MOE has banned access to forests in the Bryansk region

 The temporary ban on visits forests introduced in the Bryansk region because of the increased probability of forest fires, the regional emergencies department said on Friday.

"Due to the dry and hot weather put a special fire mode, temporarily prohibited from visiting forests because of the increased probability of forest fire," — said the agency.

On Tuesday in the region temperatures reached 36 degrees Celsius, and therefore the regional emergencies department recommended that people in the region not to go out from 12.00 to 18.00 MSK.

On Wednesday, the Russian Emergencies Ministry reported that in the coming hours in almost every third subject into seven federal districts expected the highest, the fifth class of fire hazard.

Despite the fact that since the middle of the week in the Bryansk region began cooling, regional GUMCHS announced the establishment from Friday 5th grade fire danger everywhere. In the case of the introduction of this class of fire hazard prohibited from entering the forest vehicles, works not related to safety and protection of forests, forest areas and areas adjacent to them, fires and burning dry grass on agricultural land.

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