Military university students set to resume after a two-year hiatus

Military schools set to resume after a break of two years studentsAfter a two-year hiatus military universities Defense re-start set students for higher education.

"Set applicants with the following entrance examinations will be carried out during June, on the terrain of the Western Military Area it will be held at 20 universities in the Defense Ministry. In total, in the military universities WEST will enroll about 900 first-year students, "- said now Itar-Tass Western Military Area Lieutenant Colonel Andrei Bobrun.

Expected future officers in the branches of the Military Training and Research Centre of the Land Forces in Moscow and Ryazan, Military Academy army air defense in Smolensk, Military Aviation Engineering Institute in Voronezh, the Military Academy of NBC troops in Kostroma, branches of the Military Space Academy in Cherepovets and the Capital Region, Branch Military Academy SRF at Serpukhov Military Institute in Moscow and some other universities. In St. Petersburg, a set of students takes place in St. Michael's Military Artillery Academy, the Military Space Academy, the Military Academy of Communications, Military Institute of Physical Culture, Military Medical Academy, an affiliate of Military Academy Logistics and Transport, as in the naval universities.

In 2009, the Defense imposed a moratorium on set students: the number of graduates of military schools exceeded the available officer positions in the sun 4 times. Office conducted a parallel reform of the university, which was due to their enlargement or reduction. In structure Defense at the moment there are 15 military academies, three military institute, 15 military institutions, and 17 military schools. In preparing their students and cadets of 300 fields.

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