NATO troops are allowed to be on the ground Russian Federation

I am a patriot of their own country can not leave without attention to this fact. For all the apparent modernization of the Russian Armed Forces that propagandiruete extensively in the media, there are a few things that they say that our government is, persons who are interested in the collapse of our defense!! This conclusion was made based on the following facts:

1. March 22, 2007 was submitted to the Municipal Duma a draft law № 410940-4 «On ratification of the Agreement between the States parties to the contract of the North Atlantic and other states participating in the program" Partnership for Peace ", on the status of their forces on 19 June 1995 and the Additional Protocol thereto" ( then — "The agreement …"). May 23, 2007 Municipal Duma of the Russian Federation, most of the places in which at that time belonged to the party "United Russia", obediently ratified the Treaty.

Our country is practically subscribed to the agreement made between a country's political and military alliance of NATO against the USSR, since "all States parties to the" Agreement … 'use of the provisions of the Agreement between the Parties to the North Atlantic contract on the status of their Forces, signed in London June 19, 1951 »

The fact that NATO is for the RF potential military threat to the municipal level was noted more than once:

1) In 1997, the Municipal Duma adopted a resolution number 1756-II DG of September 26, 1997, containing the Declaration "On the NATO military exercises near borders Russian Federation," in which, as it says: "There is no hesitation that under the guise of statements about the peace disposition of such maneuvers is saturated mastering the army of the United States of America new potential theaters of war in particular near the borders of Russian Federation. It is possible that in the course of such ultra-long assault worked through the possibility of landing units of the army of the United States of America and the Russian Federation in the area.

Municipal Duma expresses deep concern clearly shows a trend towards the use of applets "Partnership for Peace" and the bilateral military cooperation between the countries — members of NATO, particularly the United States, with the states — members of the Commonwealth of independent states and the Baltic states not only to draw in new countries into the war NATO structure, and to carry out maneuvers near Russian borders Federation … "

2) February 5, 2010 Dmitry Medvedev signed a decree on the approval of the Military Doctrine of Russian Federation, according to which the main external military threat to Russia is "a desire to endow the power potential of the North Atlantic contract (NATO) with global functions that are implemented in violation of international law, to bring the military infrastructure of states — members of NATO to the borders of Russian Federation , including by expanding the bloc. "

3) Constant Representative of Russia to NATO Dmitry Rogozin not once stated that the expansion of NATO is due first to the interests of the alliance against Russia.

4) According to the views of the Russian Security Council Secretary Nikolai Patrushev "NATO expansion is a severe threat to Russia" (09.02.2010, the ITAR-TASS).

5) Dr. VM Ilyin, evaluating on introducing 22.03.2007 in the Municipal Duma of the Russian Federation law "On ratification of the Agreement … "Partnership for Peace" was that such decisions "will reincarnate area of our country into a training ground for NATO forces, and that any acts of these forces will go unpunished. And the involvement of the Russian Federation in the "interaction in NATO-led operations" — a direct path to the transformation of Russian troops in the "cannon fodder" for the implementation of the brutal U.S. plans … In general, the rights and interests of NATO are put above the interests of the Russian Federation, which is directly contrary to the Constitution and the laws of the Russian Federation. "

So Makarov, "The agreement …" contrary to the interests of the municipalities of, significantly violates its sovereignty, threatens national security, the rights and freedoms of its people as it provides for the right of a hostile military alliance NATO is free to stay on the territory of Russia with a gun.

2.In 2008 started reforming the Russian army. In the period from 2008 to 2010 was destroyed Institute of warrant officers. Disbanded the most efficient part of the army. In parallel, there is a reduction of the army, military and educational institutions. Every week there are alarming announcements — disbanded once battalion sent into retirement experienced generals put national interests — all these are the fruits of military reform, approved by the president. The reality is such that the Russian army can not ensure the security of our country.

Vice-President of the Academy of Geopolitical problems, Doctor of Military Sciences Konstantin Sivkov so commented Kremlin idea: "That reform of the armed forces, which is declared by the government and approved by the President, on his own essence of the criminal. As a result of its implementation of the Armed Forces will lose the ability to solve tasks of ensuring the military security of the Russian Federation … Therefore I say to you with full responsibility that the reform of the army, which is held at the moment Russian Federation, will have tragic consequences, because it is impossible to navigate. Necessary to free the country from the amateurs in the army. In general, this reform is a matter for the active work of our intelligence agencies, and first of the FSB, on the subject of who developed and promoted in the mandatory structure. "

In May 2009, the veteran officers of war and military service, most of which have the title of generals of the Armed Forces, sent to the President of DA Medvedev letter disastrous impact on the reform of the army, "the combat and mobilization readiness of the Armed Forces." They write: "The number of the Army planned to reduce by 12 times. They are still 70 thousand people. Of the 1,890 military units is 172. Planned constituent parts of the constant combat readiness (39 brigades, 21 Brigade Missile Forces and Artillery, 7 army air defense brigades, 12 brigades of communication, electronic warfare 2 teams) will not be able to provide a reflection of the anger, cover and mobilization deployment of the armed forces of the country to the 7 main continental theaters of military operations (TVD). The total possible chance of these forces on the defensive — 800 km, in the advent of — 400 km. This is the third part only of the 1st only western theater. The total length of the border of Russia — 25 000 km. In view of the possible enemies of deployed forces in the European theater of operations we yield of 10-12, in the eastern theater of operations — 40 times. Exclusively in Europe, NATO has 36 divisions, 120 teams, 11 thousand tanks, 23 thousand guns, 4.5 thousand aircraft. "

A similar reform of the army puts at risk the country's defense at the time of the likely anger on the part of other countries.

3. Parade was held with the role of NATO troops. In April and May of 2010 in Russia were numerous protests and the address of the President of Russia Dmitry Medvedev been focused a lot of letters to overturn the role of foreign troops in the parade May 9, 2010 But all these acts have been named in the official media political speculations, and letters from members of the party "will", posted on the websites of the of
ficial structures were removed. Contrary to the ensuing wave of protests people of the Russian Federation May 9, 2010 on Red Square in the center of the capital of Russian Federation passed a parade of troops to the role of the so-called "coalition antigitlerovsokoy" and if to call a spade a spade, the role of NATO troops.

The role of NATO troops in the parade undermines the spiritual, cultural, ideological and other self-reliance of the Russian Federation by the demonstrative violation of state pride, humiliation and insults civilization of popular emotion tolerance of foreign troops in the country, our eternal land.

It has long been clear that NATO — an instrument for the oppression of internal unrest and opposition to the alliance's member countries. For many years, during NATO exercises in Europe chased the protesting workers and students. 10's of thousands of progressive-minded people and even their babies were monitored security services since 1950. NATO alliance is always willing to lend a helping hand to governments wary of increasing anger of their own workers and the people. In the web on several websites is the likely pattern of events in the event of civil unrest in Russia: "In the case of impotence punitive brigades suppression of popular unrest and fighting organized structures, the authorities are ready to unleash a large-scale inter-ethnic conflicts. To do this, everything is ready. Quite a match to ignite, producing a pair of provocation, and the nouveau-Russian inhabitants of cities and towns have to pay for "cheese" in defending their interests. The methods by which they will use, claiming to populated areas, all well-known … Mired in internal conflicts Russian Federation, unable to resolve the conflict on their own, besides owning uncontrolled, at the time (?), Nuclear arsenal, under pressure from the "international community" will be required to open the gate for "peacekeeping" contingent of NATO troops and the PRC . Next is streamlined. Reduced to a suitable size, population, chipiruetsya his balance. Taken under the control of the principal strategic assets and, accordingly, set new girl power.

Based on the above harming the outer security of the Russian Federation expressed in the following:

1. Presence on the territory of Russia NATO troops (even temporary) violates the territorial integrity of the Russian Federation and the danger of making its sovereignty.

2. Providing the ability of a foreign country studies of the strategy of combat units of the Russian army, including in their own areas and in wooded and swampy areas. Holding of foreign troops on the territory of Russia exercises will allow them to become familiar with the fighting in the area, that in case of conflict, likely in the future, will give them the extra edge.

3. Transfer of a foreign state and its armed forces disk imaging on the state of the Armed Forces for various purposes, features military and moral-psychological training of the armed forces, including disk imaging, part of the municipal mystery. Getting a foreign state capacity development of the methods and embodiments of the military operations against the Russian army specifically on its territory and against the indigenous people of the Russian Federation under the guise of the fight against terrorist groups.

4. Getting a foreign state capacity more intelligence operations against the Russian Federation in the different regions of the strategic concepts that can be strategic assets with a nuclear weapon, a large number of companies producing defense and strategic products. In the course of the exercise is imminent transfer of military information temper, which can be used to harm security of Russia.

5. Create a real danger of losing the municipal sovereignty of the Russian Federation by mining mode of operation of the foreign army of occupation of the country.

6. Getting a foreign state power additional impact on the status of in the global society by continuing formation of negative image of Russia as a state of non-self, which is located in the status area under the external control of the foreign country's brutal.

7. The undermining of the spiritual, cultural, ideological and other independence of the Russian Federation by the demonstrative violation of state pride, humiliation and insults civilization of popular emotion tolerance of foreign troops in the country, our eternal land.

Hunt to believe that I am wrong!! And if not, what then!!

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