Mysterious photo from the Moon

On one of the pictures taken by astronauts expedition "Apollo 17", found a strange flying object.

Cernan Eugene Andrew Evans Ronald Ellvin, Schmitt Harrison Hagan — these were the last people on the moon. Visited her in December 1972. Drove the Lunokhod 36 kilometers (Cernan and Schmitt, Evans remained in orbit), sometimes moving away from the lander by about 8 kilometers. Brought to Earth 110 kg of stones and a lot of color photos. They are included in the atlas, posted on the official sites. And who would have thought that after 36 years of them there is something out of the ordinary. However found. The author of "discovery" — American scholar Joseph Skipper, known for his explorations of anomalous objects on the Moon and Mars.

Joseph drew two pictures. They did Cernan, Schmitt stood by stone-pyramid (on the front). In the shot hit the landscape with rolling hills, moonwalker. In the distance you can even see the lander. Astronaut snapped landscape for the first time and got a shot, which was given the code AS17-140-21494HR ( Then another — shot under code AS17-140-21495HR. The miracle is that in the second picture appeared a dark rectangular object with a disk-shaped part at the bottom.

— This UFO — said Skipper. — And the "thing" does not hang over the slope, and flew at a time when Cernan pressed the shutter. And if someone offers a different explanation, the researcher will be happy. But he said: people stopped flying to the moon, finally convinced that there is someone there. Otherwise, mankind has mastered it and be used as a transfer station for flights to other planets.

Skipper surprised that the picture with the anomalous object is only one site ( At no other UFO — retouched. Although the references are to the same official number.


"Phoenix" went into hibernation

NASA shut down the spacecraft, which worked well on Mars at the North Pole. It is winter, bitter cold and overcast. Solar energy is not enough. Here's the machine and "fell asleep." Maybe even an eternal sleep. The head of a research project of the University of Arizona Professor Peter Smith doubts that "Phoenix" will survive the Martian winter.

The unit arrived on Mars on May 25 this year. Operated for two months longer than expected. Found water ice, dug his hand-manipulator. Found that the soil on Mars is very similar to the soil in Antarctica on mineral composition. But marred perchlorate — a substance similar to rocket fuel oxidizer.

Pleased with the "Phoenix" and fans of the anomalous. Photographed next to him either bolt, or spring. Moreover, the existence of the strange object alerted NASA itself (see "KP" on 6/17/08). And in another scene seen "crawling stone" — it lasts for a trace.

— Machine several times we were surprised and, I am sure we will do many more discoveries, studying the data passed to them — Smith said, saying goodbye to the "Phoenix."

Chin up

Leonids will fall a rain of fire

Toward the end of the week Earth engage in an intense "irrigate" the Leonids — one of the brightest meteor showers. Maximum "precipitation" is expected on 17 and 18 November. Fire jets will fly from the constellation Leo — approximately 150 pieces per hour. The best time to observe — after midnight. Leonids appear in series. The fastest and most large meteors appear yellow and orange. Those that are smaller — green.

Leonids are small fragments of the comet Tempel-Tuttle. Flying to us after the Taurid who fell from 5 to 12 November. And there were "relatives" of the Tunguska meteorite, which at one time, as many astronomers who broke away from the comet Encke.

By the way, Taurids seem much obdolbili moon. Night on November 5 at the surface were seen six explosions. It turns out that the moon is to protect the Earth from attack from space.

Vladimir Lagowski

Category: Unexplained Phenomena

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