Mode due to the drought emergency introduced in 16 districts of the Volgograd region

 State of emergency was introduced in 16 districts of the Volgograd region because of drought and loss of crops, told the chairman of the committee to ensure the safety of life of Yuri Naurzaliev.

"As of June 18, the District Emergency Commission emergency mode introduced in 16 districts. State of emergency because of drought and loss of crops in the whole region will be introduced in the coming days," — said Naurzaliev.

Regional Commission for the Prevention and Emergency Response, June 14 introduced in the region on high alert because of drought, threatening agricultural crops over an area of 600,000 hectares.

Soil drought in the region began on May 1. As of June 12, it was noted in 24 municipal districts of the region, of which 21 reached the area soil drought hazard criteria.

According to experts, winter wheat in the southern and central parts of the Trans-Volga region is in critical condition, and the oppressed — was dying of side shoots, drying the top of the ear. In spring crops is not a secondary root system.

Winter crops sown in the Volgograd region in the area of 1.45 million hectares of spring — 515.6 thousand hectares, industrial crops — 644 thousand hectares.

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