Most of Mars was flooded with water

December 25, 2012 5:16

A new study shows that once most of the red planet was flooded with water.

The new study, realized Georgia Tech (USA), shows that clay rocks and some minerals found in Martian rocks and soil, can form only in long-term water availability. Scientists came to the conclusion that in order to Mars formed such a large amount of clay and other rocks and minerals, most of the world has been a long time under water.

 Researcher James Ray and his research team say that the original clay on Mars has been found in some rocks some of the rocks in Eagle Crater in 2004. She discovered the rover "Opportunity". Later, a large number of clay and sulfate were found in the area of Mars known as Wray, and in 2009 and in the crater Endeavour.

Martian intelligence apparatus MRO also repeatedly showed scientists that Mars is a lot of clay deposits in Meridiani plains and in other areas of Mars.

"Naturally, we believe that once a long time ago the planet Mars was flooded with water, at least most of it. Those minerals that have been discovered by our research vehicles can only occur at a lot of water, which was a very long time on the surface of the Red Planet "- said James Rae.

Ray and his team believe that earlier on Mars was more clay, but later it was hidden under a layer of lava after a volcanic eruption.

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