Military technology: results of 2012

The introduction of scientific and technical progress in the criteria of modern warfare — it's not just a question of the creation of an improved form or guns. Modern military developments hold the potential to fundamentally change the type of war. We offer you a more meaningful military technologies that have been developed in the past year.

Military technology: results of 2012

Universal gun module

In October of this year on an American landfills tests were performed universal weapon module entitled BattleGuard. Creator of the design is the company Raytheon. It is a universal turret, which is remotely controlled and armed with thermal and electrical optical system. The main feature of the installation is that it can immediately install two units of guns, quite different among themselves, for example, the anti-missile system or automatic grenade launcher and machine gun 5.56 mm. This allows you to select the right tool for each specific mission. Software module enables bridging two reference instruments for two purposes at once, while they may be at an angle of 180 degrees with respect to each other. In addition, the turret provides 360-degree view in all weather criteria and at any time of the day thanks to the third-generation thermal imager FLIR. Moreover, there are provided, and some additional capabilities, namely capturing and maintaining multiple purposes, laser target designation in the infrared and visible spectra.

BattleGuard system improves the efficiency of hitting a target at great distances when the first shots. With all of this this system can be installed on virtually all types of military vehicles, from tanks to the languid light tactical wheeled vehicles.

Military technology: results of 2012

Exoskeleton PowerWalk

In the near future for military use are increasingly offered projects exoskeletons. Thanks to them, can be increased stamina and strength of a fighter at the expense of the energy stored in the accumulator. In addition, the introduction of an electronic exoskeleton allows energy. So Makar, the men who are in their own night-vision gear, lighting equipment, portable communication devices and computers, will be able to do without the extra heavy batteries that are designed to produce energy.

PowerWalk exoskeleton weighs about 800 grams, and is capable of walking to produce 12 Wat energy, and this amount is quite enough to charge the four mobile phone. With all this mental system that will equip exoskeleton controls load, which increases or decreases the amount of energy produced depending on the criteria.

Developments exoskeleton Canadian company engaged Bionic Power, which for many years made just three of the contract. It is understood that in the future, the seasoned standards exoskeletons will be transferred to the military, and after field testing, they will go into the industrial establishment.

Military technology: results of 2012

Cloak of invisibility

The company's scientists Hyperstealth Biotechnology, a Canadian company specializing in the development Innovative technology for military deployment, developed Quantum Stealth — material in a position to make an object invisible due to the bending of light waves around it. According to the manager of the company, to comply with the security detail design is not open to the public. One thing is clear — this is what the material is quite easy and cheap, and for his effective work that requires no additional batteries, mirrors, cameras. This material is effective against infrared and thermal technology used in the military field.

Military technology: results of 2012

Nanotech "second skin"

Fighters who are participating in the hostilities must include the equipment different remedies. But when it comes to the use of chemical or biological weapons, all these body armor, helmets and shields are completely useless, since the poisons possess great penetrating power and can strike even after significant period of time. Thanks to the development of nanotechnology scientists Livermore National Laboratory and the Massachusetts Institute were made unique protective materials that have received the title of "second skin". Scientists themselves have used the term "hybrid multifunctional material." It is made from the special type of particulate and carbon nanotubes. This allows you to block harmful substances, but for all that leak air. Carbon tubes forms the pore diameter of which is a few nanometers, which makes it possible to prevent the propagation of the languid chemical compounds and viruses.

In the case of sufficient funding for the project, the creation of industrial nanozaschity will likely already recently, and in the army, they may appear within a maximum of 10 years.

Military technology: results of 2012

The system of "supervision on» PIXNET

In modern fighters use different criteria for sighting devices and tools that enable excellent tool to direct on target and as well create criteria under all weather and at night time. But very often it is used for a huge number of devices. South American DARPA decided to combine all these capabilities in one small device within applets PIXNET. This development — a composition of light sensors infrared and visible ranges, set in one compact device made for mounting on a helmet or a sighting of the frame. With all this acquired image can be transferred to other soldiers with a wireless network.

As the software for the technology platform used Android.

Military technology: results of 2012

Homing bullets

Certainly, many readers will remember how two American engineer did a standard "smart" laser-guided bullets that can very accurately hit a target at a distance of 2 km. This post has lured a lot of attention, and at the present time is finished the last test. Slug length is 10 cm optical sensing element after the detection of the laser beam on the target sends a signal which passes through the microprocessor control system. Due to this signal, the flaps bullet change the angle, so makarom corrected line of flight movements, and achieved greater efficiency hit.

Military technology: results of 2012

The navigation system NAVSOP

NAVSOP — this nomination system GPS, which was created to determine the location of objects. A distinctive feature of the new system is its durability and safety. To use it, there is no need to deploy additional infrastructure and use radio transmitters. Software — self-learning, which makes it possible to quickly update the database and the use of new sources of radiation, which can serve as signals even oppression of GPS signals and jamming systems.

This system can be used in cases where GPS can not operate: in buildings and forest even underground. In addition, through the use of radio signals emanating from the low-flying satellites, NAVSOP can be used even in the more remote parts of the world.

Military technology: results of 2012

Electric rail-gun

First, in 2012 it was reported that the U.S. has begun testing standard electric rail guns, designed and built by BAE Systems. But it soon became clear that the company is far not the only one that deals with similar developments. And in October of the same year took the test once the 1st layout similar instruments made by General Atomics.

Electric rail guns do not use explosives or flammable substances to disperse the projectile. When current is applied to the rails of high power, there are magnetic fields that push the projectile, wedged between the rails, accelerates to a high speed (about 7.5-9 thousand kilometers per hour). It is understood that such an instrument will be installed on a warship as it is the best suited to hit targets located at great distances.

Military technology: results of 2012

"Smart" radar

Counteract the radar signals very difficult. For this purpose, usually used and false target signal noise suppression. But scientists from the New York Institute of Rochester showed the latest model of a radar system that is virtually impossible to fool. At its base laid quantum photon beam characteristics, namely, an event that at least the impact on the photon quantum leads to a loss parameter. Thought the use of radar is that for detection of the target and its image receiving photons are used that have a particular polarization. The flow of polarized light illuminates the target, and the reflected photons from it provide an opportunity to get a picture. In the case of determining the polarization of the photons can be seen not only the fact of a possible intervention, and get rid of it, using photons with the wrong polarization.

But in the process of conducting practical research, it was determined that a similar system is harmless in theory, so in practice it is completely realistic to crack.

Military technology: results of 2012


One of the novelties of the year was the creation of a walking robot chetyrehnogovo LS3, which is known under the title AlphaDog. He has been upgraded, with the result that got new features and capabilities. In the autumn he took part in the program of field trials.

Boat was created as a typical cargo vehicle that can completely without the help of others to move over rough terrain, with all this carrying on for a cargo of about 180 kg. Bot can cover a distance of 30 km during the day. Role person in this process is required. The introduction of this bot will enable soldiers not to be distracted by the process of management and focus all attention on the performance of the main tasks as the movement AlphaDog by using voice commands that do not consist only of one-syllable phrases, and more complex sentences.

Apart from the definition of voice commands, the bot can detect and assess the bushes (in fact it may be movement on bushes, whose height does not exceed 150 cm). Besides that LS3 can follow a person, it can also move without help to advance the route through the system GPS. Bot can move in zero visibility criteria, using only the movement of data navigation control points. Noise, which publishes AlphaDog, does not exceed the noise vacuum cleaner or a car.

As for the next couple of years bot LS3 will participate in field trials, the results of which it adds new features will also be subject to verification of the available capacity in the different criteria.

Military technology: results of 2012

Mental rifle TrackingPoint

Similarly, shoot guns very hard, especially when talking about the shooting at long distances and complex criteria. With such shooting must take into account the huge number of reasons: wind speed and direction, its own physical characteristics (hand tremors, palpitations, breathing). Rifle from the company TrackingPoint — a composition of modern guns, automatic release mechanism, computer and sverhtehnologichny sighting device. With the sighting device allows you to find the target. Then the arrow needs to build an instrument on the target. When the line of sight coincides with the calculated trajectory of a computer, will automatically trigger.

At this point, the development is carried out 3 models of the rifle, which will be launched as early as in the creation of a brand new year.

Military technology: results of 2012

Gallaktichesky laser

Despite the fact that the militarization of space prohibited huge number of international documents, many researchers are engaged in any case development tools that can be used in gallakticheskom space. Such actions are usually motivated by the fact that one day the time will come when the timing acts of these documents will expire, and the introduction of laser gallakticheskih installations will be considered as a necessary step in the event that any government that is seen as a potential enemy, will begin to deploy such systems.

According guesses scientists gallaktichesky laser will have the ability to send a destructive beam of high power on enemy targets located at a distance of bolshennom. In addition, these lasers can be used to protect the South American satellites in orbit. Development of laser-based gallakticheskogo engaged in the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, along with Sandia National Laboratory, Lockheed Martin and Northrop Grumman.

Military technology: results of 2012

Flying bomb BattleHawk

By Textron Defense Systems was held development and started to create a compact drone that is controlled remotely, and is a flying bomb, ready at any moment to fall and hit the target. It is armed with explosive projectiles caliber 40 mm, also mounted on the nose of the device camera, allowing to accurately bring the drone on a given target.

The bomb is in a folded state to launch a special tube, having a lot in common with her a little more than 2 kg. Such a low weight achieved through the use of plastic for the production of construction parts. Apart from plastic in the bomb is also used for the reinforcement of carbon fiber, which makes it invisible to radar. The velocity of BattleHawk is 100 km per hour, the battery lasts for half an hour flight. The bomb is designed to defeat light armored military vehicles and small ground fortifications.

Military technology: results of 2012

Grid-worm Meshworm

This year has been created and one of the most malehankih bots — this is referred to as net-worm, the dimensions of which do not exceed the size of your finger. She moves like an ordinary land worm. Used for the movement of the artificial muscles that are simulated movements earthworm. The advantages of this design is its quiet operation, so you can use it in places almost impassable. It is also planned that the upgraded versions of this bot will be able to record video and audio. It is made of synthetic fibers, because it is virtually impossible to damage. In addition to the U.S. DARPA are participating in the development of the Harvard Institute at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Seoul National Institute.

Military technology: results of 2012

Lightweight bulletproof armor

It has long been the necessity for the creation of composite nanomaterials that having a small thickness may be able to stop bullets and shell fragments with a higher efficiency than the currently available languid bulletproof protection. But if the earlier funds for such development is not enough, then the current time it has become probable. As a result, a new composite material, which consists of a thin elastic rubber layers which alternate with layers of glass. So makarom acquired material has tremendous strength of and resistance to stress and injury.

Such protection can be applied not only in the military sphere, and for the creation of shells gallakticheskih ships, space suits and protective clothing needed for work in particularly dangerous places.

Military technology: results of 2012

Simulator for training Rover

In the not to distant time, the military will have the opportunity to improve the ability of fire with the bot Rover, which was developed specifically for these purposes by Marathon Robotics based electric scooters Segway. These armored boats fitted model is so called "smart goals." They can move like a living target, unpredictable turn and stop. These bots can be made in the form of models of terrorists or potential enemy fighter. These models are designed to change the pop-purpose wood that were used previously. At present, tests bot Marines engaged the U.S. Army.

Military technology: results of 2012

Microwave beam gun MEDUSA

This development is set to direct the explosive sound in a person's head. With all this distance to the target can be very significant. Sound leaks did not occur through the ears, and through the skull, because the protective earplugs to use does not make sense. Microwaves will be perceived by the inner ear as sound. There are several versions: small-sized systems for special purpose forces and marines, as more great — for the army. Some versions have been tested in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Some versions of this design is meant also to use the police to implement control over the people, namely, imitating the sound of bullets instead of using real rubber bullets. Developments gun American company engaged in Sierra Nevada Corp.

Rock 'em Sock' em Robots

The Spanish company PAL Robotics has been developing a bipedal robot that will be able to recognize people who pick up arms items to avoid various obstacles and enter the building.

The military plans to use these bots to enter the building, located in unsafe areas for delivery of goods and the provision of medical care. In addition, it is intended to use some version of the bot and in civilian sphere. So, while it is meant to use the boats in order to carry snacks and drinks at the shows, receptions and parties.

Military technology: results of 2012

Managed supersonic drones

Those versions of unmanned vehicles that are in the current time, can no longer be called revolutionary. Companies Northrop Grumman and Lockheed Martin is developing a new drone, which will be able to reach a speed of 6400 km per hour and climb to an altitude of about 30 km. He is known as SR 72 and "Aurora". It is understood that the UAV will be put into operation in 2020.


Despite the frivolous appearance and small size of the bot, it has a great ability. For example, it can be used for exploration of areas unsafe for the fighter, including dirty biological and chemical weapon.

In addition, it can be controlled remotely. Moreover, according to the developers, muhorobotov can be used for the detection of chemical bombs.

Military technology: results of 2012

Boat Vaudeville

In the Land of the Rising Sun are being developed sverhtehnologichny bot, which means the use for military purposes. Outside, the bot will remember fighting machine, in what will be enough room for 1 person. Weight bot is about 4.5 tons and height — 4 meters. He has also foreseen the presence of 4 feet at the ends of which are wheels instead of feet. In addition, some versions will also have water guns and camouflage. To keep control of the bot, created a special software that will allow ordinary phone be used as a remote control.

Naturally, this is far from complete list of military technologies that have been developed in over the year. Scientific idea works so well and active, even to call all new technology there is no power. Of course one thing — all of th
ese technologies will be able to change the very concept of war under modern criteria and ENTERED great contribution to the development of military science and industry.

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