MOE denied reports of a leak of 6 tons of chemical weapons in the Bryansk region

 GUMCHS the Bryansk region denied reports of a leak of chemical weapons — the media greatly inflated a minor incident on the stock of chemical weapons, told RIA Novosti agency.

"Novaya Gazeta" reported on Tuesday, citing "locals" that morning of July 27 at the plant for destruction of chemical weapons "Pochep-2" allegedly leaked six tons of military nervnoparaliticheskogo agents VX, directed at the elimination of contractors instead of professional rescuers and officers . According to the newspaper, degassing is still ongoing and there are victims in this case. The newspaper reminds that death from VX occur within 10-15 minutes. Post began to diverge on social networks.

In Bryansk emergencies department said the incident was not dangerous — when inspecting ammunition at a temporary storage last week was found depressurization of the body of one of the munition, which is why in the regular container partially resulted reaction mass.

No one was injured, the environment is normal, said a spokesman of MOE.

"The system of ventilation and air conditioning in stock holding ammunition is operating normally, and constantly monitor the air of the working area and perimeter of the warehouse. Excess MPC found", — the agency.

According GUMCHS on Pochepy object storage and destruction of chemical weapons being planned work for the destruction of chemical weapons by air entering the reagent into the body of the munition. Work is carried out strictly according to the rules.

Threat to life and health of people living in the area of protective measures, no, said the management.

In the enterprise RIA Novosti correspondent said that everything is normal, "the employees are working without masks."

"The plant is operating normally. I have no such information was or was not depressurized. Even allowing for a moment that it was, it was where? Already drenched ammunition?" — Told RIA Novosti Alexei Ivanov, head of group for Work and Public Relations of the military unit 21225 "Pochep-2," in which the plant is located on the destruction of chemical weapons.

He noted that at the present time, they are more concerned about fire safety technical area to avoid accidents with disposal of munitions.

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