Mogilev: opposition asking permission from the authorities to consult with the people

25 May 12 activists of political, social and trade union organizations of Mogilev appealed to the city council for permission to hold a protest rally against rising prices, inflation, the decline in the living standards of the people.

Mogilev opposition protest rally are going to be held on 9 June at the particular local authority area — near the stadium disaster of the House of Culture in the street Chelyuskintsev. From the crowded streets of the city he was on.

The head of the regional branch of the United Civil Party, and one of the applicants Vladimir Shantsev says the rally will come to thousands of people. As many stated in the application:

"Now there is a collapse of the economy, which was in the early 1990s. Government is silent. Lukashenko at all. We know the mood of the people. A says Lukashenko, collegiality inherent in our people — so we decided to consult with the people, the people themselves say who is to blame and what to do further. Grounds for refusal to hold a rally I do not see. Place is defined authority. Conflict also will not be any, "said Vladimir Shantsev.

All applicants meeting the opposition organizations are included in the regional coalition of democratic forces. To hold a protest organizer will have to pay for police services, public utilities and healthcare.

Last Mogilev opposition tried to hold a protest for the release of political prisoners in March in the city center. In carrying out the three pickets City Council rejected it then. Officials unsubscribe, that the venue of such actions — the stadium on Chelyuskintsev. City Council decision applicants pickets sued because, according to them, it violates their constitutional rights. Leninsky court rejected the appeal of Mogilev — acknowledged the decision of the local authority as legitimate.

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