Moldovan village residents are afraid to let their children to school because of the wolves

A pack of wolves keeps at bay residents Piskareshty Moldovan village, surrounded on all sides by a forest, because of this they are afraid to let their children to school in the neighboring village, told RIA Novosti on Wednesday chairman of the Republican Association of Hunters and Fishermen Oleg Ciocoi.

By the assumption of local residents, in a forest near the village has recently been home to a large pack of wolves. Two weeks ago, Predators tore a calf in the pasture near Piskaresht.

Piskareshttsy fear from 1 September to let children located in the neighboring village Syrkovo school because they fear for their safety. School bus, which would gather the children in the surrounding villages, no.

"On September the children will not go to school. We are afraid to let them go. Do I need a bus. If the bus will not stay home and miss school year. At another school, we can not translate them," — the locals say.

At the same time, representatives of the administration Syrkovo argue that money to buy a bus to the local budget is not. For help, they turned to the central government, but so far no response has been received.

According to Choco, in Moldova there is a restoration of the wolf population. In recent years they have started to breed in central and southern parts of the country.

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