Mysterious noise scares people in Georgia



For two days last week, the management Emergency Management Agency District of Columbia was attacked by residents of calls with reports of heavy thunder. And, on Tuesday of this week a new wave of calls.

Director of EMA, Pam Tucker, said that some subscribers even say their house rocked by the blast. "In the last 24 hours, we had numerous reports. They come by e-mail, they are gaining 311, they call us, do write Facebook. It's all kinds of people, "- said Tucker.

Some believe that the thunder — the result of blasting in the quarry. But Tucker says there is a state law for them, and they are required to warn you of upcoming explosions or demolition of a building, but it was not.

"We could not find anything in those areas where we are getting reports that would determine the actual cause of the noise. And DC is not the only place where a thundering heard an unusual noise.

"There is a lot of information on the Internet, that mysterious rumbling noted in other places. Some say that this methane seeps out of the ground along the coast of the Gulf. And supposedly it is the cause of hum in the state of Arizona and all the way through Georgia, "- said Tucker.


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