Mysteries of Ancient Runes

January 29, 2012 20:31

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Recently in Sweden mysteriously died suddenly from cancer of a young doctor. A few months before he had found a treasure, where one of the coins was sawn ancient rune.

That rune meaning "need" is placed in a special treasure as a curse attacker lucky treasure hunter repeatedly warned friends, studying the secrets of ancient magic. He did not believe.

 Today, Western Europe embraced boom return to paganism. It all started with a mystical event, and on a national scale. In Iceland, where the government of the country the third time officially denied registration neopagan community outbreak unprecedented in these parts thunderstorm. Lightning struck right in the parliament building. The government immediately heeded the language of heaven, and paganism in Iceland was one of the three state religions.

And in Europe, knowledge of runes, ancient magic symbols that come from Scandinavia, in general became an indicator of good taste. Today runes — is just as essential attribute magic shops like cards in the hands of gypsies or love potion in the village healer. Europe has not uncommon magical signs painted walls and windows at a prestigious company. The fashion is to draw runes directly on the body as talismans.

Whispered secrets.

Scientists now believe that the runes were the most ancient, and the same for all characters, a kind of proto-language. After all, every magical mark represents a certain sound, and has a name.

In all languages the word "rune" is almost the same, or "secret" or "whisper". And the part of the runes later became the basis of the Norse alphabet, while others, like the swastika or, for example, solar sign, continued to exist independently. The most amazing thing is that the runes can be written in any language, because in Europe and Asia, they mean one and the same sound. Until recently, many runic inscriptions were deciphered only because scientists have tried to put only the sounds of Old Norse word, although long known that they are distributed around the world. Chinese characters — and they look like variations of runes. Even signs of Turkish literature, develops, as it was considered, regardless of the European languages, surprisingly to the northern signs.

It is believed that even the Cyrillic, the old version of it, is the same runic system. In Scandinavia, the art survived until the end of the XIX century. In Sweden and in the middle of the XX century for VIP use runic inscriptions. Even today, in Karelia, the coast-dwellers, can still be found on logs hewn houses strange characters, while the old-timers — to find a staff with a "perpetual calendar" created magic signs.

They are 4000 years old.

It is believed that being traced, each rune has an impact on the world: may protect, accelerate some events, or conversely, they slow down. Runes have been known 4000 years ago, they cut out animal bones or wooden blocks and stained with blood. Their combination could describe every possible situation. But the Scandinavians were not made to guess the future. For the runes were not treated with a specific question, and for advice.

Ability to interpret the meaning of runes and is now considered an art. Previously, each man knew that traced in the air in the form of a trident Algiz rune save from danger, applied to the hilt rune Victory will cowardice enemy, and will help avoid fraud rune needs. But only the individual elected could be transferred knowledge interaction runes together and have the ability to add spells and sacred formulas. They were treated with runes disease and sends trouble.

The mysterious experience.

Seriously about the magical power of runes in official science talk is not accepted. But a few years ago, a group of Scandinavian scientists still attempted to scientifically prove or disprove the power of these mysterious characters. The experiment, which they did, was simple. They sowed oats three ordinary pot. One lay on the bottom rune Ice, which should slow down the development. In another — Rune Berkana, responsible for the growth, which was to give effect to germs. And the third was the control pot, which, apart from the usual ground and the position of the seeds there, there was nothing.

Both the first and second, and the twenty-second time, the result was the same: the first shoots appear in the second pot, then in control and only after that, where the rune of Ice. Connected to the experiment even people-biolokatorov who over runes frame rotates like a propeller wound.

On the one hand, the mockery of the power of ancient knowledge ceased, on the other hand, it is not made clear.

Rune helped Germany. They destroyed it.

The first European countries began to revive in the XIX century runic knowledge was Germany. There are secret societies. For example, members of the "Brotherhood of Thule" was Hitler and Himmler. Later they established a system of research institutes Ananerbe ("Ancestral Heritage") to study magic. Runic symbol was a sign of the sun — the swastika.

By the end of 1930 at Ananerbe had 50 branches (one of them — in the present Kaliningrad). His On assignment even in the Himalayas — the world was gathering magical amulets, which are delivered directly to the office of Himmler.

Each military unit had a magician, and the structure of "SS", which was originally created as a magical order, until 1940 there was not a single officer without a diploma on the passage of special courses on rune magic. Incidentally, the character itself "SS" is nothing more than a double rune Sieg — "victory."

Mystics believe that it is the magic of runes then provided the march of fascism. But in 1940, all the wizards suffered the same fate as the other prisoners of the concentration camps. And Hitler was doomed, if only because that contrary to the swastika, a symbol Ananerbe, he chose his swastika "reverse", with deployed to the other side ends.

Ilia Muromets was a sign on the palm.

Stalin was also a mystic. There is evidence that from the middle of 1930 on his table saw ancient Slavic magical book. Although historians still can not find it, they suggest that it was also runic.

In Russia, for runes always regarded with awe. Volga ancient Slavs called Rune, and believed that it originates in heaven. Even Ilya Muromets as narrate epics, made his exploits with runic characters on the palm. Traditional Slavic embroidery — completely magical signs. There is no old shirt, which would have sported Algiz rune symbol of protection against witchcraft or another rune Inguz — fertility, which lies a huge force that can protect women from infertility, a man from impotence, and the land of famine.

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