More unexplained findings found in Peru, Mexico and Brazil

November 24, 2011 22:37

South America has become a mecca of UFO

More and more evidence every possible existence of extraterrestrial life is found in South America, ufologists claim. According to some, it is promoted by dense forests, where people rarely frequented, which allows aliens to securely hide from curious onlookers. A well-known UFO researcher Michael Cohen believes that in Brazil there is a secret base aliens.
Anyway, unexplained phenomena, mainly localized at that point of the Earth. For example, last week in Peru went a team of scientists from Russia and Spain to investigate mysterious skull, which shocked anthropologists. Renato pressed Riquelme, director of a private museum "Rituals of the Andes", found two strange mummy in Andauaylilyas district in southwestern Peru two years ago. He decided to declare the discovery only after examination of the remains of the scientists.

A striking feature of the skeletons do not find a clear explanation. So, one of the mummies height of only 50 cm has an elongated triangular skull and large eye sockets. On the skull, researchers have found a so-called "soft spot", not ossified site that have children in the first years of life. However, this is a mummy found and molars, that is not to say that it is the remains of a child. More questions cause fabulously large eye sockets, which simply does not happen in humans. "It is clear that these features can not be found, none of the well-known ethnic groups in the world," — shared his observations pressed Riquelme, an anthropologist by training.

It should be noted that this is not the first such discovery in South and Central America. Thus, in 1995, the researcher of ancient civilizations, Robert Connolly on his travels around the world discovered in Peru and Mexico, oddly shaped skull. Three of them are from Peru were conical in shape, with an elongated top back side and almost flat forehead, and the other two from Mexico resembled the light bulb with bloated all sides, round skull. Scientists have not decided to consider them prehistoric or modern, as to establish a clear age failed. Ufologists immediately started talking about the extraterrestrial origin, assuming that the change in size of the head due to illness — and this was the official version — there is another, without disturbing proportions.

Many anthropologists are explained oddly shaped skulls in cultural practices of ancient peoples. Many Native American tribes, including the famous Mayan adopted artificially lengthen the skull as part of the ritual. The baby's head was wrapped tightly compact chopper, which is not removed within six months. Just at this time the child is strengthening the skull, and up to six months they are still soft.

But confused in these findings is not so much the shape of the head, how incredibly large orbit. And the mummy of Andauaylilyas, as mentioned above, there are molars, which the child can not be. Therefore, when the researchers were unable to give a scientific explanation for the phenomenon, talking ufologists and other experts in the paranormal.

They immediately mentioned the close ties of Maya with the newcomers, who often visited the people. Key information about these contacts mankind will, as expected from the future film Raul Julia-Levy. He is preparing to release a documentary film about what secrets the aliens told the Indians of Mexico. In particular, the film will be discussed and the coming end of the world, which will come in 2012. Argued that it was extraterrestrial beings endowed Mayan ancient wisdom.

And while professional film about extraterrestrial prophets of the apocalypse just nearing completion in Brazil "green man" was in the frame of amateur photography. British tourists accidentally captured the creature during a trip to the Amazon. According to ufologist Michael Cohen, a former employee of NASA, the record that gave him the authors, present. And it really captured alien. And next to it shows a glow.

Alien in this area was captured not by accident, said ufologist who leads a website dedicated to anomalous phenomena. Somewhere in this area at the base of the aliens are, as evidenced by the frequent visits of UFOs in Brazil. In the past, the command of the Brazilian Air Force, even decided to issue a decree "On the registration and cataloging of unidentified flying objects."

It is fair to note that the detection of unknown and stir our countrymen. Last week, just had a conversation like that, retired from Petrozavodsk for two years and kept them in the fridge at home, frozen corpse of an alien.

According to the story the old woman, in autumn 2009 in the yard of her country house in the Karelian town Mashezero crashed UFO. Hearing the terrible roar, Martha Yegorovna ran out of the house and found the yard mangled heap of metal, from which came the unbearable heat. Near the flaming wreckage lay the body of a humanoid wearing protective overalls. Largemouth and bigeye being an increase of about 50 cm, resembling a cross between a man and a fish, no signs of life.

Pensioner and her husband is packed in polyethylene and the stranger, and brought him to the city, put in the fridge. The correct solution is to take a picture of the find, because it is time, and it appeared people in civilian clothes and took the dead pilot UFO. By Martha Yegorovna he never returned, but the pictures were and are now available online.

We know an expert on the paranormal, Michael Cohen noted that Russia is one of the centers of the UFO and alien ships moving tracked her by both military and civilian agencies.


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