Mystery of the movement

January 3, 2013 1:41

With so many hours of related signs, superstitions, legends and mystery stories. They not only show the time, time to wake up and help plan the current and the next few days, but they become curious tool for researchers of anomalous phenomena, criminologists or enchantment.

Anomalous tool

Researchers of anomalous phenomena argue that the clock is very sensitive to the different radiations. There are many places in the world. For example, in a forest Pokaiņi (Latvia) — one of the anomalous zones, which is known for the fact that there are heated stones and shining air, hours of any design, from the laboratory to the wrist, often acting up, and if not stopped. One hypothesis researcher Anita Bisenietse, anomalies occur where the heterogeneity of time — or it is accelerated or slowed down. So many tourists wandering in broad daylight, they often fear and stress, which are known to alter human subjective time — remember the stories of soldiers who so clearly saw the flight of the bullet, which had time to dodge it. Version researcher Evgeny Sidorov: in the land of the anomalous zone formed some energy facilities with a powerful electromagnetic radiation, which reacts and clockwork.

The Zone of Silence, located in the Mexican desert on the border of the states of Durango, Chihuahua and Coahuila, 400 miles south of the U.S. city of El Paso, as are the amazing phenomenon. Home strangeness of this place above all in the fact that in a small town Ceballos not working televisions, radios and even at full power could barely hear. If driven away from this village 50 kilometers to the desolation, the radio is completely turned off, the clock stops, and the compass dances.

Unexplained phenomena, according to the media, which at times reminiscent of the event, which was first mentioned ten years ago, and recorded in Sicily. Most of the inhabitants of this small island complain that they rush hours for ten minutes every day. As a result of the rush hours, disrupted the rhythm of life, go down the various technical equipment, banking systems.

There are a lot of assumptions, some of whom are fantastic related to underwater alien base, strong magnetic wave. The other cause of action in the experiments hams. Local residents believe that the strange phenomenon could be the result of potsesse occurring in the bowels of the volcano Etna.

The official point of view of science simply does not. As, however, there are no answers to other common questions about mysticism clockwork.

The clock stops at the moment of death the owner

This phenomenon criminologists pay attention, and if at the time of death of a person his watch has stopped, a fact noted in the record. There are cases when the clock stopped, not only on the hand of the deceased, but sometimes in the house. Coincidence or pattern, no one can explain. But the legends and stories that claim to the real, from generation to generation. Bot some.

"My father was a tough old man, if I may say of a man 63 years old. In my memory, he never does not sick, but as we know, such dumpy, strong, and healthy people die quietly creeps. One morning I was awakened by a silent groan: we slept with him in the same room. Father could not utter a word, but silently groaned and tossed about. Invited urgently doctors began to stuff it in different medicines that no positive action on it did not have.

Needless to say, that night no one from the family was asleep. Hours in his room, stopped and showed the hour of his death: six o'clock in the morning. We were all in disarray. Servants by this time had got up, and when the maid brought her brother a glass of hot tea, he asked her what time it is.

In the kitchen, hanging antique clock with wooden dial daily plant. Maid returned and said that the clock stopped at six. Then, unable to budge brother asked me to see the time on the mantel in the living room clock. To my surprise, the clock in the living room also features six.

Surprised many, I went through all the rooms of the house — the clock always shows six. This was all the more surprising that the clock was on the daily to monthly plant .. But as soon as I touched the spring or pendulum, they matter-of-factly began to walk. I would start them!

That morning came acolyte Isaac's Cathedral, and read over the dead Psalms. We told him about the strange stop all the clocks in the house, to which he calmly replied that have experienced this many times. Here are his actual words — "I have often watched the clock in the house stayed with the death of the owner. There is some strange connection between human life and the clock. Life stops and the clock seemed to ascertain this. But not always. "
December 4, 1887, George Fry of Pennsylvania, writing a letter to his brother Gideon, who lived in Michigan, looked at his watch that belonged to his brother. Seeing that they are worth, he took out his pocket watch and saw that the clock stopped brother a few minutes ago, at 9:45 pm. He was about to throw a switch, but then a strange light seemed flooded dial. The next morning a telegram arrived with the news of the death of Gideon. Received a letter later confirmed that he died last night at exactly 9.45.

A strange incident occurred in Washington with Judge Jerry Wilson. Once he woke up in 2 hours, 10 minutes, when he was always reliable antique clock stopped ticking familiar. The next morning, Wilson learned that his friend, who gave the watch, died suddenly at 2 am.

But the hours of Hampton Court Palace are stopped when the owner dies. For the first time this happened in 1619, when Queen Anne died, the wife of James I.

Sometimes, however, a stopped clock suddenly begin to walk. In the house of a farmer from Missouri were grandfather clock, which did not go for a few years. In 1944, a farmer's son, Ben fought in Germany. November 29 clock suddenly moved, and at the same time the dog Ben started to whine incessantly. After a few days, the family was notified that on the day Ben was killed in battle.

Modern history told Gazeta UA. Balinskaya Oksana, who was a nurse of Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi, has returned to Ukraine, where the revolution began in Libya. She and three nurses were evacuated from Ukraine.

"I once gave his cousin Alle from Uman watch that Gaddafi me three years ago gave to his birthday party. It annually to all employees hours with his image distributed. On Thursday night, we talked on the phone Alla, and then she said that the clock stopped. It was about 11.15. I'm still laughing. I say, watch for three years regularly walked, then once had to stop, simply replace the batteries. And the most disturbing was. I'm not superstitious, but really crawl went when my mother called to watch the news. I went into the room, but there is just about the death of Gaddafi said. The whole story has not seen. Went online, watched the video. I then realized that somewhere in this time Papic killed "- said Oksana Balinskaya.

Legend of the "unhappy hours"

A group of tourists decided to go relax on the beach. After receiving a fair share of solar radiation vacationers choose to visit one entertaining exhibition of unusual things. Their attention was drawn to a Swiss watch handmade. Their body was dotted with small cracks, but, surprisingly, they were showing the exact time. The guide told the unusual story of this watch. Here it is.

This model watches belonged to one of the richest men in France at that time, Count Nicolas d'Shatelele. The clock was made to order, case and chain — yellow gold, diamond dial contain inclusions of one carat, instead of numbers — the zodiac signs, arrows — white gold, glass master made from especially hard rock rock crystal. For the money paid the wife of Count jeweler-watchmaker, you could buy a small estate.

Earl did not part with a gift, he loved his Swiss watch, it was his baby. Hours answered him in return: they always show the exact time, it seemed, they had a soul. After a while the Earl lost his dear wife. A week before her death, the clock stops after the funeral, they went again, Nicolas did not attach any importance to this.

Hunting with a graph by misfortune: his horse was frightened and rushed shots. Nicolas, caught in a branch fell and broke his leg. Taking a Swiss watch from his pocket, he was horrified to find them another scratching, which yesterday afternoon was not. It turns out, watch it all the time to warn him of the coming tribulations, and he simply did not understand their allusions.
Every morning, Earl was examining his watch. His life has been waiting for death, he feared that the next day will bring a new scratch or, worse, the clock stops. During the year, Nicolas of wholesome men into a nervous old man. However, the clock did not want to leave it. Over time, the servants had left him, he had to sell off their locks and pilgrimages. These pocket watches fascinated graph.

Ten years later the Marquis de Bras bought this watch at a junk for five sous. They were covered with dirt and soot of the body — in the scratches, but the hours were.

Within two years, the new owner of the Damned hours lost his wife and parents: The clock stops for a week before his death. Get rid of them, he could not: the rumors of "death clock" had spread throughout France and Europe. Marquis decided to just throw them into the sea to deprive the hours of fresh blood.

Only a hundred years for them to speak again, when a diver found it in the sand on the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea. And as an exhibit in the exhibit hours were ten years ago. Since then, they never stopped, apparently waiting for a new owner.


Sometimes it happens that the clock in the apartment are piecemeal, and as if they did not fail, the process of setting the correct time, every time we have to repeat. It happens that all chronometers or behind, or in a hurry, even if some of them are brand new. "Soaks up" Do it, any radiation pulses and clock mechanism is still not proven. Perhaps many could tell specialist tricks clock psychic Uri Geller, but mystery still remains unnoticed and only divided into two groups of scientists, one of whom was sure that the experiments Geller — a common scam. But the fact remains that he can not just break the look of metal rings, bend spoons and move objects in space, but also to make an effort of will to go long a stopped clock. And the most famous trick Uri Geller — Stop the oldest clock in the tower of London's Big Ben, who for 130 years never stopped. The fact that the director of the company that produced the game invented by Uri, asked him to make an endorsement "something sort of", for example, to stop Big Ben. Then Uri, who lived in a suburb of London, in the morning at 9.00 am took a postcard with a picture of the famous tower, looked at her, and presented, as the hands freeze. "Stop" — a voice he ordered. Half an hour later reiterated experience. In the newspapers the next day, there were sensational notes: "At 11.07 the famous Big Ben stopped!" That did Uri, no doubt. Of the experiment were all notified in advance.

Time has long been attributed to the mystical and magical significance. There are also people who are constantly in trouble with the different hours, even bought at different times and in different stores. On one of the online forums had such story:
"Late in the evening I found most unpleasant fact: sapphire crystal on my watch will get a 30-millimeter crack. In this case — the glass unbreakable, scratch-resistant, and in general — especially for the lack of granular reflections in any weather. Crack easily felt, and I am very sad, because in these hours can no longer swim, otherwise the water will seep into the mechanism, and it fails. The same sad, I went to bed. I woke up early in the morning and immediately began to check hours: yes, the problem remained. Took a big box with warranty documentation found email Sydney offices and wrote a letter depressed over the fact that their watches somehow magically beat. What happened next, I can not think of any way other than as a "fantasy." An hour after the letter was sent, the crack … disappeared. I looked at dozens of times where there was a crack, touch the glass with your finger — smooth as it should be. On glass do not have any flaws! ".

Omniscient magicians would say it — sign. And would support his claim another example.

On that day, American retirees sat smoking a pipe on a bench in the park. On his wrist watch was about 19.00. Next to him sat his friend. After about half an hour pensioner compare notes and suddenly found them cracked, the clock stopped and the arrows froze in 19.45. He took off his glasses, rubbed his glasses and looked again at his watch. Surprisingly, the clock was showing no cracks and 19.28. Saying goodbye to friends, he went to get his order to the store, however, up the stairs, ran into a hurry to meet a man and was knocked down. Pensioner hit hard with the hand on the railing, and, looking at his watch, he saw that they again had a crack, and the clock froze at 19.45.
Another oddity is the fact we could not help glancing at the chronometer to know what time it is. "I look at the clock — time 11.11, and if the special look, nothing special, and if by chance, make sure the same numbers: 22.22, 11.11, etc. — says the revelation is another eyewitness mysticism clockwork. — More to see the number 11. The clock microwave, computer, even in a taxi. Drove past some large dial, and there 11.11. I belong to the category of people who are very hard to believe in something supernatural. Yes I did in the debate did not participate. And then some sort of mysticism. Yesterday, too, turned sharply to the alarm clock, and then 23:24. I smiled as they say, a fool and almost caught. Computer, pass by, and then 23.23 … ".
Visionaries are sure witch note: this is — a signal that gives us the information field of the universe. These signs indicate above all that you experience the fateful period and you urgently need to change or make an important life decision, or you expect a major event.
The clock shows how much was left to the days, months, or years. If you have a few days in a row look at the clock at the very moment when they show exactly noon or midnight, fate is about to overtake you. Same number of hours and minutes, for example, 23.23 — indicates that an event occurs, but it is unclear when it coming. Is not that exactly at the appointed time … But what day?

Finally, if you are in the eye when you look at your watch, often comes at the same time — for example, 12.20 — it can serve as a warning of unknown danger. And it is possible that the danger lie in wait in the specified hour and minute. Either this is the date — December 20, …

However, such "signs of destiny" is difficult to read, too many interpretations allows "magic hour."

There is also a table of values of the numbers on the digital clock:
00.00 — fulfilling every desire, thought with a pure heart.
01.01 — wait for good news from the men.
01.10 — alas, you have started, it's not bring the expected results.
01.11 — do not give up now on any proposals.
02.02 — wait for an invitation to visit or club.
02.20 — suppress irritation, watch words.
02.22 — you will discover a mystery.
03.03 — knocking at your door love.
0330 — alas, your wait will be unanswered.
03.33 — Meet the happiness and good fortune.
04.04 — look at the situation from the other side.
04.40 — Today is clearly not your day, Fortune to you is located.
04.44 — get a dressing down from his superiors.
05.05 — secret enemies plotting against you cheated.
05.50 — Beware of water and fire.
05.55 — not far off the meeting with a wise man.
06.06 — speedy marriage (marriage).
7.7-beware of people in uniform.
8.8-career took off.
9.9-shore purses and handbags.
10.01 — familiarity with the powerful man.
11.11 — get dependent on someone (or something).
12.12 — success on the love front.
12.21 — meeting with a beautiful lady.
13.13 — Beware rivals.
13.31 — get what long dreamed of.
14.14 — now a ball is ruled by love.
14.41 — will get into trouble.
15.15 — follow the advice of a wise man.
15.51 — get ready for the rapid, but short novel.
16.16 — be careful on the road.
17.17 — Beware of street hoodlums.
18.18 — be careful on the road.
19.19 — success in business.
20.02 — quarrel with another person.
20.20 — scandal in the family.
21.12 — the birth of a child or a new project.
21.21 — a whirlwind romance.
22.22 — new acquaintance.
23.23 — a dangerous relationship.
23.32 — health problems.

Tool for divination

If you want to be more specific, you can just try to tell fortunes by the hour. For this, take a stopwatch with a second hand. He must certainly belong to you personally and to be purchased at least a year ago. The older the hours, the more certain divination. Remarkably, if this antique thing that got you inherited — and, consequently, it has absorbed the generic power.

Put or place hours ahead. Concentrate, relax and close your eyes. Mentally formulate your question so that it could answer "yes" or "no." For example, "Will I find a loved one?" Take a deep breath, then open your eyes and look at the clock.

If the second hand is between the numbers 12 and 3 — the answer clearly is yes. Between 3 and 6 — a possibility that will conjecture turns quite high. Between 6 and 9 — rather, "no" than "yes." Between 9 and 12 — the answer is no.

There is a subtlety — the answer can be considered valid only if it is made three times. Guess three times in one day is not recommended. In addition, we must not tell anyone, and send your watch for guessing other people. Let it be your little secret.
Secret global — communication hours with our subconscious mind — must see through scientists. The first step in this direction has already been taken: the scientists found in the human brain precision "clock" to keep time. Tracking the passage of time is an integral function of the brain, although it is performed at a subconscious level, we can say in the background. Because of this, all our feelings, actions and events are arranged in chronological order to form memory. But the interesting thing is that scientists earnest never understood the mechanism of identifying and tracking the progress of time. And now, thanks to a recent study by scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, was to shed light on the mystery.


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