Military-technical cooperation with India, the crisis does not threaten

Military-technical cooperation with India, the crisis does not threatenLast week, there have been as great and bad actions. Let's start with the ugly:
Indian Ministry of Defence has decided to take on the armament South American helicopters AH-64D Apache Longbow instead of Russian Mi-28N. Now about the bad: the third launches missile RSM-30 "Bulava" was a success. Let these actions at first glance are not connected, but they have a common identity.

At the moment, try to figure out why E-28N lost the competition. The organizers of the tender put forward about 20 comments, which do not have allowed her to become the winner of the competition to supply the Indian Army. But one of the main reasons is that the "Hunter" just started to enter the armament Russian Air Force. And the first part of the deliveries will be completed only in 2015. As can be seen, the Indian military should be able to expect the end of the term. Another important reason for losing E-28N — armed India 70-80% of vehicles produced in the Soviet Union or Russia.

Therefore, the Ministry of Defence of India has decided to approach the issue of procurement of military equipment, more diversified. In order not to become hostage to the interests of the 1 st of the country.

This does not mean that divide shall be removed from the cooperation with Russia. After all, behind more fifty years of cooperation, which had more success than failure.

And most importantly — Moscow is not conditional on the supply of arms, from concessions to India on various political issues. What is often practiced Washington.

At the moment, try to clarify the relationship E-28N and "Bulava". As no surprise, it's the troubles that followed the "Bulava", is now pursuing "Night Hunter". Although they are quite different in the root … "Bulava" and MIT as not to criticize, but the developers are not paying attention, did the trick. And the truth is, more half of the launches were successful on the test. Adversity E-28N in the tender have to force developers to pay attention to his shortcomings and correct them. Tenders with the role of the Mi-28N will be many more, we hope for his victory.

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