NATO troops are increasing their presence in the Black Sea

NATO has significantly expanded its presence in the Black Sea basin. This was stated by Chief of the Euro command of U.S. armed forces, Admiral James Stavridis.

Planned to see the number of the Marine Corps for their upcoming deployment to Afghanistan. According to the admiral for the period 2011 American party planned series of interactions with the 14-Tew of the Black Sea area for training non-commissioned military forces of partner countries with the upcoming smuggle them into Afghanistan.

Stavridis did not call certain countries, even if listed in its list of Moldavia, then calculate the 14-Tb countries do not come out. This access to the Black Sea have only Romania, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Our homeland, Georgia and Turkey.

Any interaction with the Russian side did not prescribed. Completely possible that Stavridis assumed the countries of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation group, which is what Armenia, Azerbaijan, Serbia, Greece and Albania. And on this count, there are U.S. partners only 11. With all of this, Serbia and Armenia have already expressed their reluctance to send their military forces in Afghanistan.

One can imagine that the Black Sea Power, to the views Stavridis, is Poland. Earlier it was reported that, together with the battalions of Georgian soldiers prepared several South American Polish teams. Knowing the long-cherished dream of Poland to be "from sea to sea," she with pleasure accept this offer. But having exhausted answer about Washington's plans in the Black Sea region is absent.

As many questions there and in terms of military operations in Afghanistan. First contradiction lies in the fact that the Georgian military will be trained at home, not in Afghanistan. Despite the fact that the terrain in these 2-states differ markedly.

Second discrepancy lies in the fact that, as reported Stavridis joint exercises have already been initiated, and the U.S. Navy spent maneuvering with the use of unmanned aerial vehicles, launched from ships. The main role here obviously played warships. That's just the rub. Military fleet in Afghanistan if they wanted to put unrealistic.

In parallel, the Navy Marine Corps training with England leading Ukrainian partners. The basic maneuvers legend is practical exercises for the exchange of experience in the ability to do the peacekeeping mission. Exercises are conducted on the basis of the center of the Marine Corps Naval Forces of Ukraine in ancient Crimea.

To understand what are the real targets of NATO in the Black Sea region turn to interview the captain of the 1st rank, 1st vice-president of the Academy of Geopolitical problems, which he gave "to" According to the views of the Vice-President, Americans are not only prepare the cannon fodder of the wards of partners to carry out punitive actions, and are preparing for combat operations in the Black Sea.

And it will not be a local conflict in August 2008. Will develop a large-scale war by their standards. Head of the Academy of Military Sciences GAREEV in his speech touched on March 26 of this topic.

This conclusion is imposed by analyzing past data to improve the groupings of NATO in the Black Sea area and in the western Russian border. It is already clear on the deployment of new and modernization of existing American military bases in the border Poland.

The increased military presence of troops NATO close our borders shows a complete course of preparation for the brutal actions. It should be noted that training to the outbreak of hostilities on a possible opponent Americans spend professionally.

And the parallel conduct in the Crimea near Sevastopol military exercises Ukrainian and British Navy shows 'unhealthy' growing interest in this area. All the links of one chain. Since the time of Rockefeller's international capitalism is united in its desire to impose their brutal policy of other states.

If you look, the world is now on the verge of beginning a global military catastrophe in 1939. We have watched anger the United States and its satellites against Afghanistan and Iraq. At this point in the queue to Libya. It remains unknown just time, "Black Sea Libya."

Control of global natural resources, of course, will ensure the growth and economic well-being of America and its European partners. Conditions in the current financial crisis only pushing them to build up its presence in the East and in the Black Sea basin. And unleash a conflict with the Russian side is only a matter of time, the benefit that the reasons for this abound.

In this regard, it is not ruled out a repetition of the Georgian events, or you can go on the Libyan scenario. Everyone understands how the West relates to the goodwill of the manifestation of terrorism in the North Caucasus. One has only to read how the western press presents actions in the Caucasus to become aware of the mood in Europe. Upon hearing another message about the successful operation to neutralize the militants, NATO can act on the protection of "guerrilla revolutionaries" and then begin to implement the action plans for its brutality.

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