Mysterious balls thrown to earth from space?

From time to time in different parts of the world are spherical objects of unknown origin. Some consider their legacy of ancient civilizations, others associate strange findings on visits to our planet representatives of extraterrestrial intelligence. And with good reason.

Several dozen stone balls perfectly round were discovered in the late 1940s. in Palmar (Republic of Costa Rica, Central America). Their diameter ranged from 10 cm at the smallest up to 3 m or more. When conducted aerial surveys, it was found that these rock formations are not arranged at random, and geometric pattern. Therefore, to speak of their natural origin is not necessary. The analysis showed that they are only about 500 years.

Researchers debate the appointment of Costa Rican balls. According to experts, they can both be of a decorative or religious monuments of Indian culture, and serve as tools for some jobs. Nominated altogether improbable hypothesis — they say that it is not nothing but a … Native American money! Or — a device for games.

Of course, his own explanation was found in UFO. The latter claims that the balls of Costa Rica, probably symbolize sky map. Some of them are raised on pedestals — perhaps it is the large star or planet habitable. But astronomically "map" does not coincide with our stellar system. This gave rise to the hypothesis about the aliens who have visited these places and left a legacy of earthlings stone model of the world …

Round, regularly shaped boulders are found in other places. They have been found in the desert of Kazakhstan, within the known anomalous zone near Zhirnovskaya (Volgograd region).

MP Koretsky from Vladivostok picked mysterious souvenir at the famous Yakut Death Valley on the banks of the river Vilyuy. Stone hemisphere diameter of about 6 cm was black and very smooth, as if polished. Later it turned out that the stone beautifully cut glass … After his arrest in 1937, his grandfather find Koretsky had disappeared.

But the lead balls in the village Dalnegorsk (Primorye) there is definitely not accidental. January 29, 1985 there occurred an explosion of alleged UFOs. Local residents observed flying in the sky a large ball of light, leaving behind a trail. He hit the ground, and at the point of collision was a fire. There sent an expedition that discovered a small area covered with blackened ash tree debris and rocks. In addition, the earth lay melted metal balls with a diameter of about 1 cm, the particles of black glassy substance and strange scales as a mesh.

Samples transferred for research in science lab. Researchers concluded that the lead that makes up balls, has a terrestrial origin. At the same time it became clear that the scales are composed of mesh-fibers, which are woven into the finest gold threads …! The advice to see a doctor of chemical sciences Vladimir Vysotsky, who declared that "flakes", undoubtedly, is a sample of high technology, hitherto unknown in the world!

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