Military trail of thieves obschaka the murder of Father Hassan

Unofficial sources in law enforcement they say about the murder of Father Hassan, in accordance with which he could be killed for the wrong investment thieves' common fund into which every "honest thief" in Russia gives 10 percent of his own "earnings." Due to the common fund thief can expect and seek help in the event of arrest, trial, and support during detention. "Obshchak — a sacred thing", as was his grandfather Hassan holder.

Improper attachment means thieves could lead to a significant amount of loss, maybe hundreds of millions of dollars. Sources in the Ministry of Internal Affairs they say that thief in-law Tariel Iliana (Tarot) has accused Father Hassan that he collaborated with the Interior Ministry and Federal Security Service (). If the result of this "cooperation" larcenous common fund has lost significant amount, charged Santa Hassan was the most severe. Such a puncture holder obschaka punished death.

In 2010, Grandpa Hassan was wounded. It was a warning. Return the funds to the common fund for the past two years, he failed. Was a very large amount of losses. For this, he, according to unofficial sources from the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and was killed.

In this version, a lot of circumstantial evidence, although law enforcement officials, politicians, MPs and "experts" on the subject of the criminal world who love to express their ideas and revisions in the media that this is not the version they say. Thieves, of course, too. And it is worth it to her to put on the first place as a possible cause of the murder of Father Hassan.

Thieves in recent years have become more businessmen in Russia than thieves. Newsweek quoted visited in Russia underworld patriarch Bori long-eared, who was invited to the U.S. for wiring Father Hassan and Iliana: "I neponyatki breed between thieves, thieves, but then I do not see a judge merchants — thieves do not matter." And Boris Eared served overseas (

Experts of the Interior Ministry and the FSB believe that today's "lawyers" have gone too far from the standards of old times. Concepts such as "do not marry," "not to cooperate with the police" have long been forgotten. Thieves' business now more than ever in need of "roof." Not long ago, thieves have worked with the police, the Federal Security Service, the prosecutor's office, and now, especially on large municipal projects and programs when they are associated with those who control the security forces. Came the final merging of criminals with power (

Newsweek in a story about Russian security forces ties with the underworld quoted circles close to the thieves' interlocutors magazine, who recalled that the collectors of funds made the rounds in Moscow casino on behalf of the noble thieves, including the Santa Hassan, were on the "Mercedes" with a series of numbers EKX, which belongs to the FSO. Deciphering EKX: "You go where you want me." (

Thieves and those close to them businessmen bought the objects that are included in the lists of protected FSO, the receiving machine to formally protect themselves FSO. I knew, for example, personally Avakumova FSO colonel, chief of Telman Ismailov, the owner of the restaurant "Prague", under the protection of the FSO object, and immediately the owner of Cherkizovsky market. In the conflict with Thalmann, and I was such, rely on the FSO or FSB, the Interior Ministry and even more, just do not have to.

Now thieves are associated with the executive, and the security forces, and with a great deal. Theft funds invested in the "themes" that are controlled by civilians and municipal agencies and the military, and law enforcement authorities

But where could invest unsuccessful late Usoyan means obschaka?

It could be just an ordinary sphere of investment funds thieves. For example, drug trafficking, gun, people, prostitution, gambling.

"Bummer," which resulted in the loss of a very large amount of funds from the common fund, could not pass unnoticed. This "fiasco" had to sound, pop up on the surface of the news or message, though it may be, and in such a way that an outside observer the real background of the events remains unclear.

In such cases, you need to find a chain of events at first glance is not linked together, but have hidden interdependence and logical connection.

Among the events shortly attracts the attention of a chain of events, and it is associated with trade instrument.

  1. In February 2007, Putin appointed Defense Minister Serdyukov.

Serdyukov started with the furniture business, in St. Petersburg, which Grandpa Hassan controlled in those years personally. Serdyukov said in a business that, in respect of his criminal case was initiated. Chance that the next Secretary of Defense had no connections with the people of Ded Hasan, if not to him personally, in fact.

Profitable marrying Serdyukov entered the circle of friends of Putin, quickly ran from the category of persons under investigation furniture manufacturers in the category of Governing Tax Service of St. Petersburg, and then moved to Moscow and led the entire Tax Service.

By 2007, according to the stories of illegal VAT refunds, with Serdyukov over the creation of the tax component of the system The detection and withdrawal of funds over the limit, in other words their money. In the same year, Serdyukov was appointed Minister of Defense.

Together with the Ministry of Defense Serdyukov ran across a significant part of its "Women's Battalion", who helped develop the system obnal and money laundering on the part of the tax. The main controllers of the system, who works under the Internal Revenue Service, according to those who deal in Russia investigating cases of redemption and the legalization of funds abroad, it was the FSB: the "K" and the management of its security.

Now Serdyukov and give the company got to keep under DoD control, including the supply of arms over the limit. Among others, the export of weapons and cash flows from these exports Serdyukov, over time, planted and Olga Stepanova, the former manager of the Federal Tax Service number 28, then the employee "Rosoboronpostavki" in the Ministry of Defence.

  1. Through year after Defense Minister Serdyukov destinations in Thailand, police arrested Viktor Bout, who the Americans and the Europeans considered trader guns in the world number 1.

Booth was the owner of the airline, which had 50 planes and incriminate the U.S. and the EU in the smuggling of illegal gun trafficking and narcotics, laundering criminal funds. Only Belgium has accused Bout of money 300 million dollars. Americans blame Booth, including, and in the occupation of smuggling diamonds from Angola and money through criminal means of the diamond trade. It's a fun fact, taking into account the fact that the diamond business in Angola in the 90s to keep the administration of the President of the Russian Federation in force through the Ministry of Defence of the GRU. When Defense Minister Rodionov decided to close the diamond business for yourself and remove it from the Office of the President, in other words, "family", Yeltsin fired him immediately. Rodionov was engaged in a showdown with the head of the Audit Department of the Administration of the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin, which to "revolt" Rodionova in the Office of the President of the Russian Federation was in charge of international relations.

Americans and Europeans have arranged the hunt for Booth. He ran around the world, like a rabbit, and later in Moscow ass and put out the nose of Russia. Attention is drawn to the fact that before his arrest, Bout's Foreign Ministry officials, representatives of the Russian Interpol, have not denied any involvement Bout to trade an instrument, etc. They just tried to convince everyone that Rubble is not in Russia, though he lived concretely in Moscow and even giving interviews.

Americans lured Bout from Russia. And it had to be a very powerful lure. This attraction was the ability of the weapons in the first step of missiles, Colombian group. But what made this agreement superprimankoy? Colombian drug could pay off! In other words coming out double profit: first on the gun, and then the Colombian heroin. Operation "Trust" in the South American version. Booth has forgotten about the safety (or he gave the order has forgotten under the highest security) and flew to Thailand.

After the Americans lured Bout in Thailand, and the local police arrested him on March 6, 2008, all Russian foreign ministries and intelligence services have done everything seemed, that Bout was not given the Yankees. Under pressure from the Russian Federation, Thailand year Booth has not issued twice denying the Yankees in his extradition. Yet, the United States was "heavier" and were able to penetrate the decision on Bout's extradition.

In any case, it develops a memory. But Bout's wife indirectly accused the Russian authorities that they have at some time eased the pressure on the Thais. She said that it is not aware of why our homeland Booth decided to pull out of the U.S., while making it easier in Thailand.

In November 2010, Booth was taken out of Thailand to the United States, where he was found guilty of conspiring to kill American men, American officials of the missiles, and supporting terrorism through cooperation with the Colombian group. It was only proven in court episodes.

With the protests against the conviction Booth made not only Russian Foreign Ministry and its head, Lavrov, and the group of deputies of the State Duma, and even a union of people of, which with admirable tenacity arranged a protest in front of the South American Embassy.

Booth during the investigation and the court refuses to cooperate with the investigation and give explanations. Everyone expected that the court will give Booth indefinite detention, which the South American prosecutors sought, but suddenly the referee, limited to 25 years, which has given the opportunity to transfer Bout in jail with the ordinary mode of content.

Moscow in May 2012 began the process of preparing documents for Bout's extradition to his homeland in the Soviet-American Convention on the Transfer of Sentenced Persons of 21 March 1983. But in June 2012 Booth refused Extradition in Russia in order to appeal against his conviction in the United States. Having started the appeal process, Booth blocked Moscow's ability to return it to Russia, the Russian jail since the extradition request could be considered only after the end of the appeals process, but appeals may be a huge number.

This could be caused only by terror for their lives and arrangements with the Yankees, or the hope of these agreements. Or information from the Russian Federation that Bout is better to sit in the United States. Russian bullpen for it is very unsafe.

  1. A group of former criminals who have become bankers, receives the 2007 founding documents of three companies owned by British vkladyvatelnomu fund Hermitage, had paid in 2006 to the budget of several hundred million dollars in taxes. The documents were seized by the Interior Ministry during a search in the office of lawyers Hermitage.

Offices get new owners (also criminals) and open accounts at Universal Savings Bank. Then they fake claims through the courts charge a great debt to these offices (lawyer Pavlov doing it) and make out refund VAT paid by the British in the amount of 5.4 billion rubles. VAT Refund spend ladies Serdyukov, including Stepanova, which means the spouse manages Perepelichny. He also pays a significant amount of both the Stepanova and her two deputies on the Tax Inspectorate № 28.

The entire operation is carried out under the guise of the Federal Security Service and Interior Ministry. The stolen funds were gone from RF by Western companies, including offshore office in England.

  1. In the history of illegal VAT refunds illuminates Universal Savings Bank and its last owner Klyuyev, as the company "Renaissance Capital" whose leadership were Yuri Sagaidak, past deputy resident Russian intelligence in England, as Vladimir Dzhabarov, past acting Manager of the "K" FSB.
  2. In 2008, he was arrested Sergei Magnitsky, who accused the FSB, the Interior Ministry and the tax Serdyukov, including managing the FTS number 28 Stepanov in an illegal tax refund and theft.

Federal Security Service and Interior Ministry carried out an operation on charges of Magnitsky, his arrest. In 2009, Sergei Magnitsky dies in jail.

  1. In 2009, Browder and Faeyrstoun start a company in the United States and Britain to investigate the theft and money laundering Tax Service, Federal Security Service and Interior Ministry, events, death of Sergei Magnitsky. The charge for the employees MVD, FSB, including the "K", who were involved in monetary transactions conducted by Serdyukov and his ladies' battalion.
  2. Also in 2008, Alexander Perepelichny "loses" more than 200 million dollars. In 2009, he establishes contact with Browder and gives him the materials on the acquisition of the means of Stepanovy accessories abroad and their zabugornyh accounts. With all of this, payments and transfers of funds carried out by companies that are owned and controlled Perepelichnym. Browder hides the source disk imaging.
  3. Of disk imaging, which is currently available, it follows that Perepelichny participated in the scheme of withdrawal over the limit, in other words, in the scheme, which was created by the FSB and the tax authorities, including when he was chief of Serdyukov's Tax Service. The place Perepelichnogo in the system until it is clear a little. Only the fact that he worked under the group Klyuyeva. And that he "managed" means is not the 1st Stepanov. Through it took hundreds of millions of dollars.
  4. Perepelichny in 2008 "loses", according to Stepanova, more than 200 million dollars (

He moved to London, rent a house to live in, often changing them, and tries not to meet again with their compatriots. Is trying to get political asylum.

  1. According to unofficial sources from the Ministry of Internal Affairs, in 2009, Tariel Iliana blames Father Hassan in the loss of funds from the thieves' common fund.
  2. In 2012, the Interior Ministry official in Moscow warns relative Perepelichnogo that his name and details of his whereabouts are in the list of murder, which was found in the 1st member of the criminal group in Russia. Data about living Perepelichnogo were listed incorrectly (by this time Perepelichny moved to another house). That calmed Perepelichnogo. He felt that he has the time, and began negotiations with the lawyer Pavlov, a man Klyuyeva, those who designed the phony debts of English stock, the armistice agreement with the former owners and partners (the
  3. November 6, 2012 Putin dismisses Defense Minister Serdyukov.
  4. After his dismissal Serdyukov, Stepanova leaves of in the United Arab Emirates. She refuses vorachivatsya home, fearing for their lives, the likely verbovaniya arrest and criminal prosecution.
  5. After a four day or after dismissal Serdyukov, November 10, 2012 in Weybridge, near his home found a dead body Perepelichnogo.
  6. January 16, 2013 in Moscow, killing Father Hassan.

To explain this whole chain of events that will be a separate article, but I invite readers to give their versions. And my option to wait a couple of days.

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