperation allies, first, you need to include the fact that these countries are not only a common customs space and defense. There is also, by virtue of certain historical events, have developed similar approaches to the process of the formation of the military industry. Besides, we should not forget that armament and technology in the state of the armed forces of each of these countries actually monotonous. In addition, most of the military equipment, the creation of which is carried out on the territory of the Russian Federation, is equipped with components manufactured in Belarus. For example, the Belarusian parts manned tanks T-90, T-72S and T-80U airborne combat vehicles and infantry, artillery systems, recovery vehicles, anti-tank missiles and anti-aircraft missile and gun systems, means of close combat and shooting guns.

Specific calling card of the Russian-Belarusian relations can be considered an interstate financial-industrial group "Defense Systems", which consisted of 5 12 Russian and Belarusian companies, and which is implementing a project for the modernization of the deepest air defense air defense system "Pechora-2M".

Apart from this, 280 Russian companies supplying the Belorussian "MWTP" components and materials for the production of machinery, much of which is exported (about half of it has to specifically Russia). At the base of the Belarusian currently being installed military assets PTRC "Iskander", machines provide IBS "Topol-M" rocket MLRS "Hurricane-1M" complex "Bastion" launcher-shore "Bal-E", as the S- 400.

On the development of military-technical cooperation between Russia and Belarus has a huge impact the situation that has developed in the current time in international politics. First, it is about the deployment of U.S. missile defense systems in European countries without taking into account the interests of Russia. In addition, it is worth noting that an important role was played by the intensification of military activities of NATO in particular close to the Russian and Belarusian borders. This, as it is stated Russian Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov in April 2012 during a joint meeting of defense ministers 2-countries. He also noted that our homeland and wants to continue to provide the Belarusian army weapons and equipment, and training of military personnel engaged in Belarus, while not demanding anything in return.

At the same time, the Minister of Defense of Belarus Yuri Zhadobin noted that the criteria for the active implementation of the plans of NATO countries in relation to the modernization of troops and military infrastructure (and that military airports, seaports), Russian and Belarusian sides must withdraw cooperation at a high level — the level of strategic partnership in order to protect themselves against potential threats.

Noteworthy that even one of the first decrees of Putin's presidency is associated specifically with the development of the Russian-Belarusian relations from the standpoint of military-technical cooperation. Russian top political control perfectly understands that national security of the country to a large extent depends on how high quality will be the armed forces of the allied countries, to which, of course, true of Belarus. Because the Russians and the deal is so intense rearmament of the Belarusian armed forces, delivering new standards there and upgraded versions of weapons, and military and special equipment. And some of them even come at discounted prices.

In 2011 the Belarusian army bought 217 new weapons and military equipment, and 13 samples were upgraded and 37 — exposed serious repair.

In the middle of the weapons that were purchased, it is worth noting unmanned aviation complex tactical short-range acts station electronic warfare and modern navigation tools, equipment for special forces, as simulators and trainers. In December 2011, the 120th air defense missile brigade received on armament modern anti-aircraft missiles Russian production of "Tor-M2E".

Despite the active assistance of, Belorussian military-industrial complex also works hard, and striking example of this was the enacting of navigation and information systems "Azimuth", also equipment for remote control and monitoring of explosive detonation. In the middle of the types of equipment that have been upgraded, you need to call automation, control radar station.

Check how effective are the new standards and technology tools, had the opportunity in the course of the exercise "Union Shield — 2011", which for the first time was used low-altitude radar "Rosa-RB". Its feature is that it can automatically find the floating objects, the lower altitude limit of which is 1 meter. In this case, if the station is done by armament Belarusian army, it is permissible to do in the state border of a solid band radar field.

But bolshennom number of positive moments, though there are certain reasons that do not contribute to the strengthening of bilateral relations. First, in this respect, it is worth noting that our homeland is unwilling to supply the Belarusian side of IWT in non-export version. It is, namely, for S-300, Su-30 and MiG-35, also PTRC "Iskander".

As for the supply of tactical missile "Iskander", the government of Belarus has long been more than once stated that it is prepared to buy them even in the export version, as when placing them on the western borders would allow striking antiaircraft and antimissile defense of the North Atlantic alliance that will cover (as is implied) placed in Redzikovo rocket launchers SM-3. This will enable more efficient use of the same "Iskander" from the Kaliningrad region. Moreover, the mere fact that there is such a harsh armed gun, can be a good deterrent.

As previously mentioned, our homeland only recently passed into service of the Belarusian armed forces of anti-aircraft missile system S-300 PM. But at the same time, no great desire to put Bole modern technology, such as the C-400, not taketh.

Our homeland is not willing to give Belarus and Su-30K, who had returned from India after 10 years of operation. Replaced in order to provide their Belarusian allies, the management of "Rosoboronexport" has decided to implement them in Vietnam. But on their return, they say specialists, our homeland would be able to get the use of the Belarusian military airfields.

In addition, the Belarusian side has shown considerable interest in such specimens of weapons and military equipment of Russian manufacture, as anti-aircraft missiles "Thor," trainer aircraft Yak-130, Mi-28 and Mi-17. Not the least is the enthusiasm and Belarus in the repairs of the Su-25, MiG-29 and IL-76 Russian enterprises.

But these interests may be frustrated in this case will not be improved legal framework that regulates the two-way cooperation in the military-technical s
phere. Such a point of view is held and Deputy Chief of the General Staff of the Belarusian army O.Krivonos. In his view, one of the more pressing issues of concern that need to be addressed first — it obmyslit mechanism for the implementation of the provisions on the transfer or exchange of military products developed together as part of bilateral cooperation. Not least is the problem of mental objects and accounting supplies made together.

So Makarov, it is easy to conclude that the success of the Russian-Belarusian cooperation in the military-technical sphere will largely depend on how these countries will be equal in the relationship.

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