Mysterious finds

December 16, 2011 16:33

1. In South Africa, the rock is located near the town of Klerksdorp, miners extracted and continue to produce corrugated balls. These spherical and disk-shaped objects are of solid bluish metal with white blotches, and hollow inside which "sealed" white spongy material. Approximate age of spheres of Klerksdorp — 3 billion years.

2. In the Chinese mountains of Bayan-Kara-Ula in 1938 were found hundreds of stone disks with spiral engraving and hole in the middle that looked like in its form records. They are called Dropa stones. By assumption, several researchers have recorded the history of the alien nation. Age finds — 10-12 thousand years.

3. In the Peruvian province of Ica surgeon Javier Cabrera made a collection of engravings on andésite (volcanic rock), of which the images of dinosaurs (Triceratops, pterosaurs, brontosauruses etc.).

4. The sunken Roman in the Aegean Sea in 1901, the ship was found by calculating the mechanical artifact, whose age is estimated at 2000 years. Scientists have managed to restore the original image Antikythera mechanism and find out what it was used for complex astronomical calculations. You have to use it in the differential transmission, believed to have been invented in the XVI century, and the small size of some parts is comparable to that which has been achieved only in the XVIII century watchmakers.

5. In 1936, Baghdad was discovered vessel sealed with bitumen, a set into a metal rod. Subsequently artifact called the Baghdad Battery, as trials have shown that if a similar design to fill the electrolyte, such as copper sulfate, it is capable of producing electricity at 1B. It was made 2,000 years before the birth of Alessandro Volta.

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