Modern teenagers will live up to 100 years



People born in the mid-1990s., Can live up to 100 years. The increase in life expectancy contributes to the development of modern science, said the head of the Russian Ministry of Health Veronika Skvortsova at the opening of I-Russian scientific conference of young scientists and physicians.

"According to the forecasts of the leading international research agencies, the lives of those who were born in the mid-90s, can last, on average, not 80 years, and more than 100. The United States has now insure born after 1995 to 100 years" — leads RIA "Novosti" words Skvortsov.

Soon, most of the diseases that people die around the world, will become treatable, expressed confidence the minister. "We are waiting to enter a new personalized medicine," — she said.

According to the Ministry of Health, in 2006 men survived, on average, to 60 years and 4 months, and women — up to 73 years and 2 months. In the past, life expectancy for the entire population was 70.3 years: men — 64.3, for women — 76.1 years.

In October 2012, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that in the next six years, the average life expectancy of Russians has increased for four years. "By 2018, it should be at least 74 years for men — 68.9 years for women — 79.6 years," — he said.

Despite optimistic forecasts, the Russian cities among the top 50 for life did not appear. Rating compiled by an international consulting company "Mercer", for the fourth time led Vienna. Among the positive aspects of the Austrian capital called a rich cultural life, good medical care, reliable public transport system and reasonable prices.

Second place in the list of 221 Swiss city is Zurich, the third — Auckland New Zealand. In the U.S., the first in quality of life in a country named the capital of the State of Hawaii Honolulu — she took 28th place. The list is the capital of Iraq, Baghdad.

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