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In 1969 he published a book in German Latvian emigrant psychologist Konstantin Raudive "Making an inaudible signal to audible." In it the scientist described his method of open communication with the other world by means of electronic devices.

In his work K. Raudive led numerous facts of the mysterious radio messages and substantiated the theory that as a means to allow the radio to receive messages "from the world", though before it turned out only mediums.

However, the Latvian psychologist was not the first to discover the phenomenon of mysterious radio signals. In the decade prior to the publication of the book K. Raudive Swedish film director Friedrich Jurgenson while listening to audio recordings made by him birdsong heard a tape of the film clear male voice, lecturing on ornithology. The assumption filmmaker that tape could catch the broadcast of a cognitive radio is not confirmed — that day, none of the radio stations did not transmit messages on the subject.

This phenomenon is so amazed and fascinated by F. Jurgenson that he excitedly began to experiment with sound recording equipment, resulting in five years in the music library researchers have accumulated a lot of interesting entries. The result of unusual experiences F. Jurgenson was his book "Radio communication with the transcendent world", which caused much controversy and criticism.

Despite the complete silence that representatives of official science awarded this publication, enthusiasts interested in the mysterious radio message from the mid 50-ies of XX century with remarkable regularity began to celebrate such cases that occurred in different parts of the world.

For example, in 1963 a group of American travelers in Lhasa recorded speech of one of Tibetan lamas. After the pilgrims have discovered that along with the voice of the Tibetan clergy imprinted on the film one more voice intoned read the text in a foreign language. On his return travelers showed record-skilled linguists, and those made a surprising suggestion that the language in which a mysterious voice was saying, it could apply to the use of long-extinct dialect, in phonemic features remotely resembles Sanskrit.

Radio waves from nowhere

However, unexplained radio messages were recorded long before the widespread audio recording equipment. For example, in 1942, Mark Eymson — radio operator British submarine patrolling the waters of St. George Strait, at a secret frequency suddenly heard the voice of his late father, Joseph. Mark familiar from childhood voice clearly repeated several times the phrase "Run for your little sparrow."

Radioman shocked even a striking resemblance to his father's deep voice, and the fact that he called Mark it as a kid calling his dad — a sparrow. Radio operator reported a strange message to the captain, and in an hour during the ascent of their ship was attacked by a German submarine. In the naval battle survived only three members of the crew of the British submarine. Among them was Eymson and who was soon picked up by a British patrol boat.

A similar case occurred in the spring of 1939 on the Norwegian merchant ship "Amelia," is located in the North Sea. Go to the ship's radio turned on the former captain of the vessel, who died six months ago. A male voice with a distinctive husky crew warned of the impending storm, and then disappeared into the strong radio interference.

In 1932, the American press reported that the ham from Chicago John Reid caught short wave voice of President George Washington, Reid and even introduced himself as if announcing the imminent fall of share price of one steel company, which holds a major raid was. Ham radio first took this post as a joke, someone cleverly organized. But just in case hurried to get rid of the shares. And soon was incredibly surprised to learn of the bankruptcy of the company itself.

Modern Mysticism

A lot of mysterious cases of mysterious voices on the air, and fixed today. In particular, in 1998, a group of climbers from Krasnodar to ascend the mountain Macapa, in Nepal. During the installation of assault tents at the height 7900 meters from one of the climbers has earned radio. This fact vyznat no small astonishment of the members of the expedition, because at that height only means of communication was a satellite phone. Soon, through the wheezing coming from the radio, broke the harmonious singing is not the male, not the female voices that played amazing, unearthly beauty of the melody, mesmerized by all who heard it. The singing went on for about half a minute, and then stopped abruptly, and the radio was silent again.

In 2000, during a training flight of the Russian strategic bomber near the town Kimri crew when he heard on the radio a quick German speech, to interrupt a very emotional cues in Russian. At the time, the pilots have the feeling that they were audiosvidetelyami hot air combat. Through the hassle and strong Russian mat even heard noises of engines winged cars. Here there was a loud cry, and short, and the ether was still.

Speculation, speculation …

Back in the early 50-ies of XX century, two Catholic priests, fixated on tape of Gregorian chants, while listening to her voice caught the familiar, but by then deceased. Priests have reported this fact to Pope Pius XII, on which the head of the Catholic reasonable notice: the existence of votes — strictly scientific fact that has nothing to do with spiritism. And as the tape is objective, it only records the sound waves from wherever they may come from …

In the next half-century made repeated attempts to explain from a scientific point of view, the phenomenon of electronic "Raudive voices," so named in honor of the man who gave a lot of energy research in this area.

In the 70 years of the last century, a number of German and French psychiatrists hypothesize that this phenomenon is one of the many forms of auditory hallucinations that occur in psychiatric disorders. At the same time, the German physicist Peter Stein suggested the existence of near-Earth space, the wave of a data bank, a dense blanket enveloping the planet.

In this bank indefinitely stored as sounds, ever arose in different parts of the world and the image for which special, not yet invented apparatus. Already at the turn of the twenty-first centuries, a number of Western physicists have developed this assumption, arguing that the universe itself is an inexhaustible repository of information about all the events that took place on its non-measurable spaces.

Supporters of the mystical hypothesis — occultists, mediums and psychics — are convinced that electronic voting — is a kind of echo of the other world, whose inhabitants are trying to prove in a similar way to those who dwell on the earth to people that there is no death, but there are endless evolution.

"Secrets of the twentieth century. Gold Series" in 2011

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