Minsk under the occupation and war

By Society this topic I have also filed two images (one for each war). But war is not reflected here, but the historical antiquity of Minsk, which was destroyed after the war enemies belarushchyny and, in fact, almost did not survive.

The first picture was taken by photographer unknown winter of 1943 from the tower of the cathedral church of the Jesuit (Photo 1). Cold day, snow-covered roof, the smoke from the chimneys. A beautiful view, especially if you know here every house. It is an old city, building area of the street Koydanovskoy, Nyamiha Rakovskaya and all around. Photo softly printed in a light tone, conveys an impression and evokes a feeling of a very cold day.

In the foreground we see mezanin (or, more precisely, an outbuilding) with four windows of the house (XVIII-XIX c.), Who goes out Koydanovskuyu (for advice Revolutionary). In the center, right at the edge of the Bolsheviks panorama seen disfigured hulk Peter and Paul Church (1611). She begins Rakovskaya street (for advice Ostrovsky), and next, along the center, is the street Nyamiha. Next, center left, shows a pipe famous bakery Minsk (1927), and eventually lost in a frosty haze around the building of the Jubilee Market, Castle Street and right on the edge — Tatar suburbs.

In the 60s, I remember this town and shot exactly the same as here in this photo. But it was destroyed advice Lower market, damaged Site of ancient castle, carried out a beautiful old street Kazmadyamyanskaya, the destroyers were selected by top city.

I calculated that to protect against destruction of old Minsk I was destined to spend 25 years of social struggle, until 1990, when all the time had to give up on the political struggle. Much has incredibly managed to save, and even recover (part of the Trinity suburb, Upper City Gate and Calvary Church, the Church of the Golden Hill, etc.) .. But what can be seen in this winter shot, tips almost all destroyed in the 70s. This was personally involved in the main initiator of the destruction of the old Minsk, the first secretary of the Central Committee of the CPB (Communist Party) Peter Masherov (real name Masherov changed under Russian).

In 1969, with me Levon Boroznov and using Gennady Buraukin (Then the correspondent of "Truth") managed a three-year suspended Masherov destructive itch. (Featured in the "truth" in defense of Nemiga. Against organ of the Central Committee of the CPSU "Truth" 1st Secretary of the Republican Central Committee could not go).

To destroy Masherov back in 1972. In the same year kagebistam (right there in the old town) was killed by my friend Leonid Barazna, and began hunting for the "nationalists".

So the struggle for Minsk (for the preservation of its historical and architectural heritage) — it was the scene of a major war, which continues to this day.

Photo 2

The second picture that is exhibited here, until 2008 he was unknown (photo 2). This low market in Minsk, taken from the apse of the church Pyatrapavlavskay unknown photographer. Probable date of survey 1914-1916,.

From what can be seen here, took away all the tips. Partly in 1948-1952 gg. The rest — in the years 1972-74. (This is the area of the current House of fashion on the track of the former Nemiga).

And the picture is very good, beautifully and professionally shot, with thunder fanfare people, signs, pavement and buildings. It conveys the spirit of the wartime stories and far already.

Thus, we see two different pictures during the two wars. But even then, the historic Minsk breathing was unharmed and alive. Exterminating its not the war, and the occupation after the war, more precisely, one occupation that has come from the east.

(Photos from the collection of German Bundesarchiw, in free web).

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