Mink can be sad and be merry

November 18, 2012 4:41

Any one of us knows how easy to fall into despair and apathy, when the head is languishing without thinking, and hands are not busy. And how important is sometimes an external stimulus.

© Dennis Donohue | Shutterstock.com

© Dennis Donohue | Shutterstock.com

As reported in the journal "flat Ouen," scholars have over the animals interesting experiment. The experience touched nimble little animals — mink, which are voluntary conditions are very active. 29 animals were seated in a separate "boring" and "fun" of the cell. Mink in the "boring" cells without mazes and special toys for chewing, were passive lifestyle, often spending time in the dream state, with no action.

 Later, animals from the "boring" of cells transplanted in the "fun." Observations have shown that they are more responsive to external stimuli, more willing to consume additional power supplies and with great interest to learn new things.
Thus, scientists have once again confirmed by experience, as people closely associated with our smaller brethren. After all, we are of sadness and longing easily fall into "hibernation."

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