More than 1.5 thousand hectares of land covered by wildfires in Yakutia

Natural fires in Yakutia on Tuesday reached more than 1.5 thousand hectares, half of the area is occupied by forest area, according to Emergency Management in the Republic of Sakha.

According to authorities, at the moment in Yakutia are 17 wildfires on an area of 1.557 thousand hectares, of which 786 hectares — is fire in the forest area.

"It was possible to locate the five fires in the area 76.5 hectares. Past day liquidated three wildfires in the area nine hectares. Extinguishing wildfires in the country attracted 515 people and 67 vehicles, including — six aircraft," — said in a message.

Interagency operational headquarters for fighting forest fires in the territory of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), because of the high fire danger class and difficult operational forest fire situation is functioning round the clock.

It includes representatives of the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations of Yakutia, the State Committee for the Safety of life of the population, the Department of Forestry Relations, Ministry of Health, Utilities and Energy, Department for Press and Broadcasting, Rospotrebnadzor, AMIA, "Tsentrlesa" airbase forest protection and Hydrometeorological .

According to the operative data of satellite monitoring, threat settlements and no economy. Due to the extremely high fifth Hazard forests in mountainous, Kobyayskom areas and high fire danger in the fourth class Olenek, Oimyakon, Mirny, Namsky, Nyurbinskaya, Churapcha and Yakutsk regions may cause new outbreaks of fires and smoke settlements.

During the day, when the wind direction may smoke settlements nearby areas: Amga Vilyuisk, Khangalassky, Tomponsky, Verkhoyansk, Eveno-Bytantayskogo, Oymyakon, Verkhnevilyuisk, Olyokminsky areas.

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