Miss Russia 2012 hyped credit

The winner of the "Miss Russia 2012" Katherine Golovanov become new advertising face of domestic bank "Russian Standard". The press-secretary of the bank at a meeting with journalists.

The winner of the beauty contest already being removed in the new commercial for the company. The roller consists of two parts. In the first part of people calling to invest in the bank's assets. For active participation, the most conscientious savers receive various prizes and a number of privileges.

Golovanov dressed bank worker talks about all the possibilities of keeping money in the bank "Russian Standard". In the second part, on the contrary play on access to credit under the motto More money — fewer words. Miss Russia included participation in a large-scale advertising campaign of the bank.

Commercials with her participation will be broadcast throughout the country, in all of its regions. Golovanov also be displayed on printed promotional materials.

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