Mysteries of the death of the planet Phaeton


Even in ancient times, astronomers wondered unnaturally huge distance between Mars and Jupiter. Many scholars agree that this would be the place to another planet. But finding it could not.

On the night of January 1, 1801 Piatsii Giuseppe, an Italian astronomer of Palermo, discovered Ceres, the first largest asteroid between Mars and Jupiter. Its diameter is 770 kilometers.

A year later, the area was discovered the second asteroid — Pallas — was the name of the Roman goddess of justice system right. In 1804, opened the third small planet — Juno, and in 1807 — the fourth — Vesta. It was something to think about: where there was supposed to find a pain Shui planet were four small, in the form of approaching the ball.

Currently, there are about two thousand asteroids — shapeless lumps of solid wide variety of sizes. The diameter of some of them — 0.5 kilometers. Eros was opened in 1898. Has long been considered the only asteroid, the setting is far inside the orbit of Mars. But Eros and Ganymede-rivals appeared, Cupid, Apollo and Hermes. These small planet "stroll" even further — inside the orbit of Venus and Mercury.

"Film star" of the sky is considered to Icarus, which was opened in 1949. This asteroid has the smallest distance from the others like him from the sun and turns it around for 400 days. He moved up to five times faster than its counterparts. Moving away from our star, Icarus goes very close to the Earth every 19 years. This proximity and earned him a "big hit."

Maybe all of these asteroids — mark the death of the fifth major bodies of the solar system, which occurred, according to A. Gorbovsky, 11,652 years ago. It was found that if the whole asteroid belt "formed" in one body, would have been a planet with a diameter of 5900 kilometers. It would be smaller than Mars and Mercury more. At the time, the Soviet astronomer Orlov suggested calling this now defunct planet Phaeton, on behalf of the mythical hero.

Greek Mythology states: "… Recklessly sun god Helios swore his son Phaeton to fulfill any of its request. The boy wanted one — the most ride the chariot of the sun across the sky! Dumbfounded father: Zeus is not even under force. Foolishly tried to talk the boy: Horses of the Shrew, the sky is full of horror — the horns of Taurus, onions Centaur, Leo, Scorpio — what only the monsters can not be found on the road! But where there!

Not cope with the four self-confident Phaeton winged horses, and he was astonished. Rushed chariot down dale. From the low down of the sun flames enveloped the earth, the city and killed whole tribes, burning forests, rivers were running high, dry up the sea. In the dense smoke Phaeton could not see the road.

Prayed to Zeus the great goddess Gaia — the Earth, "Look, Atlas barely support the weight of the sky, the palaces of the gods could collapse, killed all life, and then comes the primeval chaos" broke Zeus his lightning crazy chariot. Phaeton with flaming curls swept like a shooting star, and collapsed in a wave Eridani. In deep sorrow Helios all day did not appear in the sky, and only fires lit up the Earth. Weeping sisters — Heliades — the gods turned into poplar trees. Drop their tears of resin in the icy water Eridani and become transparent amber … "

Beautiful and poetic ancient Greek myth of the tragedy in heaven thousands of years ago.

Informing about the cause of the disaster that befell the Earth, the ancient Hindu sacred books indicate that it has been called "the god Hayagriva" that lived in the abyss. Holdeyskie myths mention some "archangel of the abyss."

What was it for something (or someone) yavivsheesya from the abyss of space, to make tremble and the planet for thousands of years to remain in the memory of mankind? To put it in modern terms, we can say that at that time there were nuclear battle extraterrestrial civilizations — presumably Sirian, that is, apparently, the residents of the constellations Lyra and Sirius, with Lyrans. The latter do not want the salvation of mankind, considering it at this stage of depraved and incorrigible. Lyrans wanted the human race was lost and they were able to begin their experiments on Earth from the beginning (this is a separate chapter on the creation of human civilization aliens).

Planet Phaeton was the main base of Sirians who were in constant conflict with the Lyrans because of redistribution of planets in the solar system. Lyrans believed that further development of human civilization need constant stress — the chaos, wars, natural disasters, etc., that they are constantly and arranged, bringing civilization perished one after the other. The Sirians were also peaceful, humane way. Atlantis — the fruit of their creation, but it also became a major sticking point between the two.

Lyrans have started an experiment-blow Phaeton and put into orbit a new celestial body — the moon (such it was for mankind in the future.) The calculation was thin-strong tidal deformations caused by the approach of a massive celestial body, can in a short time to make something that is required under normal conditions of millions of years.

When the continents split, swapped land and oceans, the poles and the tropics, climb mountains, geological processes have intensified a thousandfold. Sweeping across the continents of the world ocean is changing terrain, and the speed of the axis of rotation of the planet generate new temperature differences between geographical areas, unprecedented movement of air masses — devastating hurricanes. All this has been subtly calculated, but all this was preceded by a big fight …

Wanting to warn mankind of impending danger, Sirians sent their representatives throughout the world. These harbingers of disaster remained in the memory of nations. Annals of Burma say the man yavivshemsya of the supreme abode. His hair was tousled, his face sad. Dressed in black, he walked the streets everywhere, where people gathered, and mournful voice warned the people about what needs to happen. "

In his devotion to the people often idolize sages and heroes. It is therefore quite natural that in the Bible, as well as in other sources, the image of the envoys from the Sirian civilization merged with the image of God himself. God warned Noah about the flood and advised him to make the ark and bring people and animals.

In the Babylonian Epic of impending catastrophe king Ksisutrosa god Ea warns: "The son of Ubar Tutu, — he said. — Demolish the house and build a ship instead. Do not worry about your belongings, be pleased if you will save your life. But take that with a ship different living beings. "

Much the same is said in the Aztec god of the Code: "Do not make more wine from the agave plant, and begin to hollow trunk of a large cypress tree, and enter into it, when in the month Tozontli water reaches the heavens.

Like the Christian god and the god Ea, the Indian god Vishnu advised the man to bring the ark of living creatures and plant seeds.

In the Pacific Islands there are also stories about some of the newcomers, warning of disaster.
Indian stories tell of Mexican and Venezuelan people to flee before the terrible night came and the sun was darkened.

People are not only constructed the ark. but also built fortifications on the high mountains.
The Indians of Arizona and Mexico are told that before the great catastrophe of the man they called Montezuma, came to him on the ship. To be saved from the flood, he built a high tower, but the god of the disaster destroyed it.

The tribes of the Sierra Nevada also remember about aliens who built a tall stone tower. But the flood came, and none of them managed to escape.

Speaking about the widespread dissemination of messages about the crash, the English ethnologist George Fraser notes, for example, that of the 130 Indian tribes of North, Central and South America, there is no one in the myths that would not have affected the topic.

Save yourself and your knowledge, people on all continents constructed pyramid construction — a "place of salvation."

The famous Arab scholar Abu Balkh (IX-X century BC. E.) Wrote that the wise men, "in anticipation of the verdict of the sky", built in Lower Egypt the pyramids. In these pyramids they wanted to save his amazing knowledge.
When one of the rulers of Babylon. Ksisutros, was warned about the impending disaster, he commanded to write a "history of the beginning, the course and the completion of all things" and to bury the story in the Sun — Sippar.

After the flood, during which he escaped on Ksisutros he built the ark, he ordered them to look left and pass it to record the content of the surviving humans. Tells about it Babylonian priest and historian Berosus, who lived in the III century BC. e.

Josephus, the leading historian and scholar of antiquity, wrote that in the manuscripts and books (not extant), there is a message that people learn in advance about the impending disaster, erected two pillars and recorded on the knowledge they possessed.

"One column was a brick, the other stone, so that if a brick column and will not be able to resist it dilute the waters of the flood, the stone will remain and tell the people all of what is written on it."
Indian mythology has it that the god of the abyss Hayagriva and then just started a flood to rob people of the sacred books of knowledge "Vedas". "Do not they, too, must become gods? .. Do they have to be equal to us? .. "- Murmured Lyrans in battles with the Sirians by earthlings.

Mankind has personally watched these battles between the two civilizations that have come down to us in the form of legends and myths — "Mahabharata", "Ramayana", etc.

Based on the mythology, it can be assumed that people have seen the death of Phaeton and moving to the orbit of the Earth — Moon. We are talking about an extremely ancient cult of the "winged disk" (Sirian sign). Drive with wings, without parables identity Sun, carved above the entrance of the ancient Egyptian temples. This sacred symbol common to the Assyrians, Babylonians, Hittites, the Mayans, Polynesians and was revered by the Atlanteans. Sometimes he rethought in the form of a bird, but overall symbolizes the beginning, life-giving. He is opposed by a hostile start — the god of death, the destructive forces of darkness in the form of a snake (look Lyran). "Winged Disk" (the bird) fights with a dragon and wins.

Such images can be found in different civilizations (Egypt, Iran, Sumer)

Most of the prevalence and persistence of these symbols indicate that they should be based on some great events that affected the entire population of the Earth. These images are strangely similar to the one set of celestial phenomena, which is accompanied by the above described the death of the planet Phaeton.

Disk with wings — is the Sun immersed in gas-dust nebula, and the "snake" — the image of comets that first appeared during the formation of the nebula. And the essence of their struggle is evident. First comet-snake "attacked the sun, then formed a cosmic cloud that caused the fading light, and then gradually began to dissipate," wings Drive "grew up, the sun brightened. At the same time reduced the number of comets: the part of their distribution was lying and vanished in a cloud, some flew out of the solar system. This victory of the "winged disk" regained people light and life-giving warmth of the sun. But before they had gone through great trouble.

On our planet, reigned cold. Serious disasters brought collision with large fragments of the Phaeton, which was then much more than now, particularly in the vicinity of the Earth. When they fall into the ocean on the coast hit by the tsunami, but from the released heat evaporated trillions of tons of water, drop out later in the form of heavy downpours.

Perhaps, in the same era dangerous proximity to the wandering moon called global geological catastrophe that we described above. While people rightly associate the disaster with unprecedented celestial phenomena, they did not know their true causes. But the horror that shook the imagination of humanity, has remained in the memory of people in the relationship with the heavenly signs. Eclipses of the Sun, which after the "capture" of the Moon became regular, reminiscent of the first fogged luminaries (the solar corona resembled the wings, expressed by the ancestors), and the appearance of comets, up to the present day give people despair and the expectation of the "end of the world."

It is no accident, perhaps, the Maya in their chronicles, leaving in the antediluvian period, do not say anything about the moon. The night sky lit up with them not the moon, and Venus!

In South Africa, the Bushmen, which is stored in a memory of the myths about the period preceding the accident, also claimed that before the flood of the moon in the sky was not.

About the same, that there is no time in Earth's sky was not the moon, wrote in the III century BC. e. Apollonius Rodius, chief superintendent of the great library of Alexandria. He enjoyed with the manuscripts and texts that have not reached us.

Studies by a number of scientists and numerous facts indicate that the above asteroids and meteorites is just fragments of the former planet Phaeton, once drawn around? Sun between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter.

The structure of the deceased Phaeton was theoretically reconstructed Zavaritskil academician, who felt the iron meteorites are fragments of the planetary core, stone — the remnants of the cortex, and-iron — fragments of the mantle. By weight of the Phaeton, as we have said, was somewhere between Mars and Mercury, and therefore could have and hydrosphere, and biosphere. Then get an explanation and the fall of meteorites of sedimentary rocks and numerous finds of traces of life in meteorites over the last 30-40 years in different parts of the globe.

However, the secret of the mysterious formations, called tektites are not disclosed until now. In terms of composition, structure, dehydration and all other parameters are remarkably similar to the glassy slag produced by above-ground nuclear explosions! As pointed out by Felix Siegel. one of the researchers of the problem, if tektites — glass meteorites really have to admit that the formation of some of the major celestial bodies accompanied by nuclear explosions.

Yes, we know the true causes of the disaster which killed Phaeton. Perhaps, the planet broke up with super-volcanic processes of nature. However, it seems that the collapse of the Phaeton did not start from the inside and from the surface. And, apparently, some heavy-duty explosions fused surface sediments of Phaeton in the glassy slag.

This means that the Phaeton was inhabited, and can not be considered termoyadernye.vzryvy that gave rise to tektites, concluding "chords" of the war between its inhabitants?

Of course, the hypothesis of a "fusion" destruction of the Phaeton worthy of serious scientific study. One of the difficulties along the way — a huge variation in outer space asteroids and poor technical capabilities of our civilization in their investigation at this stage.

Asteroids and meteorites can be the key to solving many of the mysteries of space, perhaps, those associated with the fate of cosmic civilizations.

It seems absurd to suppose that mankind could observe the death of the planet Phaeton … However, it is difficult to dismiss all of these hypotheses as groundless fiction, especially since such a possibility is not excluded and modern astronomers. Of course, the myths — not proof. Evidence yet to be found, but the search is preceded by speculation …

Nicholas Hrechanyky

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